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irun5kSeptember 21, 2012

It seems like late summer and early fall often turns into tropical monsoon season in my neck of the woods. Honestly I think the plants love the heat and moisture so I probably shouldn't complain too much.

*However*.... it does create a problem when your plants depend on liquid fertilizer. For the last week everything has been drenched every day. I suppose I could go ahead and hit them with FP but I feel that the gritty mix is already at saturation.

Of course, if I were using a time-release, I guess I'd have the opposite problem... too much release.

Overall everything seems happy, but I'd still welcome any tips. e.g., maybe fertilizing with FP but jacking up the ratio a bit or something?

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Well, thanks for bringing that subject up. It was a problem I also experienced and worried over. I think I missed a whole month fertilizing because of weather and second-guessed myself on whether or not I should just go ahead and feed.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Brian,

Go ahead and feed the trees as usual. Even though it may seem like they are wet and saturated, the mix is so fast draining and your perched water level is not a problem. So i would go ahead a feed as usual, i wouldn't make it stronger just because it is wet. The roots will take up the essential nutrients from the feeding. I always water first anyway before i feed so that the mix will hold onto the FP.

I mix in the growing season a little under two teaspoons per gallon, then i reduce it during the fall. Some say not to fertilize during the fall and winter. I still give my trees that are active 1 tsp per gallon when they are growing under lights.

Hope this helps.. I wouldn't worry at all about feeding with the rain. Just feed when its not down pouring . You would be amazed at what the roots take up at the feedings.

No worries.. : )


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Hi Laura, thanks for the advice. I followed it today, basically fertilizing as normal to spite rain last night. I can see your point, there should still be some opportunity for nutrient uptake.


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