puaainaSeptember 16, 2010

Hello everyone,

Just moved to the DC area and brought all the plumerias I could fit in my car LOL. Dose anyone know of any Plumeria clubs in the DC area.


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


No, but maybe we should start one! How about the 'Plumeria Society of the Potomac Valley'. LOL!

Tell us about your plants. How do you overwinter them? How many do you have? How did you get started?

Keep in touch, because I have given away many plants and cuttings over the years, but I do not have time to mail out.


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Hello Dave,
Starting a club sounds like a good idea. I have a few named varieties and Thai varieties the rest are "non-name" plumeria I have collected from Maui, Oahu and Mexico. I have around 32 plants and I am currently rooting 16 cuttings, I could only bring my favorites with me. I use to have a small plumeria nursery but i had to close before moving. I was born to a family of plumeria lovers my great-grandmother was the plumeria Kahuna in are family. I have grown plumeria in four states and this is the only place that will require overwinter my plumerias. It�s going to be a fun challenge I have some grow lights and heat mats that I use to grow plumerias as house plants. I will use the same methods for overwintering. How do you overwinter Dave?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Welcome To The Forum Puaaina!!!!

My name is Laura and I live in Virginia Beach.

If you all start a Plumeria Society for the Northern Va area, Then I'm interested!!!

Love to see your pictures as well!!

We have quite a few Plumie addicts here in VA!!!

Love to keep increasing the numbers!!!

Again, welcome to the Plumeria Forum!!

Laura in VB

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Hi. I'm in Montgomery County, MD, about 20 minutes outside of DC. I think Dave is the only person I've met around here that grows plumies. I let mine go dormant and winter them over in the garage or greenhouses. The garage is heated enough that it doesn't go below about 45 F. One of the greenhouses is heated to just above freezing and the other's kept around 55-60 at night, warmer during the day. I decided that I'd try to store them bareroot to save space last winter. Bad move. I had tip damage to almost all and even lost a few. They will stay in their pots from now on. I use seed mats and HID lights for rooting cuttings over the winter but honestly prefer to root them during the growing season.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Wow! You used to own a plumeria nursery! Cool!

I winter-store my plants wherever they will fit -- in the garage, in the basement, in my office. I think I overwatered the ones in my cool garage and many got a good bit of root rot. So, it can be a challenge to find room to keep these overwinter as they usually put on at least 18" of growth each season.

I've traded and given away a lot of cuttings locally, so keep in touch!

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