singcharlene(Zone 5)February 7, 2014


I was working out my garden on paper this morning and looking (longing) at garden photos and saw many plants in those photos that I got from past swaps.

It's been so long since I've perused this forum. Just thought I'd stop by to say hi and hopefully "see" some familiar "usernames". :)

I hope everyone is well! Surviving this cold? Brrrr�. Seeds ordered, gardens plotted?

Life has been good in Castle Rock for me. Three kids (5, 6, 16 now), husband (same one ha), a new business and too many hobbies keep me busy.

I still have my big veggie garden. My husband built me some very nice and sturdy hoops over three beds that we covered with thick plastic and I was able to harvest veggies until December this year. Can't wait to plant in them very soon!

We added a big patio and fire pit to the back of our house to get rid of some of that lawn I don't like to water, as well as a good size "skin care" garden of herbs and flowers that I use to make products that I've been selling. Mostly infused oils from my roses, chamomile, calendula, lemon balm and many varieties of lavender.

Is there a spring swap scheduled?

Keep warm!!


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Hi Charlene!

You turned me into a major Lori McKenna fan with your suggestion of long ago, and many thanks.

Re gardening, I'm busy studying "winter interest' out the window, but the leeks and onions are germinating, and I'm accumulating lots of charcoal from the wood stove for terre preta trials this coming summer.

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I don't suppose it is any surprise that I don't have any ideas about the swap . . .

Where might that be this year -

- the Bahamas?


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

Hello, Charlene! Good to see you pop in on the old haunt. Stay warm!

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Just saying hello Charlene, glad all is well out there in castle rock. I bet your yard is really beautiful now....:)

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Thanks for the hellos! Nice to hear from you all. :)

I'm still a big fan of lasagna (lazy) gardening and a few weeks ago on a nice day, I put down new cardboard, newspapers and a year's worth of partially composted kitchen scraps, leaves, pine needles, chicken poop shavings and whatever else I could find and beg. All this snow will settle it down nicely!

@David~ Lori McKenna yes! My new favorite the past few years is Matt the Electrician - I love the album "Accidental Thief" and "Animal Boy". Never get tired of hearing them (especially Accidental Thief). I saw him play live opening for The Weepies at the Bluebird and contacted management and he played a concert for our house concert series. He's not as big as Lori McKenna is but he should be. ;)


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Thanks for the heads up! I'll check him out on iTunes.

I've been listening to Cheryl Wheeler, Chris Pureka, and Antje Duvekot of late - Santa popped for some decent headphones this past Christmasâ¦..

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Charlene! Nice to see you around here! You sure are a busy girl!

Nobody's brought up a Spring Swap around here yet. I'm gonna be out trippin' again this year around the general time frame of the swap, so I'll let others decide if there will be one or not--and if there is I'll show up with bells on---uhhh--with plants on, if I'm around on the date that's chosen. I can always come up with plenty of stuff to give away!

Hope I have a chance to come back down your way some year to see all your new yard and garden stuff!

Think spring,

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Hi Charlene. Last year we started talking about the Spring swap in late March and got together early May I believe. It was a good time with lots of good plants. I am looking forward to this years already!


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Hi Charlene and everyone!
Spring swap, I'd LOVE to host this year in our new digs in Arvada, if nobody else wants to host? I know we've really enjoyed going North, too, tho, so don't want to steal the "we love it at your place" thunder from luckybottom (Bonnie), because we really do love coming out to the farm. Anyway, we've moved and I need everyone's ideas and input in the new place--I've got a few ideas of my own, but you guys always have such wonderful suggestions! Huge (well, for me) garden beds that have been fallow for 10+ years, overgrown with weeds, English ivy and cottonwoods and aspen suckers where they don't belong... I'm going to be busy for many years to come, for sure!
Ooh, and I'm late on starting the bulbing items... I'd better get down in the basement and start up some grow lights tonight!
Any special requests, as you all know that I always bring ridiculous amounts of extra tomato starts?
They seem to be the ones that I go back to, I'm going to call tomatoes "the sweethearts of my garden" I think!

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No thunder to be stolen. I for one would LOVE to attend in Arvada. Maybe we can do a fall swap sometime. Just a different look to what many have seen the past two years.

Mayberry, i am emailing you the list of the email address and handles of those who expressed an interest in coming the past couple of years. bonnie

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I'd be interested and arvada sounds great (I'm in Westminster).


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Good to hear from you Charlene! I'm glad the little ones and not so little ones are doing well. You have been busy and I look forward to seeing the improvements sometime.Thanks for giving the nudge on the spring swap.

Thanks Mayberry, for taking on hosting duties!

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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)

Bonnie, I didn't see an email from you? Are you sending it to the danielle.kelley one? I looked for the email from McClure Ranch, definitely a no-go... Let's not worry about it right now.
What I'll do is start a new thread in a couple weeks, and get the current information of folks that are interested and available this year.
WHOO I need to git to planting!

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I would love to come to a swap in north Denver. The thought of driving THROUGH Denver is a deal breaker. Let me know where and when & I'll be there!

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