B-1 for transplant shock

karyn1(7a)September 10, 2006

Bill (and others) have suggested using B-1 in addition to Superthrive to stimulate root growth and prevent transplant shock. Unfortunately I can't find it at any of the local nurseries. Is the B-1 for plants the same thing as vitamin B-1 (thiamin) that people take? If so (although that would make my life too easy. lol) how is it mixed for plants? I know that vitamin B-1 for human consumption is water soluable. If it's a different kind of B-1 does anyone know of a good online store that has fast delivery?


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Hi Karyn

I totally agree with Bill etc. I use b 1 for all my plants from day 1. Ihave planted hundreds of plants and never lost one. I have a green thumb to begin with but I feel it is absolutely a necessary thing for me to do. I cannot believe there is no B 1 in the garden nurseries that's shocking in Calif. it's a staple sold in all nurseries. I don't think it is the same as vitamin B 1 because it comes in a lg. bottle and it's cheap like $1.98. Vit.B 1 in a vitamin would be more than that. I know if they don't sell B 1 where you live there is something else on the market that they sell at the nurseries infact I used it. I'm trying to remember what it is called. I can find out for you but there must be an equivelent where you live. I think I just got it I think it's called Start-Up there may be more to the name if you don't find it I'll try to get info. for you.


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Thanks. I have to buy Superthrive online too. Everyone says that the Walmarts and HD carry it where they live. Not even the nurseries around here have it. Strange because most everyone gardens, oh well. They sell seedling starters but it's nothing more than a regular fertilizer.

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I got my B-1 at K-Mart. Couldn't find it at Walmart though. Alot of the big stores are already doing away with the majority of their garden sections and putting up Halloween stuff, this actually strated a couple of weeks ago in my area! Try K-Mart if you have one (to avoid shipping charges). Mine is a yellow bottle with green cap.


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Hi Karyn,
B-1 is in a bottle, stinks....ha can be found at most any nursery and super thrive, both good products to use on plumies.
Karen B.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Karyn, you might ask the nursery if they have a starter solution which it is sometimes called. I found this link where B-1 is $3 a quart. That gives you a five year supply since you only use a tsp per gallon. I do not know the vendor but it seems legit. Bill

Here is a link that might be useful: B-1

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Thanks for all the replies. For some reason the nurseries and hardware stores (HD & Lowes) don't carry B-1, Superthrive or many other supplies. Since Kensington Orchids (a big orchid nursery) closed a few years ago I have to get many of my supplies online. I don't know why it's so hard to find certain things here. Gardening and home greenhouses are popular and it's not like I'm in the middle of nowhere, I'm 20 minutes outside of DC. Go figure.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Karyn, if you check the link in the last post you can get it cheaply. It is crazy that your stores do not carry it. B-1 is as essential as antiseptics are to people with children. Every time you put a plant into the ground or into a larger pot, B-1 stops the plant from experiencing shock from exposed roots. When you root a cutting it is the best solution to use because it does not encourage fungus growth. If you root prune your larger pots, you flush with B-1 to stimulate the new growth and to prevent any shock; To me, it is the most important solution in my supplies even more important than rootone. By all means, make every effort to add this to your garden supplies. If you cannot find any e-mail me and I will send you some. It is a must have in the plumie world. Bill

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Thanks Bill. I will order some. I've read about many people using it in addition to ST. I'm sure it will take a week minimum to get here. Will it still benefit my uprooted plumeria? It was pulled out of it's pot almost a week ago. For now I've brought it inside and have it on a heat mat under grow lights. I did water it in with ST and am misting it with ST also.

I just think it's surprising that the nurseries in this area carry so little beyond the basics. Even the places that carry speciality products don't carry ST or B-1. I've also had a hard time finding the potting mix (Fafard 3B) that I prefer to use for my container plants.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

B-1 is ideal for your uprooted plant. ST is an excellent product of hormones which is used to compliment fertilizing, but it does have a small amount of B-1 in it so it helps in reviving plants (.09%)

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Ok, I had to order some, too, and it just arrived today. My question is - how do you use it? I think what I'm asking is, what order do the different goodies get used in (RooTone, Superthrive, and B-1)? Pretend I have a cutting that I want to root and I know absolutely nothing (pretty close to the truth!), so how would I go about it?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Mix a teaspoon of B-1 and a about the same superthrive in a gallon of water. Soak your cutting in about two inches of the solution for about 10-15 minutes then dip the end into rootone and shake off the excess. Plant in your fast draining soil mix and soak with the water mixture. Set on hot concrete or on a heat mat and forget until you see leaves. Use a one gallon black pot unless the cutting is very large and top heavy.
When transplanting, root pruning or for a rooted plant that has fallen or been knocked over, use the same solution and soak the soil every 7-10 days for about three to four doses. This reduces shock and stimulates new root growth.

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Thanks so much - that's just what I needed to know! I'm hoping to make it to the pruning demo on Sunday - it would be nice to meet you all!

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I live in DC and found three locations that sell superthrive. One is in Pasadena, MD the other is in Laurel, MD (called "Maryland Hydroponics") the third is in Springfield , VA ("Inside out garden supply"). If you need more details let me know. I searched for hydroponic supplies and these three stores popped up. I called them and they have the product.

I am going to get some myself as I have three cuttings to pot this weekend!

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I've had trouble finding those big black plastic pots that I see so many Plummies planted in. I've checked at a nursery, and at Home Depot and Lowes with no luck. Where can I get those?
Thanks, Lauri

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Lauri check at a local nursery, not the big hardware stores. We end up with hundreds (maybe thousands) of extra plug trays and various sized nursery pots every season. We stack up what we can outside of the greenhouse and dispose of the rest. I've had a few people from GW that live near me pick some up. I'm sure they'd give them to you. I'd rather do that then have them end up in a landfill.

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Thanks Karyn, I'll check more of the local nurseries around here. I had just checked one sort of small one, and of course HD and Lowes.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Here are some from Charley's Greenhouse mail order catalogue. It is funny to note that our Home Depot sells a ton of black plastic pots from 1 gal up to 15 gal. You might ask the store manager if they can get some since they have them in stock out here. Bill

Here is a link that might be useful: black plastic pots

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