Cayenne Peppers - Fresh?

zakker(z5 MI)August 11, 2006

I am wondering if anyone would be interested in selling fresh RED cayenne peppers, preferably a "bulk" of them? My plants did not fair to well this year and I would like to make another batch of my hot sauce. I cannot use dry or ground for my recipe.


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Friend, will you post exactly how you make your hot sauce with cayenne peppers? im going to be growing some very soon and i would love your hints and tips and even your recipe.

Thanks in advance


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you can purchase all kinds of peppers over the internet. if you search around you can get some low prices. you can purchase

whole fresh peppers
whole dry peppers
crushed dry peppers.
dry pepper ground up into a powder.

for me cayenne is hot but little flavor. I much rather have say a habanero or even some mild ones with more flavor which I can then mix.

For my taste buds I find cayenne boring. but some people love it.

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I find that Cayenne peppers are best when dried....

Tabascos and rippened Jalapenos are best for sauces....

Can't wait to use my Jalabanero peppers in a sauce!!!

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Where can i purchase some fresh peppers on the internet? i cant find any right now. i found some but it says they are out of stock for the season.

i want some red carribean habaneros to age.

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zakker(z5 MI)

My sauce is simple. I "juice" fresh red cayenne, mix with white distilled vinegar and kosher salt. Very simple.

I really like the heat of habs, but not much on their flavor.

I have been searching the net for 2 days for fresh cayenne or tabasco, with no luck. Dried, yes, but fresh forget about it....

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zakker, what proportions do you use ?

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you need to contact the places that sell dry. and some might be able to get you fresh in season.

your local store can purchase them in season.

big cities have fresh veggie wholesalers maybe a market where you can get them.

my local super market had tons of fresh red caribbean habs or scotch bonnets a couple of months ago. I am sure you can get them now from the right wholesaler.

make some phone calls around and someone will know who to call. what is your nearest big city. the produce wholesalers will sell cases cheap to anyone. your local supermarkets will know who to phone. or look in the yellow pages for vegetable wholesalers in the big cities. that is their business getting you fresh veggies like hot peppers when you want to buy them. dont worry they can get most anything.

If you dont have a big city. I would talk to people in Texas and New Mexico who are in the hot pepper business. or from the caribbean you might try Miami wholesalers.

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I live in Houston and there are none at the grocery stores around here right now.

I will find a vegetable wholesaler, thanks for the idea.

Dont people grow them year round?

you dont need a season to grow habaneros here i don't think. it never freezes.

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zakker(z5 MI)

legsbig - I'll get back to you when I find the amounts.

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

you live in michigan. meijer has fresh cayenne.

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dry peppers should work just as well in sauce. some professional sauces are made with dry peppers. they soak in the vinegar and come back to fresh basically. dont worry about it. just get them.

you can first soak in water but I would go directly to vinegar with dry ones.

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