good morning

colokid(5)February 14, 2009

Real quite around here lately. Can't wait for spring to hit the garden. Got a couple of cherry sized tomatoes in my indoor container. Matina plant is growing out past the over head light with 3 flower clusters.

Have a good day, good people, and stay warm.


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david52 Zone 6

I have trays of leeks, bunching onions, and shallots planted, and they all are at that stage where they are bent in a "U", the roots going down, something green humping up, but still not strong enough to lift the seed husk up and wave it around. They've been that way for about a week now. I wish they'd get on with it, because I'm so tempted to go 'help' them along.

This is one of those occasions where the seeds didn't look like so much in the 'sampler' packet, so I just sprinkled the whole thing, and now realize I have several hundred of each.

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Good Morning!

I HAD 10 seeds each of 4 onion varieties started. They were in with houseplants in the 2 pots behind here in the south window.

Always heard how onion seed should be fresh every year - these were from 2008. They did fine with no worse than 80% germination from all.

It's still another 2 weeks plus before I'll "fire up" the greenhouse. That happens just about the time the fuel bill should be dropping. This south window will just be a way station for plants migrating from the top of the fridge to the greenhouse.

Make sure those onions get plenty of sun, David. Oh I forgot, you're in Colorado. Here, the sun seldom shows up - when it does, the angle is acute . . .

I was just trying to remember where my shadow was yesterday (like Peter Pan, my shadow won't "stick" from day to day ;o). Measuring on the deck boards in this morning's gray dimness, yesterday's shadow must have been about 12 feet long. Ummm, I was goin' keep track of where to find this sort of information on the web, you know: zenith, horizon, solar elevation, etc. . . .

Ha!, I found it . . . it's linked below. If'n you can't find your city, get the latitude & longitude for it from Wikipedia, set the calculator for "Enter Lat/Long ->", choose the date & time, and shoot!

I'll have 29.5° solar elevation at noon today, if'n I did this right . . . let's see, at that angle, my shadow would be . . .

digit S Â

Here is a link that might be useful: Solar Position Calculator

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david52 Zone 6

37º here at noon. No wonder you guys look so short. :-)

The snow needs to go off the top of the greenhouse, then they'll get decent diffused light, but I may just line them up on the west window and let them get a few hours of more direct sunlight. Would that be better, or will they all start growing horizontally?

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

I imagine on a dreary day like yesterday, those tomato fruits and blossoms perked your spirits, Kenny.

Nice to see the sun shining again. Dang, I'm such a sunshine addict.... enjoy the rest of the weekend all!

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Sun!?! I notice that the neighbor's photocell garage light is on . . . facing south . . . 9:45 AM.

One thing I gave up on with flats of seedlings is turning them. I've literally tied them in knots. Horizontal is preferable when transplant time comes.

(Today, Dear Dad is 91. For gifts, I've got a Library of Congress photograph of the US Calvary at Las Cruces and 2 coffee mugs with the same picture on it. The calvary was there to chase Pancho Villa back to Mexico. I'm going to make a joke that they are there to make the place safe for Dad's arrival a couple years later. ;o)


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Dan Staley

I have quite a few seedlings going - onions, broccoli, a few toms, many peppers. Second wave starts next week. Also saw the first daffies in the warmest part of the yard poking thru the mulch next to the dark rocks (sheesh). I might get some lettuce and mustard out of the coldframe for lunch.

Good morning, digit. Here is another good way to get your lat-long (lat-long converter) and the localest weather as well (says the ex-weatherman) - simply follow the links on the left to zoom to your area.

Otherwise, it looks like a return to seasonal weather for the coming week, albeit we need more than seasonal snow to get some decent storage of soil moisture for the spring.


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david52 Zone 6

Steve, an Uncle on my Fathers side of the family was shot dead by Pancho Villa - coming down the church steps in Las Crusas.

I can't remember what he was doing there.

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Thank you Dan - I've opened an account with MesoWest and have saved a few things for quick reference. I believe that if you are in difficult weather, you can favorably influence it by paying very close attention to current information and forecasts. Moaning a lot has also proven helpful.

David, your uncle was a known heathen, then? There could have been a last minute conversion, don't you think?

When I gave Dad the photograph he told us a neighbor in Las Cruces had one ear cut off by Pancho Villa.

Kenny, this was the direction you expected for this thread, am I right?


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Dan Staley

No problem d'.

My neighbors learn to watch me for their weather forecasts, esp for frost and heavier precip., temp not so much as I'll be outside in shirt sleeves any time. I also find HamWeather has useful information, altho their 5-day forecasts aren't worth much.


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"Kenny, this was the direction you expected for this thread, am I right?:
What ever it take to keep this place alive. I like to check in each day. Never know, might learn some thing.
FWIW: I heard old Pancho had a new wife in every town he took.

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