Got Any of These Yet?

digit(ID/WA)February 26, 2010

It's about 7am and the sun may be up shortly.

late winter, 'o8

The very first cookie box of seedlings (snapdragons) was moved to a window for their debut in the sun today. I don't have a photo of that very first box but soon, there will be a collection, like this.

How about you? Where are you in your seed-starting?


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Dan Staley

I've got the larger shelving, which was on sale at Targét last fall... ;o)

Starting seeds this weekend. We're done with our first crop of window-box lettuce, and the first-grader wants to do another crop for Daisy Scouts on Saturday, so we'll do a couple-3 vars for 6 heads.

I repurpose the plastic bubble packaging too, but use it outside for seedling protection-soil warming.


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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

I am doing outdoor wintersowing of perennials and I have started the lights up and have geraniums, begonia and petunia seeds started down there.
In my south windows there is thyme, trachelium and iresine seeds in pots.

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I have some brussel sprouts and leeks up... trying to figure out how to keep them happy and move them (some are pushing roots past the peat pellet bottoms already!) without letting the cats get to them. O.O Stupid kitten doesn't have any sense of boundaries.

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jnfr(z5b CO)

Nothing yet. I have all my supplies, but I'm afraid to hope for too much spring yet.

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gardenbutt(rocky mt 4-5)

Hmmm we have a few peppers popping,,and waiting for more...

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I actually don't have that rack any longer, Dan. I could place 6 cookie boxes on the window sill and 6 more a little desk table. The window itself is on its way out of the house, however.

No, it isn't because I put plants on there . . . well, maybe. Anyway, a new window has been ordered and when it comes in, it will replace the old metal framed thing. A new ceiling has been installed above - so, there's no chance of me screwing hooks in there to hang my lights.

There's no end to the sacrifices that I'm making for this little remodel job!! I just hope that it will be completed soon and that I DO NOT have to fire-up the greenhouse this early in the year . . . and for 1 box of snapdragons!

Still don't see any pepper seedlings but more seed will go in the starting mix today . . !!


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

My peppers will get sown sometime this week. That's about all I'll be starting indoors this year.

Just received another seed order yesterday with 8 more kinds of peppers, so now I'm confused about what to grow ... all over again.


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I've got 12 containers of petunias in different colors that are well sprouted, and tomatoes and peppers seedlings sprouted that I already planted in individual containers. I'll be planting more seed in earnest now that March is upon us.


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david52 Zone 6

Today, I took 5 trays of onion/leek/green onion sprouts OUTDOORS and let them basque away in 50ºF sunlight for 7 hours. And!! I remembered to bring them back inside in the evening.

This is the warmest day this year. The '52 snowpack took a big hit today. I really don't want to see what the voles did when it all thaws off.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

If the sun doesn't come out soon, my pepper seeds are going to rot instead of sprout! It is day 12 for some of them, and last year I had sprouts by day 10. I don't have a heat mat or grow light, so the sun really needs to come out ... NOW!

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Dan Staley

Some years ago now, I had two years in a row where window germination was poor because of clouds. I asked Santa for grow lights and now I'm happy.


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I don't set containers of unsprouted seed in a window, willingly. They go on top of the fridge. The temperature doesn't vary much up there.

I may bring in an 8' light and set it on sawhorses but it won't be so wonderful if I feel compelled to do that. Golly, no!

We are getting about one-half day sunshine, altho' it doesn't look so good for the next 2 days.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Well, I checked the containers ... again, and saw a couple bent over stems, which means tomorrow I'll have Alma Paprika sprouts. Glad to see my favorite pepper is the first one up. The others can't be far behind.


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mayberrygardener(z5a, Broomfield, CO)


I discovered something last year with my peppers (and some others that were taking FOREVER to germinate): chamomile. Try making a cup of chamomile tea; sweeten to your preferred tasted, and enjoy. Now, take that used teabag, and make some VERY weak tea, and use that to keep your seed mix moist. I actually grew begonias from seed with this little trick last year and had zero damping off (begonias are notorious for not germinating and damping off when they do). Because the seeds and seedlings were so tiny (dust, really), I bottom-watered, but then also put some in a sprayer and misted the surface so that the top layer was wet enough without the bottom being totally soggy. I am doing this for ALL of my indoor seedlings this year, which won't be nearly as many as it was last year (yeah, and every year, I swear the same thing...)Now, onto the seed-exchange lists! (it's addicting!)

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My seedlings went out to the greenhouse yesterday . . . sigh.

They have actually visited before but, last night, they stayed out and the 1st time the furnace has run all night. It's fairly warm here, 34° in the gray predawn but with rain and there's a good breeze. There goes the heating bill!

Anyway, the remodeled south room has a freshly shampooed carpet so keeping the little darlings in here any longer was not possible. I'll still use that window sill for things fresh off the top of the fridge. There are 8 cookie boxes of tomatoes up there! . . . 29 varieties/no sprouts . . . Boxes with aster seed will join them today.

Now, I'll go out and check the greenhouse temp to make sure the remote thermometer isn't lying to me . . .

Steve's digits

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Thanks for the tip, Mayberry! I have actually tried the chamomile mixture after the sprouts have germinated, but didn't think to use it before they were up.

Digit, your practice of using the refrigerator made me check my own to see how warm it was up there. It was completely cool. Which leads me to the question, how old is your refrigerator? I think maybe the newer models are more efficient, and do not produce as much heat. Definitely warmer in the kitchen window, during the day anyway.

Quite a few more peppers are starting to sprout this morning, and it is supposed to be fairly sunny today, so I am hopeful that I won't lose too many seeds.

Doing some more wintersowing today : )


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Dan Staley

I'm out of room in the light box and have a flat in the south window upstairs, above the lettuce. Poor germination up there but great germination in the light box in the basement, likely due to the cooler temps at night. And I'll pick up some chamomile at the store today to try.


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jnfr(z5b CO)

Started my seeds this week, not a lot of them, but three kinds of tomatoes, two types of eggplants, and some zinnias. I set the tray out on my deck in the daytime (our back yard has a full southern exposure), and bring it in at night.

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