Broken Large Plumeria Branch

clemsicleSeptember 16, 2012


I need some advice. Yesterday a big branch (made up of a lot of parts), broke off my plumeria tree. I need help as to how to care for it in order to get it to root. I was reading related posts, but I don't know what to do exactly. Since it's already August I suppose it is not a good idea to plant it yet. Should I remove all of the leafs? Should I make smaller parts of it by separating all the different sticks?

Last year the same thing happened but with two branches just as big, but both died :-( I really want this one to live, so I appreciate any advice :)

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Depending on where you are in SD, you should really have enough time to root this one! The big ones typically root quite easy. I would take care to seal the break on the mother tree.

There are many ways to root, what has worked for you before? Key is bottom heat and minimal water. Good luck!


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Then it's ok to try to root it now? (Chula Vista area). Do I need to take off the leafs?

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Yes, you need to remove all the mature leaves. Cut them off with a small clippers.

I'd probably resaw the bottom of the cutting -- it looks pretty jaggy -- if you want to root that entire thing. Or you could cut it up into several smaller cuttings -- maybe two. Depends on what you want for a 'tree' shape initially....higher branching; lower branching?

Let the ends callus for a week or so, then dust with rooting hormone and place in pots of soil with at least 2/3 perlite or pumice. Don't water it until you see new leaves...which may not be until next spring.

What variety is it? Do you have have photos?

Hopefully someone from your region will

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You should be able to root that in your climate with no problem. You don`t have the cold to worry about.

I also would cut that bottom again.

George, I think, puts his cuttings in mulch to callus. I am planning to try that if I ever get uncalloused cuttings.

Tally Ho!

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in addition to suggestions above. I would cut the bottom Y off so you can pot the two large pieces a little deeper. Cut all leaves off except those right at the tips. I normally just use my regular soil mix with about 1/4 to 1/3 perlite. Plant about 6-8 inches deep. Make sure you stake it up well so it does not move around. Water once well, then not again until new leaves begin to sprout out 1/2" or so. Leave staked up for at least a year. I would also plant the bottom Y piece and you might get lucky on it... best of luck

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I would second all things said. Just want to stress its very important that you stop the moisture loss by cutting off the leaves as suggested as soon as possble.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I like the idea of cutting this branch into two cuttings.

You could have two beautiful ones.. I would cut at the bottom Y and have one single cutting, then have a multi tipped cutting that looks like it would be a nice shaped tree.

Those leaves need to come off ASAP.

Like the above posters.. cut, dip into roottone, callas, then pot up. Make sure you stake so it doenst move around. You need to protect it from movement to keep those little fragile roots from breaking. Some water at the initial potting up, i do this.. some don't.

You have some good rooting months left, so i would see no problem in getting these babies started..

Go cut those leaves... : )

Take care,


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this just happened to me this morning and it's late October in central Texas! What should I do and how can I seal the mother plant?

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