SD Plant Sale Sept 2012

No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)September 1, 2012


I just got back so I'm still a little exhausted. I will have to post some pictures later.

So we arrived at 8:15am to check out the area only to discover that there was a line already! So I decided to join the early birds while DH went to get us a bite to eat. While waiting I chatted with some really nice folks. I then tried to plan out which area I wanted to go to first before I headed out to the courtyard to view the larger plants. Immediately my nose led me to a 15 Gal beauty. Turned out to be Jeannie Moragne. Oh my, her fragrance was simply AMAZING!! I wanted so badly to take her home but due to my space issue I just simply could not buy a 15 Gal right now. Additionally, I already have a baby Jeannie M so I really shouldn't buy a duplicate.

Another plant I thought was stunning was Goldmine. I have never heard of Goldmine, but as beautiful as she was I didn't really detect any fragrance. I also saw quite a few JJ's larger plants; many of which I have not seen before and they were sold quickly. Before I realized what was going on people were tearing off the tickets and marking the plant "Sold".

By the time I made it inside it was total chaos. Since it was my first time I didn't know what I was doing. I guess I was too polite waiting for the sellers to help me while everybody was grabbing as many plants as they could hold. LOL. Anyway, when it was said and done, all of the plants I wanted except for two were gone and I was like the first 20 people in! Still I came home w/ 8 plants. Eventually, I just ended up sniffing and picking the ones that smelled amazing to me.

1. Cerise - not on my list but when I saw her in person I fell in love. Beautiful flowers and amazing scent!

2. Samoan Fluff - saw her at Armstrong the other day but didn't want to pay $99.99... today I got a 5 Gal for $44. I will take a pic later.

3. Tropical Storm JL - I didn't see the flowers in person, but the pictures looked nice so I got one. A baby plant though... so not expecting her to do anything for a while.

4. Red Dragon Heart - this one I actually had on hold good thing too b/c they were going FAST! Another baby plant though.

5. Cranberry Red - also I saw the sample blooms and she was gorgeous with a sweet fragrance. She was cheap so I bought her.

6. JJ's Tai Surprise - small plant but blooming w/ amazing fragrance! Wasn't on my list but had to bring her home.

7. Jeannie Moragne - ok ok so I caved! I bought a 5 gal for $50. I couldn't resist it's a gorgeous plant! I hope she will bloom next year. Her fragrance alone is to die for!

8. Last but not least JJ's Amazing. I didn't get to see a blooming plant which was sold immediately. But just going by the photo Diana showed me I had to get one. John had two at the sale. So he sold out of Amazing pretty quickly.

He got one left he is holding for me... who was it that asked me to hold one again?? Let me know so I can tell John to release her to you. :)

Mona, John is hold a 2-gal Rhonda for you. Call him next Wednesday... :)

All in all it was super fun but also crazy. Now I know what to do next year. For sure, I won't be so polite next time. LOL. I am happy with my new plants.

What I walked away with is this... Artect Gold, Jeannie Moragne, Kauka Wilder and Sally Moragne have the BEST fragrance ever! I did not know that blooms from the mature trees can smell so different than mine. But since I have Artec Gold and Jeannie M already, and James has KW for me, I just need to find Sally Moragne. :) And of course I will be stalking that Moragne #23.

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Argh! Why do I read this forum? Laugh. It's way, way too tempting.
Congrats on all your finds. Looking forward to pictures if you've the time to do so.
Would love to go to one of these sales but it's probably a good thing they're not available near me. :)


P.S. Totally writing down all your scented suggestions. ;)

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We can't wait for pics, Lynn!

Sounds like you got some great plants. Did you enjoy yourself and get to catch some of the music and dance? Your DH is very indulgent, isn't he? I'm thinking he must be a keeper! Did your kids have a fun?
Yeah, some people don't mind being pushy and then there are those of us that softly pick our way around, "excuse me, excuse me". Being nice gets you no where! LOL

Thank you so much for getting a Rhonda on hold for me! I'll give John a call Wednesday. I can't wait till it gets here! :)

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey NC,

Glad to hear you had fun. I should have told you that people line up early as they want to get first pic. It use to be that people would volunteer to help set up as they use to be able to by on Friday before the sale. But glad to hear that you were still able to shop and that it was a positive experience
As for Goldmine Ive had mine since it was first released back in 2006, its a Cstars variety and it is very pretty. Mine tends to get Black tip though, go figure...

Well congrats on your purchases. If you go back again have lunch at the Prado Restaurant at the park, my fav place to eat when I go there..
Pic of my Goldmine bloom

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No-Clue, I love the scent on the Aztec Gold, Jeannie Moragne, Kauka Wilder, too. Bud Gulliot has a huge Sally Moragne, and it was one of my favorites of his trees. I have the other three you mentioned (I actually ended up with 3 Jeannies somehow, so I'm no one to judge!), but today I finally found a Sally. They have multi-tip Sally Moragne cuttings on sale at It was a lot cheaper than the one single tip Bill Moragne I bought last week (although the Bill was rooted). Good luck on the Sally.

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Congrats on your new babies! How fun!

Robert, drive down to Galveston next spring, we have a spare bedroom, we`ll go up and stand in line pre-dawn for the Clear Lake plumeria sale. Jim thinks I`m crazy but he`ll go with us and hold plants :)

Tally HO!

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Going to that show was like taking part in a shark feeding frenzy! Grab first and ask questions later was definitely the way to go. We were in line by 9:00 and used their list of which vendor had what plants to plan for our attack but it wasn't much help. Katie Moragne and J105 were already sold out in the first five minutes. We ended up with JJ Premium Yellow-White, Tomlinson, Daisy Wilcox, Tillie Hughes, University of Hawaii Orange, Oaxaca Rose and Palomar. Then we went over to the flower show and found more varieties we must have. It was very informative to see the flowers side by side and be able to evaluate the scents. Now I need: Elsie, Saigon Moon, Fruit Salad, Peach Surprise, Udom Chok, Moragne 23, River White, Midnight and Christine.

I did get a picture of Mike's Goldmine if I can ever figure out how to get pictures off my iPhone! There was also a spectacular Flamingo outside in the courtyard with the larger plants, yet another must have. We're tempted to go back today but the two hour drive one way is just too much. Now I can't wait for the spring cutting sale!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)


Thank you for the offer! I might be crazy enough to do it some day. Laugh.
I've never been to a plumie sale but I bet it's worth it!


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plumie_girl(9b SoCal HD)

I got there about 11ish and the vendor lists were all gone! All of the good big trees were marked sold and the line was half way around the back of the building. I went into the plant show first and was glad I did. Some of my choices on paper & picture had no scent whatsoever so scratched those off the list. Ended up buying 6 new ones all with inflos and spent $126. I didn't think that was bad for roots & inflos. I fell in love with Mela Matson (1gl), Bright White (5gl), Loretta (2gl), & bought Polynesian Red (1gl), Pono Pink (2gl) & Pink Shell(2gl) with unopened inflos. I don't believe that the Pono Pink is the real one, looks more like Plastic Pink, but was pretty so I bought it. By the time I got into the sale area I was lucky to get anything with inflos which was a must for me this time around. I want to enjoy them before it takes 2-3 years for them to bloom.
I'm happy and my DH went through the flower show with me and then sat out in the open area and listened to music and watched the dancers for 3 hours. He is a saint!
All in all it was a good experience and well worth the time and money to get there.


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I`ve never been to a plumeria sale either, daylily and tropical plant sales. You`re right about one thing, grab and ask questions later. When in doubt grab! you can always put it back.

I think the Clear lake bunch has a cutting sale in the spring too. Though with all the ones I ordered from A piece of paradise I probably don`t need anymore. Yeah, right.

Tally HO!

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Ok finally had a chance to upload some photos...

We got there around 8:15am and already a line!

We all tried to study the map and lists but it didn't help once we got inside.

Line actually wrapped all the way around the building pretty early on! Craziness.

This is the room where you enter your flowers for the different contests.

Inside where all the plants are!

Greeter at the door as we entered

As I shopped DH walked around and shot some photos... so he just shot what was appealing to him. LOL

Since I wasn't with DH I can't ID most of what he shot.

I don't know what this is but I would have grabbed this one! I was like "WHY didn't you get it for me?!" And he said he didn't think I would like it. Are you kidding me? I don't have anything remotely like that! Of course I didn't see the photos until we got home!!

Goldmine... so beautiful but no fragrance that I could detect.

JJ's Flamingo... I love, I want but plant was HUGE! So I will have to check w/ John later to see if he has smaller plants.

Red Ester - this one is not for sale. Seller had smaller plants but they were sold out fast. It didn't scream take me home to me... so I passed. No fragrance that I could detect either.

Hawaiian music and Hula dancers were awesome!

Ended our day at The Prado's... this is what I had... calamari

DH and kids each had one of these.

This is what I came home with. The tallest two in the back are Jeannie M and Samoan Fluff (blooming). The smaller plants are Cranberry, Red Dragon Heart, Texas Aggie, Amazing, Tai Surprise (blooming), Cerise and JL Tropical Storm.

Of the 9 I bought only two were on my original list... which were Red Dragon Heart and JL Tropical Storm. But overall I am happy w/ my purchase. :)

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Thanks for the pics, it looks like everyone had a blast and you scored some great plants!
Love that Red Ester, that is an awesome red.

Tally Ho!

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Great pics!
Looks like you cleaned up with a great selection.
Wish I could have been there to fight over the Amazing.

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What great pics! Thank you for sharing them. I haven't been to this sale since 2009. I remember how crazy, hectic and fun it was though.

You scored some great trees too!

Take care,


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Thanks everyone! We had a great time. Now that I learned the process I should be better at it next year! Plus by next year I would be in my permanent home so I can actually look at the larger trees in the courtyard!


Was that you who asked me to hold JJ's Amazing for you?? If so John should still have one left! I know he had 3 and I bought one and he sold the other. There should still be one left that I asked him to hold for you. If you still want it I would call him ASAP!

Diana showed me the picture on her cell phone and I knew I had to take her home! She's a show stopper alright. Hopefully in a few years she will bloom for me.

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Thanks, NC. I'll give him a call.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Mona, did you get your Rhonda?

Lonnie, did you get Amazing?

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Lynn - thanks for sending the number but all I got was his voice mail. I will call again in the morning.

John needs to put his phone number on the website because I'm absolutely postively sure that I did not overlook the number. :)

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Yes, I know... I found it. LOL

Well, I should have been focused on the plants AT WORK and not the ones I'm wanting to buy someplace else! :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Well let me know if he doesn't answer tomorrow and I'll help you hound him! LOL

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Thanks, Lynn, you're a great plumie friend! :)

You picked up some great plants! Now your job is to find out what variety that yellow one is above Goldmine. It's lovely!

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I did talk to John and he'll call me back tomorrow.

Moonie, use the 760#.


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Lynn, great pics! Looks like a blast. Your DH did a good job of capturing those blooms.

I'm fairly sure the yellow above Goldmine is either Kaleinani or Paul Weissich.

Mona, you MUST come to a sale! Either here in Texas (we have a few) or in SoCal.

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Lynn - John just gave me a call back and is going to go look to see what size Rhonda he has available. I'm hoping he does have a 3 gallon. He knows he has a 5 gallon, but with the cost of shipping, wow, I don't know. I hate paying shipping! LOL

Should I spend that kind of money for a plant that will be going dormant soon? But, if I did, then it would be ready to go come spring! Hmmm.. decisions, decisions! We'll see when he calls back. :)

Thanks, Lonnie. I did use that #.

Jen - DH would probably take me to Florida to plumie shop but he definitely would not be taking me to Texas or Cali. I would have to fly out. LOL
I have my mother to consider so honestly I don't think I will even be going to Florida. It's a nice daydream, though. :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

How much would shipping be? But 5 Gal would be awesome... mine is only in a 2 Gal and she has been blooming all summer! :)

Let me know if you need me to harass him.

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I think for a 5 gallon it will run a minimum of $130 total. If it were spring, I would be kind of annoyed that he did not call back this afternoon. (But I'm not) My guess is that he did not have a 3 gallon and he may have assumed that I would not want the 5. Or he may have gotten very busy. Either way, I don't think I want a 5 gallon this time of year.

You know... I want a Rhonda rreeeaaalllllyy bad, but am I the only one that thinks that is way too much money? I started to go ahead and tell John to send the 5 gallon but please do not put the invoice in the box. DH will open my plants for me when I'm not home. Should he have the right to freak out over the cost? I don't know because I want it so badly! LOL

I will feel so much better about it in the spring. :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Mona don't fret about him not calling you back. I have been to JJ's many times and I have seen him work. He's always super busy especially now w/ this hot weather he has to water his plants once a day! I wouldn't be surprised if he can't find it at the moment. Customers come in and pull plants out all the time then don't buy and leave them all over the place, plus his green houses are HUGE. It's actually funny sometimes walking around with him and finding plants that he has been searching for days.

I'm a wrong person to ask about price. If I love something I have zero control! :(

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Lynn - he should hire me. At work I am nothing more than a glorified water girl. :)

I'm still pondering it over just in case he calls.

DH is out of town until Tuesday or Wednesday. It sure is going to be boring around here, especially since not many of you guys are here posting on the weekend. However, the fact that DH is gone makes it easier to take a phone call and discuss money. LOL

I just don't feel good about it. Maybe that's a sign I should wait until spring and get a 2 or 3 gallon. Shipping is much less.

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Mona, I would wait until spring when he'll hopefully have a big selection of multi-tip 3-gallons to choose from.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Mona, that was exactly what I told him. I love to water too. But he said not when it's 115 inside the green houses. I could just put on my bathing suit, turn on the hose and dance w/ the plumerias! LOL.

$130 is steep for a Rhonda though. However, John is very very low in supply so there may or may not be any comes spring. Can you ask him if he has any in production now for next spring? Rhonda doesn't need to be really big to bloom. I think even John is surprised at how low his supply has gotten. And Rhonda is one of his mass produced plant meaning HD and Lowes should receive them if he has the supply.

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I finally got the Amazing! With this shipment I also purchased Thumbalina, Hearts' Desire, Rhonda, & Desert Sunrise! YoHoo!! Now I'm wanting J105.


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Lonnie, do you remember if the prices were still the same as his price list online? I don't think John's website has been updated in a couple of years. Please post photos of your plants!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Lynn!!

Just wanted to say that i missed this thread.. i noticed the date and that was the day my little grandson was born, so i know that i was AWOL for a while.. : )

Loved the pics.. All of them. Looks like so much fun..

Had to laugh at those food pics too! I LOVE Calamari as well.. do you like Sushi? YUM!! OK.. im hungry, so i better stop!!

I wanted to say that the one tree from Ger... is still hanging in there. It isnt doing much, but it has firmed up and looks like it might make it. SO, needlesss to say.. im really excited. Im trying to not look at it to much.. it is one special tree and i would be so upset if i lose it...

Mona.. I agree with you about buying right now.. Like Jen mentioned.. i would wait until spring and pick up the one you want and even by then you may have looked at another and you could buy a couple at the same time. This will help on shipping cost and then you will have beautiful trees at the right time for max growing.. when i buy from John, i always wait until i want two or three. Saves $ on shipping..

Take care everyone!!


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I sent you an email through GW. Prices are still pretty close to his old price list. Best case is to email or call John. All were 2 gallon, w/3 tips. I received them two weeks ago and they'll have time to recoup before putting them to sleep for the winter.

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