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digit(ID/WA)February 8, 2009

Just for the record - I have known, owned, and loved dogs. When I was a kid on the farm, I wanted to be a veterinarian. Even hung around with an Oregon State vet; attended a meeting of "future vets;" and went with him to help inspect livestock on other farms.

I read the book and watched every episode of "All Things Great and Small" and the reruns for years. That came much later, after I'd learned that vets have to work with sick and injured animals! I realized that I didn't have what it takes to be a vet.

I have never taken the SHSSSS approach (shoot, shovel, and shut up) in dealing with the neighbors' pets even tho' I'd have been practically driven to it. As far as I'm concerned, I have been driven to it and way, way down the road past it many, many times.

There are new "puppies" on both sides of my yard now. My blood pressure is going up just reporting that. How 'bout your neighborhood? This is no thread for the defense of canine marauders!


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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

I understand, Digit. I would love to do some things to the dog owners. The neighbor used to think it was convenient to let his rat terrier and big dog come over and poop in my yard and leave it for me to clean up. He just didn't care. Then I went out and pounded fence posts into the ground while he sat on the porch and he finally got the message. Chilly relationship after that. I love dogs. I don't blame the dogs. I blame the people that don't train them properly. Stay strong, Steve. :)

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david52 Zone 6

Steve, see if you can find one of those big, 3 foot long, super-soaker squirt guns. They cost about $25, hold half a gallon of water, and will shoot really far.

Two or three times, they'll say away.

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Dan Staley

see if you can find one of those big, 3 foot long, super-soaker squirt guns. They cost about $25, hold half a gallon of water, and will shoot really far.

When I lived in Sacto I had a barker over the back fence who got in a few times. I had an old water fire extinguisher and I put dried pepper and garlic in the water and shot it at the dog several times. About the third - fourth time he figured out what was going on, and he stopped barking so often too.


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Thanks folks, I appreciate that you understand.

When I had dogs, they were a problem for the neighbors in one way or another, I'm sure. They are such friendly, loyal companions for their owners. If you have a frequent visitor to your home (the dog's territory), the visitor will usually be considered family by the dog and another good relationship can develop. Neighbors . . . not so much so.

The Monster (a pit bull/mastiff next door) is now big enuf to jump the 4 foot fence with ease. That means they will not be able to keep him in and I won't be able to keep him out. About all I can hope for is that The Monster quickly goes the same route as 4 or 5 of their earlier dogs. Those dogs were just suddenly - - gone! . . ?

I've already complained to you folks about the continual barking of the samoyed across the road and the baying of the beagle behind me. Now, the new neighbor has another samoyed and another beagle! It was like a bad dream to see those 2 dogs show up on the other side of my yard. They are multiplying!!

Oh well, I can always take the hearing aids out, close the blinds, and turn the TV on. Understand that there's something good on the tube the next couple of nights: The 133rd Westminster Kennel Club show! I enjoy the working breed competition but wouldn't mind if another English Springer Spaniel wins again this year!


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I feel your pain Steve. I am to the point of a strong dislike for dogs (even one of my own). I am not opposed to getting up at two in the morning to tell my dogs to SHUT UP!!! They usually do on the first warning too, cuz a shot in the rear with a low powered BB usually follows my warning. On the same token though, without the dogs, I lose a lot of everything to coyotes, rabbits and the occasoinal skunk (one in 12 years) But still I have a real problem with the neighbor who lets their beagle go on all day and night. Whose Black Mouth Curr chases and tries to bite my kids (now teens) down the road when they walk to a friends house or run in prep for track season. It sure is funny though watching the daughter jog with a baseball bat slung over one shoulder.

With the increasing pet population, I sure wish more people would watch "The Price is Right" and please have your pet spade or neutered.


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david52 Zone 6

Well, it could be worse.

(Onion video)

Here is a link that might be useful: important news item

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I know I've made this complaint before: Nederland is full of too many dogs either left wandering the streets, taken for walks off-leash in leash-required areas or left in the yard to bark all day.

We had to fence in the yard to keep the packs of really big suckers out. We are renters and cheap but this huge group always wandered in and started pooping and peeing on everything. When one was about to pee on my new bag of compost, I cursed something fierce spelled with an M and an F and ran out to chase it off with a broom. And, the next day, my guy put up a fence.

Our friend/neighbor couldn't walk the neighborhood with the baby in the stroller because the dogs would jump on the stroller, so she started taking her big dog along. Nope, no good. They come in packs, all day long. Pooping, knocking over baby strollers, jumping on people and kids and chasing the mountain bikers.

I find it offensive. There are a few who act like people should act by fencing in and leashing their dogs, but not many!

My favorite is when we are walking the rescue dog who still hasn't gotten over all of his fears. He is on his leash and we make good efforts to correct and calm him but I get the worst looks from people who let their unleashed gigantic dogs come up to him with their hairs up and their teeth bared which sets him barking. Oh, not his fault!

My second favourite is when we come home and pull into the drive only to have four dogs try to protect "their" home from us when their home is a block away!! If they are really bad, we put our hands on our hips and walk towards them, protecting OUR home and making them walk back a ways.

Yes, thank you for the Onion! Makes me laugh every time!!!

It would be nice if there was something you could do about all those dogs, Steve. I'm gonna have to go for the water soaker!! That seems like the best recommendation.

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Wow, Nederland is worse than Alaska!! Our neighbor in Alaska had a mastiff that got loose and stood in my yard growling at me. When I yelled at him to go home, he actually backed up a little (he didn't go home though). I thought it was interesting (sort of) that when my 19 year old stepson yelled at him, he came closer, but when I yelled he backed up...(must be practice...) At some point, the neighbor heard the yelling and came and got his dog (then came to apologize). A lot of people there think it's ok to let the dogs run loose.

I feel fortunate these days. We have a few barkers, but it could be a lot worse. I take the 2 dogs out walking, usually by myself. I hate it when loose dogs come visiting while I have 2 of them to manage. Together, they outweigh me by about 50 lbs. I only occasionally encounter loose dogs in my neighborhood (thank goodness). When I see them coming, I shorten my leashes and put the dogs in a heel so I have better control. Then I walk and talk like a big mean person. I'm not against yelling at a dog that approaches. We must not seem inviting to those we've encountered lately because they keep their distance. I hear there is a big one out there who is a fence jumping dog-attacker. I'll try to avoid that street.

digit, I actually thought of you and this thread today. While having some lunch, my older girl came running up the stairs (there's a dog door in the basement) but then just sat and begged for the yogurt cup. She licked the container faster than usual, and took off back downstairs. A minute later, she ran back up and got a piece of bread crust. Then I realized, I was only giving snacks to ONE dog! I looked outside and sure enough the young one was loose. I had been outside the fence (trying to see if the shingle I found in the garden was from my house) before lunch and there was a loose dog out on the street behind us. I guess mine decided to go visit. How a 90 lb dog squeezes through a 7" x 9" or so spot in the fence I'm not sure... I retrieved my "marauder" (ok, really just a wanderer) and (hopefully) secured the hole in the fence...

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At another home, I once showed up in my front yard to find 2 Great Danes. One of them was taking a dump. I clapped my hands and yelled, "Get outta here!"

The "free" Dane barked and jumped at me. I swung a fist at him and missed but that dang dog was so close to me that he actually slobbered on my pants leg. . . . no brag, just fact.

The dogs strolled on out of the yard and I called animal control. The information I got was that there was no officer close by. I told the person on the phone that my 7 year old daughter was scheduled to be dropped off from a school function in a few minutes. If those dogs were back in my yard when she came down the road - they were going to be dead.

This was a stretch since my guns are in Dad's gunsafe 30 miles down the road, then and now. But, I was thinking that this would provide a little impetus to the law enforcement people to deal with this problem before it became a neighborhood confrontation. And, I figured if I killed one with a baseball bat that I'd, at least, have warned the officer of the possibility and danger.

The lady on the phone said, "Oh no, don't do that! Those dogs are someone's property."

aka: "Killer," having killed a total of 4 marmots, 1 ground squirrel, and innumerable voles & mice over the course of the last 35 years. During that time, he also threw a rock that hit a rabbit, raising a welt.

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david52 Zone 6

Well, the wonders of the internet, and here we find test results via Popular Mechanics of the best squirt guns. The 'Super Soaker Sneak Attack 4-Way' is available on Amazon. Linked to the discussion of water guns.

Us grown ups never, ever, buy water guns to squirt our kids with. Ever.

Here is a link that might be useful: test results

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I thought I'd update you on this OT issue now that about 5 weeks have passed and things have changed.

First off, I may have neighbors on one side that many would be appreciative of. They keep a neat yard and don't have loud parties. I am appreciative and we have a few friendly conversations over the fence.

The Monster was something of a surprise altho' they had a German Shepard for several months at one time. "Had" is an important word here. They have "had" at least 5 dogs that just left. I've never complained to them once about their dogs, even this last one, and doubt if anyone else has either. Apparently, they just take it into their head to get rid of them. I'm afraid that the dogs go to the pound.

What possesses people to get a dog every other year, keep it a few months and then dump it? The Monster showed up as a tiny puppy in September, I think.

They have told me on more than one occasion how the current puppy will be "trained" but I never see any evidence of any training. As they mature, the dogs go crazy when anyone walks by. And, that happens fairly often since we are only about 100 yards from an elementary school. And, less that distance from a junior high bus stop.

The Monster was seldom out of the house. Maybe they were trying to save the neighbors from trouble. I can hardly imagine what it must have been like to have a pitbull/mastiff inside for well over 20 hours out of every 24 over the last 6 months.

The snow has melted off most of the lawns and the guy was out with The Monster a few days ago. Apparently, he was trying to catch him but finally sat down on the walk as the dog tore around and around him biting at his hands when he tried to make a grab. The only interaction between the 2 has been things like that. It never went with them in the car or for a walk.

Now, it is gone.


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I'm not sure anyone would get a dog, then get rid of it and so on. I'd bet a nickle that they are shelter volunteers who take dogs home on a temporary basis. Sometimes, in a shelter that is crowded, weaker dogs (dogs who have had poor training) get taken home, like foster dogs. One of our three rescue dogs was a foster dog. In his case, the woman who fostered him probably did not do a good job. But!! at least the tiny and fearful chihuahua was not stuck in an overcrowded shelter which contained 90% pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

So, hopefully they are not just constantly changing their minds or hoping that the dog will train itself then getting rid of it when it fails to be the perfect dog!!


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I'm glad for you that the Monster is gone. It is such a shame though how stupid people can be. It's like these people don't seem to remember that those cute little puppies grow up, and while some dogs require a lot less work than others, they don't often turn into "good" dogs by themselves...

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While I do hope you are right, I have actually known people who have done this (not quite so many times as these people may have).

So many shelter dogs end up at the shelter (and worse) because they haven't trained themselves to be good dogs.

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I'm not sure. Would the foster relationship last from tiny puppyhood to 8 month-old adolescence? That has also been the pattern.

I know, I could ask the neighbors about him . . .

This dog was next door for about 6 months and must be 8 months old if he's still around somewhere. I know that some breeds have nearly reached their full growth by then but they aren't much more than big puppies.

Looking at a growth chart shows that a large breed like a mastiff has only reached 2/3rds of its adult size at 8 months. I think that they realized that the dog was completely and continuously out-of-control. They said his father was 180 pounds and the fact that this dog was going well above 100 pounds added to the concern. Well, at least, my concern. Whatever it took to socialize him  they hadnÂt done it.


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I really hope it isn't that they are puppy buyers!!! I'm crossing my fingers.

Maybe you should ask??? I think it would be quite a shock if they just bought puppies and then got rid of them when they were no longer tiny.

That is just too much to imagine or accept!!!

Poor, shattered innocence...

Wow, if they really are doing that, they better hope I don't pass their way! Oh, so lucky they are not my neighbors.

Geeze, now I'm all worked up.


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Maybe GW needs a "Pets in the Yard" forum.

The neighbors have gone with a postage stamp lawn, gravel, and evergreens landscaping scheme in recent years. Other than being out there with a shovel, I haven't seen that the dog has caused them a problem with that landscaping.

Especially since the dog was indoors almost continuously, I wonder if the same could be said for the house. Maybe that would be a House Forums topic.

Right now, I'm keeping an eye on the 4 laying hens. They are under the deck and I can't blame them for spending quite a bit of time down there, dust bathing. The most recent snowfall is just melting and there's not much growth to the lawn right now.

I also have not been very cooperative in planting things they want to eat. They've scratched the mulch away from the mints but leave those plants otherwise unharmed. I probably shouldn't have planted digitalis out there - it is poisonous. Still, they've never shown any interest in eating it. Kentucky Blue and Fescue grasses, on the other hand . . . yum!


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See, this is a good reason to stay incognito . . . I talk about my neighbors (one whom was once on GW :o(.

The Report on The Monster: he was given away and the sad tale was that the new owners "put him down" . . . A new patch of sod went in their yard to replace the yellow "spots" in the lawn.

Perhaps, this was some kind of memorial akin to my Marmot Memorial Planter. However, I didn't purchase the marmots and move them indoors with me for awhile after they showed up and began eating my broccoli and corn in 'o7.

That's all history but the new neighbors with the Samoyed and Beagle were recently away for a little trip. They took the S & B with them. The 8 month-old B didn't come back . . .


No, I'm not celebrating. I'm perplexed. Where is the foresight with these folks? This is the way they are choosing to deal with living creatures. They were not an invasive species in their homes and yards. Why were they even there?

I believe in "no fault" dog pounds. There's at least some hope for the animals there. Years ago, I was out for a walk in the woods near my home. I found the neighbor's 2 dogs lying quietly on an old logging road . . . with bullet holes in them.


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tunnymowg(z6b Salt Lake)

Oh, this makes me want to cry and scream. Selfish, lazy, thoughtless and irresponsible people who treat animals as disposable amusements are one of my biggest pet peeves (no pun intended). But really, NOTHING people do with or to animals surprises me anymore. I don't know if I could stomach your neighbors enough to be even civil to them, Steve. =\

We have barky neighbor dogs next door, and REALLY crazy, psychotic barky dogs across the street. My husband tells me the smaller of the neighbor's two shih-tzu-type dogs squeezed under the fence twice last week and started chasing our big sissy 20-lb. Maine Coon cat.'s happened before but I've never witnessed it. Not sure who I would bet on in that matchup!

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"I found the neighbor's 2 dogs lying quietly on an old logging road . . . with bullet holes in them. "

Unbelievable! Absolutely unbelievable.

I had to put a dog down once. I was married at the time and he threatened to take her out back and shoot her if I didn't have her put down. WOW, glad I got out of that situation!!!

I think a lot of folks actually think there is nothing wrong with shooting a dog. It is just the way things are done for some. Of course, that begs the question, why get a dog in the first place?!

I'm hoping the beagle was adopted by someone else!!!


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After I went on out to the garden today (my therapy), I realized that I'd probably gone a little too far in recounting things here.

When I came on the dogs, years ago, I could hardly believe that both were considered expendable. The mother dog just seemed like a nice, family dog. The pup had reached that "impossible" age. Those folks had been friends of mine up until that point. How can someone do that and be trustworthy in other situations? It totally poisoned how I thought of these people.

Perhaps both of the present neighbors tried to do what is right and maybe, they really did. The story I was told by one was reasonable even if it was sad. The sod in the yard idea is just from watching too much Rosemary and Thyme.

There needs to be 2 dog licenses. These critters are so inclined to adopt bad habits, or habits that just drive the owners round the bend. If the problem can't be dealt with, the dog needs to go. But, why in heck can't there be just a little more thought or memory of other dogs, other problems before that puppy shows up in the yard?


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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

This thread really bothers me.

We live in a rural community in Florida, with 5 to 10 Mastiffs (we breed/show/train), in securely fenced acreage.

We do not ever let our valuable show/working dogs bark, roam, or otherwise disturb the neighbors. They can woof at the gate for a minute or two, but then are called inside the house, if there is no real threat. They are obedience trained since 7 weeks old.

The *shotgun* is for real trouble! The dogs just alert us.

Training dogs is not difficult. Mastiffs are one of the easiest breeds to live with. The problem you have run into is idiot owners!

We plan to move to Wyoming in 4 years. The dogs will come with us. They will not be allowed to roam or bother anyone.

Whatever happened to common sense??


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I have two big dogs and when i walk them i clean up after them... im one of those crazy plastic bag toting freaks i guess cause obviously no one else does that in my neighborhood. my dogs arent allowed in my front yard because people drive like formula 1 racers down my road so i know it isn't mines that have poo'ed everywhere... it makes me so angry!

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I know I'm a little bit late to this thread, but I created an account specifically so I could commiserate!! :)

I love dogs. We have dogs. But they're inside 90% of the time, and if they do so much as bark at the neighbors, they know I'll bring them right back inside.

Our neighbors live in a duplex similar to ours, and they recently got three little dogs, for their six little kids (all under the age of 8). Their front yard is paved, so they bring their dogs into our yard to do their business. I tried to ask them tactfully to clean up once, and they screamed at me in a drunken rage. Our landlord tells me that they've had dogs before, and she called the Humane Society after hearing them apparently beating the dogs, so those ones were taken away. Now they have more.

Sad for the dogs, and sad for the little kids. If it this wasn't a rental property, I would build a ten-foot fence on that side of the house, I swear!!!

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I just bought a house and moved in. Next door is owned by an ex -felon, who did time for double murder, but is old, now. He has some friends living there with a chihuahua. I have pet the stupid thing taled nice to it, etc. But eveytime I go in or out my front fdoor, it it is loose is comes at me, not barking, screaming, with teeth barred, and hair standing up on spine. I yell at it. I am so pissed I want to kill it. But, I have troied to be on good terms with the new neighbors- for all kinds of obvious reasons. I am a single woman living alone. I don;t think talking to people who live the way they do would help. If I complain to the city I'll fear what the neighbor's might do. I had no idea these kind of people lived on this pretty street.

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