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DoobyAugust 26, 2012

Had this Trinidad Scorpion Moruga about 5 days and started getting holes in leaves. Please advise if ya know what is going on. Have looked 2 nights in a row and nope, don't see any little buggers...Thanks so much in advance

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Hi, I think u have got a pest, but it's difficult to find in daylight. I had one plant that was being munched, I couldn't see any pests, but eventually found a small caterpillar that was living inside of the hollow middle of the garden cane that was supporting the plant!

They hide everywhere... I hate them all!

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Grasshoppers or..... the leaves of my fruit trees in pots were being devastated with holes. Finally found nightly Japanese beetles just stripping the leaves. I used orange oil, and they finally went away.

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Yeah, something is eating your leaves.

When I see that, I spray my plants down with some sevin. It will kill any leaf munchers extra quick.

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Edymnion....Have you had any luck with the liquid form? I'm having a time with brown marmorated stink bugs. I finally gave up and sprayed some liquid Sevins on my bhuts. The next day I walked out and saw a stink bug just sitting there laughing at me! They are eating the leaves and the pods. I try to smash every one I see, but it appears to be a losing battle.


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Sorry Dooby, I didn't mean to hijack your thread.


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