Roses "J"

the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)January 11, 2013

It looks like my list of roses "J" will be even shorter that "I". And here we go...

J.P. Connell


Jacques Cartier


James Galway

James Mason


Janice Kellogg


Jayne Austin

Jean Rex

Jeanne Moreau

Jeri Jennings

Joe Woodard

Joelle Marouani

John Clare

Jude the Obscure

And one non-rose -- ITOH peony 'Julia Rose'

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Dark Lady,

I've been so enjoying the photos of your beautiful roses -- and busily taking notes. I am mostly a reader-learner on the rose forum here, and very much a beginner. I was wondering if you've previously posted pictures of your gardens that show more of the landscape. Or if you'd consider doing so. I have a larger-sized yard and am ready to move beyond the basic border and kitchen garden and am looking for ideas that incorporate a good many roses (antique or antique in appearance). And when I see your photos, I think, that's exactly what I imagine. And then I think, no, that's even better than what I imagine.

Your gardens are amazing and as far as the J's are concerned, I just love the Jasmina.

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Dear Sidos-House,
Thank you very much for your kind comments! My yard is also very big and I had and still have difficult time creating interesting landscape.
Do you have any mature vegetation in your garden? What kind? Trees, conifers, grasses, any stonework? This usually helps a lot tying elements together.
Mine was absolutely bare, just grass and weeds. Seven acres of them!:)
I don't have many pictures with garden views. Here is what I found in my albums. I am planning to take more garden shots this year.

I understand, this is not much. Hope to do more landscape shots this year.

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Thank you so much taking the time to share these lovely pictures. I am sure I won't be the only gardener taking inspiration from you.

Our property used to be a horse pasture and the front half is relatively flat but slopes gradually to the north. While were blessed to have mature trees scattered around the open area, there were no ancient oaks or stunning maples. Instead we have cedars, gum (not a favorite by any means), and ash-leaf maple. The front of the property has a mossy old fence, which I love, and a border of tall, ugly, scraggly pine, which I don't love but must accept. The north fence line is scattered with various trees and open in some areas, it's very dry and compacted. The south fence line is cool and shady and rather brushy and bramble-y.
All in all, there is one and a half acres clear before the woods begin. The beginning of the wood is open and airy with redbuds and dogwoods and the lay of the land is interesting with little nooks and crannies, begging me to do something to prettify it.

When I look at the flower gardens I have so far, I see that I am failing to think large enough and that I may indeed be lacking the "structure" I read about. And that is what drew me about your plantings and design. While for years I longed for a large enough space to keep me busy for the rest of my life, I find that now I am somewhat intimidated and overwhelmed. And worried about making a costly mistake!

Your pictures are very helpful indeed and I saw that you referred another reader to your HelpMeFind account, which I too will make use of!

The sizes of many of your roses are incredible and look like they have been there for years and years. How long ago did your begin your gardens? Do you plant your roses in groups ever? (As David Austin recommends planting a variety of his English roses in groups of three.)

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Marina....WOW! Thank you so much for sharing the photos of your garden. Just outstanding! The size of your roses is amazing. I love the color combinations.A riot of color might be descriptive. Looks like a lot to take care of. I remember you writing earlier that you toss some 10-10-10 and that`s about it. Deadheading would be a constant job. You have certainly created a magical garden as have many who frequent this forum. It is such a pleasure to look thru these pictures and the alphabet pictures during this glum winter. I keep going back to these pictures time and again. Thanks to you and everyone who takes the time to share their gardens. Lesley

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Just have one "J"--but it is a beauty! Enjoy here a couple different views of Austin's Jubilee Celebration.

Jubilee Celebration--mine has somewhat weak necks, but those blooms are wonderful anyway.

A look at a mature bloom of Jubilee Celebration:

Marina--your big overgrown rose bushes are breath-taking. Wish mine would grow more like that, but they tend to be on the smaller side in my extreme (too hot, too cold) midwestern region.


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

You have a wonderful group of Js, Marina. One of my favorites is Jalitah, such an elegant and subtly tinted rose. And what a perfect bush shot of her. I love your group of reds, especially James Mason. Then there is Joe Woodard (all these guys) another fav that is pretty cute with those perky upturned petals. Thanks also for the glimpse of your beautiful, inspiring garden.
Kate, Jubilee Celebration is a lovely, especially those perfect petals of the mature bloom. That's one reason I love so many Austins. Thank you for posting your photos. Diane

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I have to echo the comments about Jalitah; lovely, lovely rose. And seeing your mature bushes is such a treat, Marina. Thank you for sharing your gardens with us.

Jubilee Celebration is perfect!

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Pretty roses!! Love JUBILEE CELEBRATION. And Marina, I love your JALITAH. I had gotten one from Cliff when he was first selling of his bands before sending them to Vintage. It gave me one beautiful bloom and then died. I have a new one on order with Heirloom for March!! Can't wait!

Here are some of my J's...












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Now I know why people are nuts over Just Joey, and your Cherry Parfait pic is great. Pretty, pretty rose.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

That Joshua Bradley sure is an eyefull! Just love that shade of golden yellow and shape/form of the rose is wonderful also.


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seil zone 6b MI

Your Garden shots are fabulous, Marina!

Just Dreamy is just that, Beth!

Only two "J"s for me.

Julia Child

and Julie Link

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Love that photo of Julia, seil. What a great rose. I have just two J roses, too, and here they are--you guessed it: Julia Child and Jude the Obscure. Diane

Jude the Obscure

Jude the Obscure Bush

Jude the Obscure with Brother Cadfael

Julia Child

Julia Child Bush

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Diane, wow!!! Double wow!!!
Your J's are out of this world. Incredibly beautiful bushes, stunning.
You Jude the Obscure is probably the best I've ever seen (Brother Cadfael, too).
And Julia Child... I don't have this rose, but after seeing yours, I am sure I will get it! Is it one bush on that photo? How many years are you growing it?

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seil zone 6b MI

OMG, Diane, your Julia is 3 times the size of mine!!!

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

WOW!!!!! These are some really great pictures! Diane and Seil I love your pictures of Julia Child! I lost mine last year and I have it ordered from Chambless for Spring delivery...I can't wait!

Marina, my husband and I just bought 10 acres of former pasture land to build on, and your photos are making me go crazy with ideas! About 5 of the acres are totally flat clear pasture, and the back 5 is wooded with a creek running through. The soil scientist who serveyed it told us the back side of the property near the creek is excellent for crops...but all I heard was "ROSES WILL BE HAPPY THERE" lol. I'm thinking I may try to do some of the mega-climbers/ramblers on the back wooded part (think Ramblin Rector types). We actually just staked our house and barn this afternoon so we can get our septic permits...I CANNOT wait! Now I just need to take cuttings of my bushes that I can't move from my current house so I don't lose those....


Forgot to add my own pics (Love the "edit" feature!)

Julia Child (my original plant that I lost...but have a new one ordered!)

Jeri Jennings

Julie Link


Jeremiah Pink (one of my favorites in my garden)

Jacques Cartier

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seil zone 6b MI

I envy you that JFK, Tammy! Never could get mine to open a bloom here!

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Tammy, I'm so jealous of all the land you will have for more roses. What a great time you'll have planning those new rose gardens. I hope you get another Julia and are successful growing her.I love your Jeremiah Pink--so frilly and petal packed.
Marina, thank you for your kind words about my roses. It meant so much to me. You are really an inspiration to this rose grower. The photo is of one Julia, and there is a second one across a wide sidewalk heading to the porch. The Julia in the photo is about 6 feet tall, and the other about 5 feet, and they are both very rotund (love their shape). They are about seven years old. Jude and Brother are eight years old. Diane

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I just love that pic of Jude and Brother Cad every time I see it. And I'm equally impressed with the overgrown Julia!

Tammy--your Jeri Jennings (I have one too--but have no pics for some reason) and Jacques Cartier are lovely also.


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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Just beautiful!

Only one here -

John F. Kennedy

First rose I bought after my knock outs. Too bad the thrips like it as much as I do.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Your JFK looks pristine white--lovely with the 'raindrops" on it.


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Just going over these beauties again and found some roses of Beth's I missed. I love the James Biddle with the bee in its center. It's perfect, as are the rest of the photos. Jardins de Bagatelles is exquisite.
Karilina11, I love your JFK which looks like it would make a perfect corsage. Thanks again for all the photos to view. Diane

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Tammy, what exciting news for you. I hope you fill up your acreage with thousands of roses and post all the pictures here. Best wishes for your new home and garden! You and Marina will keep us all entertained!

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