Compact growing plumeria

mjhuntingtonbeachSeptember 8, 2012

I look at the plumeria others are growing and I see taller growing trees with some branches but not a thicket. Mine mostly seem to grow stocky, multibranched, not sure why, but it does make them easier to take care of. What are others' experiences with this? Maybe I don't fertilize enough. Here are samples of what mine grow like:

J4/Multiple Gold:

Unknown Thai, purchased as "Sangwaltubtim"

Jungle Jack's Inner Peace:

Irma 5 (purchased from Thai vendor):

Jungle Jack's Inca Gold:

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Climate, pot size, and/or cultivar could all be reasons. Most likely the last reason. I believe many of JJ's cultivars have short/stocky habits and they are mostly from Thailand.

If it suits how you want them to grow then why worry about it. Nice work.

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From what I understand, all of JJ's are Thai varieties, which tend to stay short and branch out on maybe 3 or so inch branches. If you go to his website, he stresses that his are strictly Thai, grown in Thailand and not crossed at all with any Hawaiian or Mexican variety.

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Everyone of them makes me envious! :)

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Me too!! I have JJ's California Sunset, which has a shape like yours, and I love it. But then I have a few other trees that have all their branches on one high level! I like yours better!

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I love that compact growth. These are the perfect types for growing on the lanai.
Tally HO!

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Wow those are beautiful compact plants!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I think they are all beautiful..

You are so lucky to live in HB!! : )

Trees look wonderful!!


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