Plumeria in Canada

Mango88(5B (ONT))September 12, 2012

Hi there,

This is my first time growing plumeria. I bought 3 plumeria cuttings from Canada Bloom March 2011(Toronto). So far all 3 are doing well and lots of leaves. There is 1 plumeria cutting is thriving very well and sign of flowering soon as there's "inflow"? My question is should I continue to water even through winter and let it grow instead of letting it go dormant? Right now all 3 plants is sitting on my balcony and gets lots of sun since it's facing south. See attached for the plant that shows inflow. It's only 1 1/2 year since I bought the cutting. I hope to see the flower soon and would be sad if the leaves and "inflow" drop when I bring it indoor. Please let me know what I should do to over winter them.



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HI Mango. That is a really nice inflorescence you have there!

The standard answer to plumeria and dormancy is that they will go into dormancy themselves and -need- to rest in order to produce flowers next year. But, I recently read that is not necessarily true.. at least for experienced plumeria growers.

Many people on this forum have had their plumerias go dormant with inflo's that hold until spring and then begin to grow again and flower.

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Hm, if it were me I'd try to keep that one plumeria with inflo going over winter, or it might just drop it before it develops and you get to enjoy the flowers.

They sell "plant bulbs" at the big box stores for about $4. You can put one into a standard lamp fixture and let that plumeria have some supplemental light. That, along with some misting in a warm window-lit spot in your house should be enough to keep it growing.

It looks like that inflo should open buds in about six to eight weeks or so. If it does then you can stop the lights afterward and let it go dormant with the others. That would probably be your best shot as your winter is longer in Canada than ours down in Texas and I don't know if that inflo would hang on until next May for you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

How exciting! Congratulations! Do you know the cultivar's name that is about to flower? I hope you can keep it going long enough to enjoy the flowers. :)


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I am impressed! Canada is not the easiest place to grow tropicals for sure but you are doing a great job.
Tally HO!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

A high-intensity discharge lamp with metal hallide bulb (1,000 watts) set to 12 hours might be overkill, but it would likely keep that plant growing and blooming. There are other lighting schemes as well.

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I would try to use supplimental light and heat and push it to keep development. I think if you let it go dormant it will not bloom.

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Hi Mango88, Great job ! I had a Plastic Pink that had an inflo last fall and when I brought it in it aborted the inflo. I got 2 new tips so maybe next year it will bloom. I hope you have better luck with yours. I have one with an tiny inflo ( singapore dwarf pink) now. I plan on bring it in before temps drop into the 50's in hopes I can save this one. The rest of the plants I bring in when we get 50-55 degrees. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Peg

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Peg - my dwarf singapore pink is also pushing a tiny little inflo. We have twins! :)

Have you had any temps falling into the 50's yet? The last 2 nights it's been down in the upper 50's. Scares me! I had a customer tell me the other day that "they"... whoever "they' are... are predicting a very cold winter. Have you heard that?

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Wed. night was down to 55 and I brought in 2 newly rooted cuttings that I had just put out and 2 that have inflos on. I just happen to walk out late and realized how cold it had gotten. Was glad I brought them in and now we are back into the mid to upper 60's at night. I hope it's not a cold winter as it sure runs up the oil bill. Peg

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Mango88(5B (ONT))

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your advice and feedback. The weather in Canada is getting cooler now(night: 50's, day:68+). I think I should start bringing in the my plants. I will leave all 3 plants in my kitchen area(West orientation) lots of light and should be ok for the winter. Should I stop fertilizing the plants? I've been been fertilizing the plants every week(10-52-10) since spring. I am uncertain how the inflow will do once I bring it in during the winter. I will have to keep my fingers crossed and hope to see some flowers. I have no idea what the name or type of plumeria. Perhaps when it bloom some of you might be able to identify the plant for me.

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Mango88(5B (ONT))

Greetings from Canada,

My Plumeria finally bloomed but unsure the name or type of Plumeria. The flower last about 1 week and will drop. Is this normal? Does the flower last longer if it's outside during the summer compared to indoor during the winter? The type of Plumeria I have doesn't have the sweet scent I expected. I am looking for a sweet scented Plumeria and does anyone know where and which one I should get online?


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Derrick at a piece of paradise has some great prices and ships to Canada. You can read his descriptions and get an idea of which ones are scented.

Here is a link that might be useful: A Piece Of Paradise

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Congrats Mango. So Jandy was right on with her 6-8 week prediction. It kind of has a Thornton's Mardi Gras look to the flower. The cooler the temperature the less intense the colors and scent will be. A flower lasting a week is pretty good inside or outside.

In the forum post below. there is a picture of TMG blooms about 7 down in early June.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2012 Clear Lake PSA Sale Thread

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can you post the email address or address of the people you bought your plumeria from at canada blooms. i just bought another one last week and they did not include instruction sheet or address. I let mine rest in winter and so far had one that flowered beautifully on three branches, i bring them out of dormancy in beginning of march as they need lots of time.. my daughter had a tree in her front yard in bermuda and it goes into dormancy in the fall even though it is still warm.

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You would probably find as good if not better information on this forum than an instruction sheet. Besides it sounds like you are doing pretty good to have blooms starting already.

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