Neighbor gave me some plumerias

Desirai(7B)September 17, 2013

My neighbor was going to THROW AWAY!!!!! some plumeria(s). I'm not sure if it's 1 single plumeria split into 4 branches or if it's actually 4 individual plumerias.

I keep forgetting to take a picture of it. Anyway, she did kind of a hack job trying to prune it.

Would it hurt it if I completely cut off the tops of it? all the leaves and stuff. because they are bent and growing at a really weird angle. also I want to cut it because they are so tall and wide (at the angle) that they won't fit into my front door without some serious maneuvering and I have to bring them in in a few weeks because it frosts here.

Unless do you guys think that it would be ok on a covered porch? it wouldn't receive any frosting but it would be subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees.

if I do cut it can I root the pieces I cut off?? I wanted to cut off at least 3 feet of them

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Yes you can cut it. Now may not be the most ideal time but hey you gotta get it inside right. Some people will seal the cut with DAP brand of caulking you can find at home depot and lowes. the cuttings can be rooted. Also winter is not really the easiest time to try. If you do cut them let the pieces callous over and sit them in a dry, dark and somewhat cool place. Plumeria cuttings are pretty good at sitting for awhile awaiting to be rooted.

Almost all tropicals wont receive any damage until the temps hit freezing. Thats not to say they wont like it very much below 40. if you have no choice you can wrap some christmas lights around it and then toss an old sheet over it. That can offer a few degrees of protection and keep the frost if any off of it.


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After you callus the cuttings for a couple weeks, just poke them into the soil under the main plant and don't let them get in temps below about 50. This should give them the best chance to root at a very difficult time of year, though it may take until spring. Good luck!

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