Inflo duration

irun5kSeptember 11, 2011

Just a quick survey- how long do the inflos usually last on your various cultivars? Anything notable (extra long or extra short)?

My most notable is my Singapore Obtusa... All three tips started blooming in early spring- maybe April- and they're still going strong! I now have 9 tips but the tips have grown very little compared to last year when I had no blooms at all. So I'm wondering if I'll see anything in 2012 since the nine candidate tips will be so short.

At the other end, some neglected white NOIDs next door have inflos that last a month or less.

Curious to hear your observations....

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

My California Sunset started blooming in March, and is still blooming on the same inflo.
My Kaneohe Sunburst has bloomed on the same inflo since last summer (july/august) and continued blooming thru the winter (because I kept it in a greenhouse), took a 2-3 months break in February because it finally exhausted itself, but bloomed again on the same inflo this summer, even though the blooms now are more sparse and not in a large cluster like they used to.

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For me, it has been Pyscho. First off, the inflo is HUGE, and it bloomed from June until very end of September. Now it is forming more flower buds, and another inflo grew and now is opening it's first flowers! Not too shabby for a cutting that I rooted this summer!


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

You will find that Sngapore bloom almost all year, at least here in So. cal. Colder weather it will be different. Mine still bloom up through December for my Singapores. I think they also have one of the longest holding blossoms as well. I think Celadine is also long lasting, which is why they use them alot for leis.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Plants are different and plants in a variety of conditions also are different. Plants in the east seem to start blooming earlier in spring than the west. The west blooms longer into fall. Warmer areas last longer than cooler. I think the average plant blooms from 4-6 months in my area with some lasting as much as 10 months. Blooming is heaviest in August and many begin to thin out in September or when a cool period comes. Some start blooming in September too. Weather and sunlight have a great effect.

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Interesting observations everyone, thanks for sharing. I do believe sunseeker's Kaneohe Sunburst wins for longest blooming inflo :)

I agree, there are lots of variables. Plant health certainly accounts for something but sadly I realize it isn't everything... meaning you can take the best care of your plant but sometimes at the end of the day it is going to do what it is going to do!

Happy Friday everyone...

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