an indoor day with a little sowing

mtny(SW MT zn 3)February 25, 2011

-16F after a mostly clear and chilly evening ,still minus 11 supposedly warming to 6F...but cold days are numbered with 30's by start of the week.

sowed delphiniums this morning "royal aspirations"& "blue lace" good mid ht and heat tolerant color though not particularily long lived and larkspur( for cutting garden I'm carving out of raspberry bed reduction in spring) , then I set the heat mat to spring and threw some more wood in the stove to ward off the very real winter outside indoor day... with butter to churn( just got a"new" late forties sears 1 quart electric works so well and fresh butter is so easy with this thing its amazing) then the hot springs

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Where did you find the seed for the 'Royal Aspirations', Mtny? You didn't really get them from New Zealand, did you? I just searched for a half an hour looking for seed in the U.S. If you found them somewhere--here, I'd love to know where.

Your "antique" (not quite as old as me!) butter churn sounds really neat! I'm surprised it's electric!!! Just curious! Where did you find THAT?

Hot springs! Tough life!!!


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mtny(SW MT zn 3)

part of my horticultural firms business is the collection of... cleaning/ viability testing and export of north american alpine seed much of which is done under special use permits from federal agencies, i have extensive contacts in field and yes this seed is imported (germany) . I believe you can get the plants only- from select seeds. You might try Jellitto seeds also (now thats a seed catalog). Tons of great european seed sources that will ship to states.

As to butter churn its electric with a single dasher turned by motor mounted on lid...they are out there. the manual counter top churns can work great too, i collect them, We have always made our own butter yogurt folk i guess. New electric churns are readily available. Dairy supply stores and Amish supply stores carry them too if you have them in your area.

Cant live without the hot springs yea baby! so freaking lucky to have so many around. if you are in sw MT try jackson hotsprings, Renova. Potosi. Norris Bozeman. Chico. boiling river firehole river, I know you folks have some great ones down that way too

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