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ford8nn(z4IL)September 26, 2012

A friend in Florida gave me a plumeria last march which I brought home to Illinois. What should do for the winter? Seems to me I heard I should put it in the basement. Is this correct? What about watering?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Ford,

I would let it naturally go dormant.

This is your only Plumeria? If so, do you have other plants that have good light in the winter? I would just keep it in a corner where it gets as much light and water only sparingly. If it drops its leaves, which it probably will.. you could just let it be and it will be fine.

I don't think you will have to put it in the basement since it isnt an issue with space. It can do fine in your living area.

Just make sure it stays on the dry side and keep it from getting to cold. They dont like to be cold and have wet feet. That is why it is good to have a good fast draining soil...

Just my 2 cnts...

If i just had one.. i could leave it out in my greatroom or near a grow light and try and keep it active until it naturally goes to sleep.

Hope this helps..

Remember once asleep. Only a little bit of water.. I mean just a little!!!

Everyone has different lenghts of dormancy time..

Take care,


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Hey ford,

I am in zone 5 and in your same boat. I agree with Laura. If you have a good warm/sunny room, it is possible your plant will slow its growth but not go dormant through the winter (I have had some success with this). Also, along with watering less, don't fertilize.


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