frost tolerant tomatoes

markmahlumFebruary 28, 2010

My new Gurney's catalogue offers a tomato variety named "cold set". They say it is frost tolerant and in a trial withstood 18 degrees. That's difficult to believe. My early girls commit suicide if they even see snow on the mountains to the north. That might be a variety for areas like mine where the last frost is often late June and the first killing frost is mid September. (Last year it was August 8.)

Anyone tried these or other frost tolerant varieties? I assume they set fruit at lower temps as well?


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I have a hard time even imagining a tomato/eggplant/pepper/Solanaceae family-member surviving any kind of frost, Mark.

Stupice is generally considered a very early, cold-tolerant tomato. My DW made fun of it and me, tho'. Yeah, she called it my "Stupid" tomato because nearly all of the fruits were so malformed.

I'll have Legend tomatoes again this year. They are a "parthenocarpic" variety. I guess that means that they set fruit without fertilization. They did real well setting a large crop very early. It might not surprise you to learn that the seed I saved didn't germinate well.

Bloody Butcher has been in my garden for about 4 years now. It is a real nice, flavorful little tomato. There are lots of fruit, also. It ripens early and it is said to be cold-tolerant.

Now, I will wait to see if anyone has had a tomato plant survive freezing . . .


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