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colokid(5)February 19, 2011

I Moved to a different house and i don't recommend that to anyone. Especially in January. Took Qwest 8 days to just hook up the phone. My older computer with pass words and such is still over at the old place, so i am just getting going here.

I have nice front, fenced with boards in back with giant elm right in the middle. Tree roots every where so the garden (tomatoes) will have to learn how to grow in raised beds. Friend just bough me a HF 6 by 8 GH to put up. Enjoyed a 6 by 10 tent type last year.

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treebarb Z5 Denver

Welcome back!
Moving is a pain. I hope you recover from it soon and get your green house going. Sounds like you have a good friend!
How many maters are you going to plant this year?
I'm sure you'll find a way around those tree roots and maybe you'll like using the raised beds.
It's good to hear from you. I was wondering where you were.
This warm weather is surely making us want to get planting!

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Hi Kenny. I hope you are getting settled-in.

My last move, over 15 years ago, was in December. We moved out of one house at the end of October and stayed with my parents waiting for closing on the home. They lived where power failures were a real possibility and, with a bad windstorm, they had an extended one while we were there. So, no water heater, feeding the pellet stove with a shovel, and light from lanterns and candles.

Then, we rushed into our place as the days grew colder. It got terribly cold! In a few weeks, we went into record low temperatures, mid-winter.

How very much, I appreciated having a home! A little old house but we are still here and, maybe, we will never leave.

Tell us please, Kenny, about your plans for that greenhouse.


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Glad you survived the move! Yes, moving is a pain!!! Last time I did it, I was 6 months pregnant, and I wouldn't recommend that either, LOL.

When I lived in Memphis, our frontyard had a huge maple tree, and the roots were on top of the soil, like a big spider web running all through the yard. It sure made cutting the grass a pain in the butt!

Looking forward to hearing about your new garden.


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

The BH is ready to move - surely to a less ticky-tack subdivsion - but the military soured me on moving. Esp as fewer people want to consume a house way away from anything. Good luck with the GH. Heavily insulate the N side and put in another layer of GH film for the insulation and light diffusion.


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Agreed, moving is a pain, 5 years ago we moved across the driveway, that is not any better. Drug it out over 2 years (I can get that later). The old house is finally gone and Mom now lives where the old house was (newer home put in place, hey all the hookups were still there!)

Before that move, we moved onto the property in January with 3 little kids and DH broke his leg in December when we were moving out (At work, I finished the move, NIGHTMARE). Anywho we stayed with his folks for a month till he did not have appointments everyday and boy that wasn't any fun either. I am never moving again, seriously.

Glad you are at least moved in and have heat and all. I don't get the wacky weather we have been having. We had a thunderstorm Saturday night. It poured and one of the kids went on 4 or 5 fire calls from the lightning strikes! (Volunteer Fire Department)

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So nice to know that I am not alone. Move was 9 miles, but I am 81 and need a cane to walk, so all I could carry at a time was one hand. I would load boxes and wait for a great friend to put them in pickup, then to unload them. It will be months before i am cleaned out of the old place.
Advice on buying if you need a bank loan--DONT!. They say they are loaning but they really aren't. I own a farm and the old house free and clear but they completed my loan based on my social security after 70 days of paper work.
I just stated several tomatoes in the window, so I got to get on the ball and get the little green house up. Big decision on where to place it. Shade trees all around this place.
Beautiful weather.

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