Cameroon and Hawaii pepper seeds

t-bob(west wa)August 21, 2012

hi folks, i am starting to think of next year and what i will be growing. I have a family member who joined the peace corps and has been stationed in the far north of Cameroon. Do any of you know of any specific pepper that is unique to that country/ area of Africa? I figure i might as well hit her up to send me some seeds while she is there, and if i i knew an exact name, that would make it easier for her

the same for any Hawaii specific peppers....

thanks for any info----bob

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Fatalii is a C. chinense (habanero family) that is from Africa. But that is already widely cultivated in this country. It might be more interesting for her to seek out peppers - especially very hot ones - that are not common here. Those, of course, we couldn't recommend since we don't know about them.

I doubt Hawaii has any *native* peppers. Could be some Japanese varieties, though.

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