Mystery Hot Pepper! Please help!

KendraSchmidtAugust 11, 2012


I'm growing my own peppers from seed and noticed that I had a pepper plant that I overwintered indoors - grown from a seed that was in my sweet bell pepper mix packet.

I thought the plant was a sweet bell pepper. But, then it began to ripen, while the fruits were still red and they were only about 1.5 inches tall (from end/bottom of pepper to the base of the stem). When I plucked one today and bit into it, it tasted quite hot. I was shocked.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what kind of pepper this is? I have no idea of what it could be. Some of the peppers on there are a few inches tall, while others are 1.25 inches tall. I've included several pictures, the last of which shows some of the peppers still hanging off the plant (they're green-colored).

I'd appreciate any help you all can offer. Thanks so much.

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Thank you Lyndon! I didn't realize these could be red, or small.

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sjetski(6b NJ)

The bell pepper you harvested that seed from was crossed with another pepper, what you have there is some sort of hybrid.

It would be very hard figuring out what type of pepper the other parent was ( Bell pepper crossed with ???). If i were to hazard a guess, i'd say the other parent was a serrano pepper because the leaves are very similar and the pepper sorta looks like a mutant serrano. But i have no way of knowing for sure.

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Yup, jalapenos that are picked early are green. If you leave them on the plant until they are fully ripe, they turn red. Fully ripe jalapenos actually taste quite a bit better than the green ones, its just that it takes longer and their shelf life is shorter once ripe, so you generally don't see them for sale at major grocery chains.

Kind of like tomatoes, they're picked green and then artificially "ripened" with ethlyne gas just before they get put on the shelves. It makes them turn red, but doesn't really do anything for the flavor.

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Some kind of annuum.

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