Spring/Fall Swap?

singcharlene(Zone 5)February 28, 2010


I have hosted a RMG spring swap for the past few years (in Castle Rock). I'm thinking that this year I might like to host the Fall swap instead and let someone else host the Spring swap?

We have a lot of legal/court stuff going on end of April/May for our foster baby girls and I'd like to keep my schedule clear during this time.

Is anyone interested in hosting the Spring Swap? We have done it in the past on a Saturday one of the first few weeks of May.



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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Skybird started a post about this spring's swap....

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Swap '10 info

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If people not mind heading north, we would love to host the spring event. We offer lawn with shade trees and a barn alleyway should weather turn nasty. Our place is east of Greeley 8 miles and north of Kersey 3 miles. That makes it about an hour North of the metro.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Lucky,

Angel posted that she'd be willing to have it at her house on the other thread and I responded to her before you posted. It looks like it's going to be in Longmont!

But we can always keep you in mind for a backup just in case anything happens! I don't know if people would want to drive that far or not, but we could always vote on it! Hey! If we ever have it at your place, we could always have a barn dance after the swap! ;-)


Post any more information over on the Spring Swap - 2010 thread from here on out --- linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spring Swap - 2010

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Okay, I got lost on which thread. Sorry.

Best of wishes for you and your girls, Charlene.

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