On My Way to a Veggie Burger!

digit(ID/WA)February 24, 2012

Last winter, I made tofu a couple of times. Processing my garden soybeans is just as important this winter. Yes! The edamame got away from me and I was left with a lot of dry soybeans again!

Casting about as to what I might do besides tofu - the idea of a veggie burger came to me. The first step would be to learn how well soybeans could be formed into patties. What I came up with is quite a bit of work . . . Oh well, I only took it as far as making patties. If you have ideas how seasonings could be incorporated into the processing, please share them. I'm thinking sauteed onions and, maybe,

worchestershire sauce.

The "1st step" was just making patties, as I said. These are quite tasty, re-heated for breakfast. They remind me of the "corn fritters" my mom used to make . . .

The beans were rinsed, the "skins" promptly loosened and were skimmed off. The beans sat overnight in water. An equal amount of rice was put to soak the next morning:

After draining, the rice and beans together were put into the food processor:

Here is where the work came in - made more difficult by overfilling the pot! This mixture must be stirred frequently while it cooks for about 1 hour:

The cooked meal was then spooned onto plastic wrap:

These patties went into the steamer where they cooked for an additional 45 minutes:

They are fully-cooked but soft, as one might expect:

The patties can then be fried on the griddle:

They are really, very good!

The seasonings that would make these into "veggie burgers" would probably go into the plastic wrap along with the boiled meal. Yes, I know that there continues to be controversy about using plastic for cooking. Like most everyone with a microwave, we use plastic film to cover bowls of food. Since food in a simple steamer does not reach a temperature hot enuf to melt the plastic, things were at least safe from that problem.

Anyway, even without the veggie burger seasonings - the patties are very tasty.


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

ROFL! Glad you're here with us, David!

Digit, you have to stop posting yummy looking pics! Every time I find one of them I'm ALREADY hungry, and you're doing a real number on my diet! ;-)

Apparently there's a lot of SPAM on JessieThePitt's carpet too!


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I can add considerably to kitchen excitement by overfilling a pot:

It doesn't need to rise to the level of hand-to-hand combat, however. I mean, these are Italian Sweets rather than some lethal pepper!

Actually, adding a cup or 2 from the food processor to the already boiling pot keeps things under control all the way to the top. (I wasn't even forced to give any of the soy & rice to the backyard hens. :o)


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Wow! GW removed some posts! The carpet cleaning spam, I understand but David's comment about making a mess on the Mrs. digit's carpet also was deleted!

Anyway (& at the risk of attracting more spam), used the last of the soy cakes yesterday and with lots more soybeans, went right ahead and began making more today.

In an effort to cut down a bit on the "crunchiness" of the cakes, I went thru the beans after soaking to remove the hard immature ones. Discouraging . . . must be about 10%. Aaaannd, they are too large for my pea-shooter so they're wasted! (Yes, I tried.)

I think that they would have been just fine if I'd harvested them while still green and froze the beans after blanching! Then, I may have been able to make them into Veggie Burgers, anyway!

(they'll still be used for little breakfast cakes to be broken up and served with hot milk . . . the burgers are still something to be planned for the future ;o)

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