lettuce in Green house

colokid(5)February 8, 2012

I'm getting bored with winter. So! How soon can I start some lettuce in my little 6 by 8 GH?

My grow pans are from vegetable bins from old refrigerators.

I could use suggestions on how to get lettuce, and others, germinated in the pans. Remember this is dry country and seed drys out so fast that I have problems there. I start tomatoes by covering with clear plastic or such...any other suggestions? I do have a heat pad or two.

Last year I had problems with the heat pad on wood work benches tripping the ground fault plugins. Moisture? Extra insulation under them should stop that.

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gjcore(zone 5 Aurora Co)

I think you can start lettuce anytime in the greenhouse. As long as the soil temperature stays above 40F they will germinate. Closer to 60F they would germinate faster. You could cover your pans with plastic wrap but you have to watch put for molds forming. After the pans are covered for a few days you'll need to check at least once everyday to see if germination has started then remove the plastic.

Are you sure those grow pans are the right thing to use? Seems like they would be too deep.

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Thanks, that 40 degrees should not be too hard to get. I think I will wait a couple of weeks til this nasty weather is over. I want to grow just enough for me for a sandwich once in a while.
Can lettuce stand a frost or freeze? Any other easy to grow "green stuff"?

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david52 Zone 6

Kenny, i've done this for years. I'd buy a seed mixture in 'bulk' - an ounce or so - lots of places sell them. Fill your bins with potting soil, get it moist, then sprinkle the seed on the surface, you want about one seed every 'dime'. Spray or sprinkle with water and cover with clear plastic wrap to keep the humidity really high - out of the sun, or it will cook. Check every day, and usually after 3-4 days, you'll see the seed starting to germinate, then pull off the plastic wrap.

A week or so after germination, you want to start feeding them with a high N fertilizer - I've had good luck with Miracle Grow.

I'd start a tray every week, so you don't get way too much coming ripe at once.

Anyway, when the plants are about 4-5 " high, I cut what I want to eat with scissors, leaving an inch left, they'll re-grow quickly. After two - three mowings, they start getting bitter, and then its time to start over again.

Its the best tasting lettuce you'll ever eat.

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david52 Zone 6

When you do pull off the plastic wrap, you may still need to mist the surface to keep the seeds moist enough - I use an old spray bottle full of water a couple times a day.

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Thanks David. Right now I don't even want to go out to my GH with my little scooter. Another 1-2 inches of snow again last night. Enough! either snow enough to do some good or give it up.
Kenny..retired wheat farmer

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