Roses "L"

the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)January 18, 2013

Quite a few L's here. Please take a look and post yours!:)

L'Ami des Jardins

L.D. Braithwaite

La Rose du Petit Prince

Lady Emma Hamilton

Lady in Waiting

Lady of Shalott (love it!!!)



Lavender Ice

Lea Renaissance

Leah Tutu




Leonardo da Vinci

Leopold Ritter

Lichfield Angel

Licorice Tea

Lilac Rose

Lions Rose

Lordly Oberon

Lovely Green

Ludlow Castle

Lunar Mist

Lyda Rose (another favorite of mine)

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Oh, the L's...what a lot of gorgeous ladies and princes and friends of the garden. I think my favorite might be Lavender Ice because it reminds me of Angel Face, only more petal packed. Exquisite. Must have. Close behind her is the eye candy, Lady of Shalott. I can see why you like her so much. Austin should use your first LofS photo in his catalog. It has sold me. I love Larissa. What an overstuffed, gorgeous cushion of a rose. Then there is Leonardo da Vinci. I've wanted this rose for so long, and your wonderful photo is going to push me into action. Though I've picked a few roses to comment on, all of these roses are comment worthy. Thanks for posting them all. Diane

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I really love your Lady In Waiting and Ludlow Castle, I don't think I've seen either of those roses before. Lovely Green is beautiful too; I haven't had much luck with green toned roses myself.

I also have Larissa, and I'm surprised its not more popular, it's a great rose with such pretty and full blooms.


I have quite a few "L"s...take a look :)

Louise Odier

Leprechaun (has been SP'd)

Leading Lady


My Lions Fairy Tail as a baby :)

Little Buckaroo

Lilac Charm




Lady Jane Gray

Little Jimmy Dickens

Louis Philipe

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh, Marina, what a gorgeous collection of roses and photos! I want them all!

Tammy, yours ain't too shabby either! What made you shovel prune Leprechaun?

Just three for me.

Lady Bren

Little Sir Echo


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Ooooooh- lots of beautiful L's! My favorite, of course, is Lady of Shalott--but mine isn't that mature yet. Maybe this next season!

Lady of Shalott--she was new last summer and stole my heart. Doesn't she have pretty buds!

Lady of Shalott--lots of subtle shifts in her looks as she matures. Here's one look:

Lady of Shalott--and here is another look--all lovely as can be!

Little Sunset (mini)-- good little bloomer; I like its sunset red edges.

Love & Peace (HT)-- I'm feeling guilty. She got spaded last summer for too much BS after each blooming cycle. She sure is pretty though, isn't she.

That's all I have for L's. In case you didn't notice, I'm partial to yellows edged in reddish/pinkish/apricotish colors. : )


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Karolina11(6b Central PA)

Just one to add -
Love. Although Seil's Love is much more photogenic than my Love. Great rose though!

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Great collection of L's, everybody! So many to like.
Tammy, love your Lullaby. I bought it last October from Burling, it is still a baby. It didn't bloom for me yet.
How do you like yours? How big does it get? Are you happy with blooming and repeat?

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

A few more? (The L's are really prolific, aren't they!)

Lawrence of Arabia:

Lady Mary Fitzwilliam:

Lady Jane Grey:

Lady Eowyn:

Lilian Austin:

Little White Pet:

Les Sjulin:

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Thank you all, for these lovely photos and the fruit of your hard work
My friend and I will be able to view these again and again as a slide show.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Is it just my computer or what? About a dozen of the pics above aren't showing. Where did they go? Why? I clicked on "show pictures" but they are still missing. Mostly very large pics, but some are smaller--maybe very high pixel count? I don't know.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Marina, I also bought Lullaby last year, but from Vintage. It wasn't doing well in the 1g pot I transferred it to, so when I added a mini/poly bed behind my patio last Srping, I stuck it in the ground and I figured it would either grow or die....and it grew! It was still really small, but I put some chicken wire around it to protect it. So far its about 1.5ft high and had about 3-4 flushes after I got it into the ground in July(?)...great rose! When it blooms, there's so many blooms that it weighs down the stems. Give it a chance, it will be worth it :)

Seil, to answer your question about was just a terrible terrible blackspot magnet, to the point where it would spend an entire season defoliated! Plus, its bloom cycles were too spread out. I really liked the way the blooms would go from yellow, to peach to red, so I actually dug it up, planning to put it in a better location, but it died shortly after I uprooted it :(


Here's another picture of it taken in September. You can the the large amount of buds it was producing after being in the ground for only a couple of months.

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Thank you very much, Tammy!
Great information and your young rose looks great! I am looking forward to seeing mine blooming this summer.
Very cute rose.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

The lovely L's just keep coming, so many new to me. It's hard to pick out favs, as usual.
Tammy, Lullaby is such a sweet rose, it just looks like its name. I was happy to see your beautiful photo of Lady Jane Grey, a rose I've been interested in for years.
Seil, Little Sir Echo is so cute. What does he echo?
Kate, your exquisitely colored bud and open bloom photos of Lady of Shalott reminded me how much I need to get this rose. How big do you think she'll get, very approximately, of course?
Annececilia, oooh, Laurence of Arabia, has such a stunning color, but Les Jsulin is just breathtaking. I'll have to check these two out, both new to me.
Thank you all for posting these photos. It's been a real education for me to see so many roses that are new to me. I don't think I'm very well informed about the wide world of roses, especially European roses. Diane

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Don't know what happened, but all the pictures are back. So now I can go back and comment on some of them.

Marina, the Austins are always so photogenic, but I must admit I had no idea L.D. Braithwaite was so brightly and richly red! But Leopold Ritter is an attention-getter also. Or maybe I should save that description for Leonardo.

In the more peaceful shades, Larissa and Lion's Rose are so wonderful!

But, as I mentioned earlier, my fave still is Lady of Shalott!

Nana--I'm not sure how big she will get--I'm kind of assuming about 4 x 3 ft, but where I have her placed, it is all right if she gets even bigger.

Tammy, Louise Odier (sp?) is gorgeous!
Seil--I like that little Echo fella too! Likewise, Anne, Lady Mary Fitzwilliam is beautiful!

So glad I can view all the beautiful pics again.


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Beautiful blooms everyone! Love the LAVENDER ICE, LADIES OF SHALOTT and LOVELY GREEN!

Here are some of mine:








LAGUNA florist rose





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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Beth--I like Lavande. Not sure how you get those lavenders to stay lavender. The ones I see around here just fade away to a kind of dirty off pink. Yours is lovely. Las Vegas is a gorgeous plump bloom also.


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

La Jolla and Las Vegas are my favs, Beth :) Ilove both of their colors! Spectacular!!!


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the_bustopher z6 MO

All these pictures are quite nice. I'll throw in some of mine also. The first is the monster Lavender Lassie.

Next is a view of the variably-colored La Belle Sultane.

Next is the HT Louisiana.

Next is one of the best red floribundas, Lavaglut.

Next is one of the few good shots that I have of Lady of the Dawn.

Next is the HT Lucille Ball which strongly resembles Marilyn Monroe, but it does not have the green wash to it.

How could we overlook the delicately colored but strongly scented Lemon Spice?

Next is the hot orange floribunda Light My Fire.

Lastly, the rare white gallica, L'Ingenue.

I hope you like these.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Really really nice heathly roses! I am so jealous that your plants are so mature! Mine look like little babies in comparison! Thanks for sharing...that Lavender Lassie is awesome!!!


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My favorite by far is Lady of the Dawn. If you do some digging and looking around, you'll find out why :)

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Wow!! Lots of lovely Ls!!!

Here are my favs
- Lady X
Leondardo da Vinci
Leopold Ritter
L Austin
Lordly Oberon
Lady of the Dawn
Lavender Lassie - WOW!!
Love and Peace
Leading Lady
Louis Odier

Obviously a lot of wonderful pictures!!! Thanks so much!!

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seil zone 6b MI

Some many more beauties here!

Thanks for the info, Tammy. I can understand not wanting a nekkid rose around, lol!

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Gorgeous roses, everyone. Larissa is so beautiful, Lady of Shallott, likewise. The coloring on Leda is wonderful. Bustopher, I really enjoyed looking at your whole bush shots, really gorgeous. It is a lot of fun looking at everyone's roses and at my pictures from last year; has helped January fly by and now it's almost February!

L's I can add are

Little Butterfly



Louisa Stone

LeVesuve (with Tuscany)

Lemon Blush

Lion's Rose

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Great photos, Harborrose!
Love your Lemon Blush (I hope I can find it for sale), Little Butterfly is cute as a button.
Never heard of Lauren before. It is outstanding, beautiful color and abundance of buds!
Thank you for sharing.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Oh goody--more pics.

Harborrose--Is Lynnie the pure red bloom or the striped bloom? Or does she swing both ways? Interesting look, anyway.

Love subtle shadings of Lion's Rose!

bustopher--you certainly do have some beautiful monster roses there--impressive! Lady of Dawn is especially lovely. And the Gallica is really nice!

And the Lemon Spice bloom is downright exquisite!


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Thank you, Marina. If you want cuttings of Lemon Blush, let me know. I love Lauren!

Kate, here's another shot of Lynnie - it is planted very close to Rosa Mundi so the stripes of RM sometimes entangle themselves with Lynnie's red. In warmer places I think Lynnie is a dark pink; here it has always been red.

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Harborrose, I'd LOVE to have cuttings of Lemon Blush! Thank you very much for offering.
I would like to offer you any cuttings of whatever you've seen and liked from my postings.
Thanks again,

PS. Here is my email address (in disguise)
parr_marina at

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