WOW, so this what heat does to color intensity

mjhuntingtonbeachOctober 1, 2010

As you all have heard, California had a very cool summer, atypically so. Here on the coast it was practically spring coolness all summer.

I had a J4 that managed to bloom quite a bit, it's first time for me, and one of the few to bloom in the cool weather. I was very happy with the light golden yellow blooms. Best to hope for in a summer that rarely got over 70. Well, last week a heat wave set in culminating with weekend highs in the 90's, nights in the low 70's, with the final blast on Monday with a high of around 103 here on the coast, unheard of normally.

So I fianny had my one chance to see the effect of temperature on color intensity, now quickly passing on as normal to cooler temps are back, days 69-75 ish, nights soon to drop below 60. Never knew what I was missing.

J4 under cool dreary conditions most of this summer, not blooming until late August:

J4 on heat steroids.... what a difference 20 - 25 degrees makes:

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Wow! There you go!

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absolutely beautiful plant.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

That looks like a nice compact plumeria. Does it have a name?

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I bought two cuttings from two different sources in 2008. Both ended up having identical flowers and growth habits. I bought one separately, end of season bargain with roots which had an odd name I haven't seen since ("Multiple Gold"). I bought three others a few months earlier, including one called "J4". I bought a J105 and an Irma 5 at the same time from the same grower as I bought the J4, and both bloomed true to form, as did the one tagged J4. So I am convinced that this larger one must be the same as the J4 I got from the first grower (both Thai growers via Ebay, btw).

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That is a fantastic series of photos on color intensity. Thanks for posting it.

I had to show my hubby (not a plant guy!) and even he was amazed that it was the same flower. (I'll convert him yet.)

The ones third from the bottom almost look like Kimo. Beautiful!

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