Purple Coloring on 7 Pot Jonah Pods

SlickestWillyAugust 31, 2012

Hello all. This is the first time I've grown Jonahs. They are getting this strange granular purple coloring on the pods. I have never seen this it on any of my peppers before. The plant seems very heathy and productive but I'm seeing this on almost all of the pods big and small. Anyone know what the deal is?

Cheers, -Will

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It could be sunscald and/or they are starting to ripen. I am no expert haha. Correct me I am wrong.

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They are just starting to ripen, no sun scald. Look good!

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That isvwhat i was thinking. Thanks for the correction.

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That's strange. I thought it was sun scald. I too am growing 7 pot Jonah (cross from ottawapepper) and I don't believe mine turn that color before turning red. I only have them in sun for half the day though. I have them up against the house in the back yard. They only receive sun until around 1 pm.


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Thanks for the quick responses. I'm hoping it's part of the ripening process but it seems a bit odd. They get about 4-5 hours of direct sun a day and none of my other pepper plants are showing this. I guess I'll find out when they are fully ripe and I harvest them. Maybe it's a purple mutation :)
Thanks again, -Will

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It is typical coloring from bright sun. Scald would be actual damage.
This purple streaking won't affect the final flavor or color of the pod.


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Agree with Josh, just think of it as a pepper sun tan.


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