Trying to Identify a Hot Pepper

anna13(z6 ON)August 28, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I have been lurking on this forum for several weeks enjoying all the pictures posted on hot peppers. A friend of mine gave me a jar of salsa that he made with ghost peppers and other peppers which got me started on growing hot peppers from seeds which I have been very successful at LOL!

I have received a pepper seedling from a friend which I am trying to identify. The pod is approximately 2.5 inches long and starts off green and then turns almost black and ripens to a deep red. The pods on my plant are at the black stage right now. Would any of you know what kind of pepper this is? I tried a ripe pod that he gave me and it is very hot, something like a super chili pepper.

All my other hot peppers have ripened and I have dehydrated approximately 800 pods to make into flakes with another 400 or so still on the plants to make salsa with.

Thank you for all your assistance and have a GREAT day!

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anna13(z6 ON)

Sorry, the picture I uploaded showed up in the preview but when I posted it did not show up.

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Can you take a closeup of one of the leaves. There is a website with hundreds of pics of peppers but most have the leaves as a secondary source of identification. Are all your pods upright, like as in an ornamental pepper? Are your pods in clusters or just singly, like that one shown?

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anna13(z6 ON)

Hi Darylltx,

Thank you for your response. To answer your question, yes, the pods are upright also single as shown.

I will post a few more pictures to help identify it.

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anna13(z6 ON)

Here is another shot.

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anna13(z6 ON)

Lastly a picture of the plant.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

That is a Goat Weed pepper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goat Weed pepper

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Vietnamese Black Dragon , Chile Negro De Arbol , Black Chile Verde , Black Cobra...

There are several variations of similar looking peppers.
Several different countries have their version.
I've got a collection of several similar plants,my gray Fuzzy collection. :)

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anna13(z6 ON)

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to look this up for me, I really appreciate it.

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I don't know what it is but it looks really cool and how many plants do you have to get 800 pods?

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anna13(z6 ON)

Hi azzure087:

I only have 2 small plants with about 12 pods on the plants pictured above. I got carried away with germinating about 10 hot pepper plants, it is from these that I have harversted 800 pods with more to be harvested LOL!

The plants that I started were Heatwave, Prairie Fire, Habenero, Super Chili, Jalapeno, Thai Dragon, Ghost and Chocolate Ghost. And, bought what was labelled "ghost" pepper from a vendor at the Farmer's Market in Almonte, Ontario. The pods on this one are still green but I can tell that it is not a ghost, the poor guy probably got the seeds off the net or through someone else that took him for a ride.

Although I have harvested 150 ghosts off my 2 plants with still about 150 to go I have decided that these were just a novelty and will only start one plant next year. The ones that I really like are the chili peppers and the pods of the plant above, which I will use more often with my meals.

Here is a close-up picture of one of my ghost plants.

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Wow Ana where do you live ontario? It seems you are getting a huge amount of pods on your plants, and those Bhut Jolokia look nice.

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anna13(z6 ON)

Hi Darylltx,

I live in Toronto (Etobicoke) about 10 minutes from the airport. The ghost peppers were started from seed on January 23rd and started to germinate on February 3rd. I started them in a propagator on top of a seed starting mat which gave them nice bottom heat. They grew under florescent lights until it was warm enough to put them outside. As they grew I kept on transplanting them into larger pots. All my pepper plants are in containers in the driveway facing south. I used half strength fertilizer (19-31-17) to keep them happy.

Here is a picture of my chocolate ghost baby LOL!

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