Should I Remove the Cotyledon?

kelela92(8b)October 3, 2013

One of my seedlings didn't shed it's shell, so the cotyledon's started to rot. As it grew, very slowly, I realized the problem and finally took it off. Once I removed the shell, it took off, the cotyledon's opened up, I see the beginnings of the true leaves coming out.

My question is, the cotyledon's are still dark, but not as bad as before. However they are all black now. Would removing them, allow the true leaves to grow and allow the seedling to focus on growing the leaves, versus trying to save the bad cotyledon's?

If it matters, I started this seedling 21 days ago, but it's been really slow to root and grow.


Below is a link so you can see it close up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Cotyledons

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

if you can do it gently go ahead. most will fall off on their own.
some seedlings take off and others just take their time. dont overwater and give it plenty of light.


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Thanks Mike.

I pulled on one, gently, it came off. I tried the other, it didn't budge. I left it. I figured, if it's that stuck on, maybe I'll leave it a little longer to see what will happen.

I hope that no longer trying to nourish rotting cotyledons helps the little guy sprout it's leaves that are trying to come out.

BTW, I did some research on this. Saw some studies. I guess when you remove the cotyledon, makes a difference to how slow/fast it'll continue to grow. For the most part, it won't kill it, but it will slow down growth.

I'll post back in a week or two to see if removing them helped or not.

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Well, it looks like the blackness is now continuing down the shaft. I'm not sure if it would have done that w/o the cotyledon or not, but it where it was green before, it's now turning black.

I think I'm going to lose this one. Boo. It's the only PinkerBlue that I have that survived and rooted.

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kelela92 - Just remember the seed doesn't often grow up to look anything like the parent. Most are plain Janes (not that they are not beautiful in their growers eye). So think of this one as it was not going to look like much. Might make it easier. :(

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Very true pcput. I think it's not going to make it anyways. On the upside, I have 16 other seedlings that made it. Out of all of them, only the entire set of Pinkerblue's died, so I'm overall happy with the outcome. I think those seeds I received weren't good anyways.

But darn. I hate when I kill plants.

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