wicked wind, plants busted

kbaumanOctober 30, 2009


darn Darn... Had some busts gusts of wind last couple days. Had a 6 foot large wide Daisy Wilcox..(Tonys) In full bloom, tripled growth..busted in half and uprooted at this moment just trying to figure out how to hold up... and major bent foilage..

Heart breaking..being at moment being held up, got to figure this one out..... Trying to put put all on porth..waited 5 years for this plant to finally bloom


Karen B

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

That is why most of my plants have conduit poles that support them and the major branches. Cuts down on the losses. good to hear your voice KB. Bill

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Hi Bill

I only have about 8 plants, to keep for the fall. But hate that that 6 ft one busted up.. Will see If I can mabybe cut off all the busted leaves..

do have about 40 to to stay on my patio.. so far ok.
Karen B

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Welcome back to the forum. The winds blew pretty good out here in the San Gabriel Valley. A few of my plants toppled over. I was fortunate that there was no damage. My plants are getting ready for the winter, leaves turning yellow and falling off.
Hope you find a solution to save that 6 footer. Good luck!

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