Sanity regained!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoFebruary 29, 2012

Did anybody out there hear me screaming today??? I was checking the food ads earlier and putting together a grocery shopping list when I found a Proctor & Gamble product on sale that I wanted, so I went to their site to see if I could find any coupons for it! As I expected, there were coupons! Clicked to print one and got a message that I didn't have Java! I HAVE Java! Everything else I need Java for works--including printing coupons on other sites! Went back to Go several times to see if I could get it to work--and it didn't! Still wanted the coupon so I clicked on the link on their site to install "their" version of Java!!!??!!! It started to download and I got a message that my coupon was printing! No, nothing was printing! Then I got a message asking me to "give it permission" to use my printer! The download was still In Progress, and I had not "installed" ANYTHING at that point! I gave it permission to "use" my printer, and as soon as I did I got a message that I "had already printed the coupon and I couldn't do it again!!!" I stopped the "download" which still hadn't finished!

I tried it all over on a couple other coupons on their site, and the same thing happened! A couple times in the last few months I had gone to the same site, tried to print coupons, and the SAME THING had happened. I figured by now they'd have the problem fixed, and since "my" Java works for everything else I don't see how it could be my computer!

Looked for a way to complain about it! The ONLY way to contact them is an "email" via their system--which allows you 700 characters, and which you can't use at all if you won't give them a complete history of yourself--including your birth date! HUH? A birthdate to send them a complaint? I don't think so! By now I was livid! Couldn't find ANY snail-mail address, but did find a (not toll free) phone number in their Privacy Policy!

Went to GetHuman and found an 800 number for them! Called and kept pressing "0" until I got a Human Being! Explained what all had gone wrong and how it had happened repeatedly in the past! AFTER telling her all about it she told me I had the wrong person--and she'd transfer me! Got another person and explained the whole thing again. Was told she'd send me some coupons, so, after verifying that they wouldn't use my address for "anything else," I gave her my address! She said: You live in the United States??? I said: COLORADO! Yeah, the United States! She said: I only handle things for Canada!!!

Got the third person and started ALL OVER again! Her response: I'm sorry! I'd send you "a" coupon, but we don't have any right now!!! HUH! So they have coupons online--that you can't print, and they have coupons for the people in Canada, but they don't have, and don't have any way to generate, "a" coupon for somebody in the U.S.!!! Apparently their printer doesn't work for them either! I, uhh, informed her that I would never again buy the product I was trying to get a coupon for, and I hung up on her! THIS is what passes for Customer Service these days! Before I x'ed out of the P & G site I checked the list of things they make so I can do my very best to not buy ANY of them anymore!

What on earth does this have to do with gardening???

I SO needed something to get me back to a Warm and Fuzzy place after all of that! I took my tray and scissors and sittin'-on blanket and spent a good hour out in the backyard cleaning up and petting my perennials! Ohhhmmmm! The sun's out so it was way plenty warm in the sun! It's on the breezy side today, so it was a little bit chilly in the shade, but not too bad! I finally got my Blue Fescue, which never got cut down at all last year, cut down so it'll be all Cute Lookin' again this year! Got the dead leaves cleaned up on some other things and a few others "neatened up" before they start growing again--which should be soon! Added a couple big trays of goodies to the compost pile! Took a slow walk all the way around the yard and checked for anymore bulbs starting to come up--and found a couple, including my recently planted Ipheion 'Rolf Fiedler' which absolutely delighted me!

Back inside--and the world is a good place to be again!


I'm wondering if anybody else around here uses their yard/garden for a Soft Place to Land when the sky is falling! I can't think of anything else that would have, could have helped to "amend" my state of mind so effectively! Life is good again! (But I'm still not gonna be buying P & G products anymore!)

Does anybody else here on RMG intentionally head out to the Therapy Room in search of sanity?


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treebarb Z5 Denver

Normally I would say, yes. My garden walkabouts do restore my sanity.

However, in the last week the wind has blown over a fall planted Frazer fir 4 times! It's been dormant, so I hope no damage, but Geez! Really? I staked it after the third fall, then tonight I get home home and its on the ground again, still tied to the stake. I've added a second stake, but it's not completely straight now. I just couldn't handle being in that cold wind any longer this evening, so I poured a gallon of water on the root ball and it'll have to do till this weekend.

I am sick, sick, SICK of this blasted wind!!!!!!

I'm going to go outside and cuddle my fuzzy white horse now. She'll make me feel better!


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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Forgive me, Skybird, but I just roared with laughter reading your post! Oh my - your frustrations sound familiar for some experiences I've had in the past ... but the way you expressed the whole situation was just ... so ... funny! But only because you got the last word in with her, and hung up on her!!! ;^) That is a shame, though, that they made it so extremely frustrating and impossible to get the coupons AND shamefully bad Customer Service!! I'm so sorry that happened to you! You know - I think you got "Peggy" from the Discover card commercials!

Yes, I do use my garden as therapy MOST of the time - only when I have time consuming projects staring me in the face (like massive weeding) is it not so enjoyable. It's especially nice in spring to find green sprouts rejuvenating the cold, dull-looking ground! As good as taking a yoga-style deep breath. Oooohhhmmmm .....

Saw a couple of robins today - yeah!

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Skybird, I figure that I head here for therapy.

I carried the trash out to the garage & garbage can. That going to do me any good? I could take some steps backwards and leave it in the house . . .

There is a post on the "signs of spring" thread about the dang robin that showed up yesterday and again, today. My soil is frozen like concrete. The snow is falling in a swirling dance out there in the dark right now. I think RMG has a sympathetic audience who can, at least, ignore me while I go on about this. It helps to, at least, imagine that you can understand my dilemma of not-being-able-to-enjoy this weather, this late winter frustration . . .


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Laughter is the best medicine, Misty! While I wasn't laughing at all while I was Living It, the absurdity of the whole scenario is definitely laughable! Was wondering for a while if I had fallen down a Rabbit Hole! Every now and then I'll get into a project that makes me groan a little bit--but I always know that when I finally get whatever it is done I'm gonna LOVE walking out into the yard over and over to look, just one more time, at what I accomplished! Today worked out just perfectly for me! I was Mightily Unhappy when I finally hung up, and I got up and tried to do some things around the house--inside, and it just wasn't workin' for me! When I got my gardening stuff together and walked out the door I felt better right away! It was SO right today!

But--I wasn't dealing with the kind of wind today that you're describing, Barb! I think my gusts down here were probably up to only about 20 mph today. You're not that much further north, but I think it often makes a pretty big difference wind wise!

But, well, did you ever stop to consider that your tree might just be tired--and wants to lay down for a while for a nap! Sorry! Couldn't resist! Sounds like it might be getting too many naps right now! Have you considered staking it with three stakes out away from the trunk and then running lines (padded to keep them from damaging the bark) up from the stakes to give it reinforcement from all directions? (If I can help with something--moral support?--let me know! You're not that far away and, as you know, I have lots of Free Time!) I definitely agree with Enough WIND for right now! This past week has been something. I think I really lucked out today that the weather down here was so nice that I was able to get out for some Therapy! Just checked NOAA and it looks like the worst of the wind should be over for now, but possibly a couple inches of snow tomorrow nite. Then by the weekend it's supposed to be Full On Sun and up around 60--well into next week! I feel some Serious Therapy coming on! But, since the garden wasn't quite workin' for you today, I'm really glad you had a Fuzzy White Critter for some Alternate Therapy! That would work for me too! :-)


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Oh, ICK, Digit! I just checked your weather up there--so I could tell you how much better yours was gonna get too--like ours down here, but yours isn't gonna get better! You have my sympathy! Looks like you MIGHT get a pretty nice day on Sunday! Hey, maybe you'll get That Certain Envelope in the next couple days and you can spend some time fondling your newest acquisition! ;-) You do SO much in spring and summer--is there any chance you might have some Residual Therapy left over from last summer? :-)

Close your eyes and repeat after me: Ohhhmmm! SOON it will be spring! Ohhhhmmmm!

With the WIND and cold we've had for a good week now, I really do think I just happened to luck out that it was SO nice outside today to allow me some good Recovery Time!

Hang out here for some RMG Moral Support! We'll all be thinking WARM in your direction!

You haven't signed in on the Who's Here thread yet, have you? Lots of New Folks showing up! Get in some Garden Think time by telling them all about you and your Amazing Gardens!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

One more thing! I watched "Echo: An Elephant to Remember" on PBS tonite, and I REALLY enjoyed it. I had found it online to send the link to a friend, but for any of you, like Digit, that are currently disconnected from any possible Gardening Therapy, this is a pretty good way to spend an hour! Advance Warning! It IS very sad in a couple places, but it is a really interesting and very moving story--and, in light of my Customer Disservice Experience today, I found myself wondering why Human Beings can't be more like Elephants!

To help you Bide Time till your Icky Weather passes, Digit, how about some Animal Therapy!


Here is a link that might be useful: PBS - Echo: An Elephant to Remember

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mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)

Beautiful film, beautiful story, beautiful beings - thanks Skybird!


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treebarb Z5 Denver


Down the rabbit hole is right!
It is weird about the wind, it didn't seem that windy at work yesterday in Brighton. There isn't a house within a quarter mile and nearly no trees around here so the wind has plenty of chance to build before it gets to my house. Good thought on the tri stake for the tree. I'm planning on doing that this weekend. It was a b and b tree, so it has an itty bitty root system and definitely needs more support.

Digit, I've been watching your weather, too and I feel for you! I hope we're not going to have another of those cold, wet springs. You can just vent all you want. We're here for you!

I saw the Echo program a while back, Wow!

Marj, I haven't seen any robins yet. I'm glad they're visiting you. That means they'll be here soon!

Thanks for the laughter, Skybird. It's much appreciated.


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I watched a little of that celebration of Echo's life this morning. We've been seeing her for awhile, haven't we?

Yesterday afternoon, I got pepper seed in some soil mix! Thirteen varieties this year (where's Bonnie & Jay? ;o) Oh, Yummy! They joined a container of snapdragons - briefly, until I realized that the snapdragon container was covered by tiny sprouts! They are now here behind me in the the south window . . .

Steve :o)

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Yeah, Digit, I think it came out in '10 -- but I hadn't seen it before! Just thought there might be others around here who hadn't either, and I really did think it was a good story--and a good comparison to Human Beings --- especially Modern Human Beings! LOTS of things I don't understand in the world these days!!! (Maybe we can turn this thread into a discussion of Philosophy!)

No Garden Therapy around here today! We got a "dusting" of snow last nite! But not bad considering they were predicting up to 6" for a while yesterday--and it really did look like we might get that much, and maybe more for a couple hours. It got really dark out, pretty fast, around noon yesterday, and the snow started coming down harder and harder! I had to run out to a couple stores--since I wound up spending my time Ohhmmm'ing instead and never did get it done on Wednesday--so I got ready real fast so I could get out and back "before it got TOO bad," and by the time I was ready to leave-----the sun was back out! Interesting storm, even for US! They're predicting another "wave" this afternoon, but it's mostly sunny up here now so we'll see! NOAA does show something building out over the foothills, so it "could" happen---but I'm thinkin' it won't be much if it does happen---so, since I'm thinkin' that, we'll probably get DUMPED on! Weather! What fun!

SO glad you have some Green Growin' Things to keep you company now--and to pet!


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The film in 2010 is the most recent one on Echo, Skybird. I did some checking: David Attenborough narrated a documentary on Echo in 1993. The naturalist had already been there observing her since 1973.

Below is an update written nearly a year after Echo's death.

Any 64 year-old elephant deserves some love, especially one that did such a good job of taking care of the babies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Update on Echo's Family

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Yeah, Digit! That's all the stuff that's in the video I linked. It's the one after she died, and has all about the severe drought conditions and how the "family" broke up during the drought, trying to survive, and then was able to reunite (most of them) when the drought finally ended. The story follows all the "family members" mentioned in that article and then ends at the bones of Echo. I never saw the original about her, when she was still alive, but this one flashed back to things that had happened earlier in her life, so it was kind of like a synopsis--of a long and successful life.

I think my favorite of the calves was Ely, the little guy who couldn't walk when he was first born--but never gave up and just kept trying over and over until he could do it! You go, Ely!

I want to watch it again when I have time.


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