Whats new in the pach in October

freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)October 5, 2012

I wish the crazy weather would decide,either stay hot or cold. The past 2 days the weather has been fall like in So.Cal.

Here is whats going on the patch during the first week of Oct.

Update on my water rooted Firestorm Cutting...its been 7 days as of today being potted up in soil after the water rooting process. The claws are already glistening and standing up:

Close up of the claws:

JJ's J105 blooming the first time this season:

DSP going strong still since June:

JL Hawaiian Sunset first blooms this seaon:

Hong Kong still blowing up, one of the first to bloom in June and will bloom as long as the day temps are in the 60's and the leaves stay on till the new ones come up next season unless I cut them off....AMAZING Plumie:

Newly root pruned and transplanted Violet Star still blooming even after her surgery:


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Great looking blooms.

well here everything is getting sleepy. Cold front is came in last night and over the weekend we will have days in the 50's and a couple nights dropping to mid 30's. Next week will be back to 70's. No more blooms for me however my NOID white bloomed last year in late october so I still have hope.
the greenhouse frame is done just need to get the 6mil on it, hook up the heater and some lights. Hopefully I can find time this weekend between birthday party, church, and my sons baseball tryouts.


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


Thanks for the update on Firestorm. Looks like she's doing great. Guess what? I finally stuck my Psycho in the water like you said 3 days ago. Not much is happening but she's not dead either so that's something right? LOL.

Your J105 is gorgeous! But I must say JL Hawaiian Sunset is STUNNING!! I must admit I have a thing for veins and curled petals. Sigh... adding that to my wishlist for next year. Hope all is well with you. TTYL!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

If you have lights up and a heater you may have growth and flowers blooming from old inflos. So you may still have some blooms during the winter if the light and heat is enough. Look at it this way plumies are like babies, when they go to sleep thats when you will have more free time to do what you want..lol
Cheers Mark

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Nice to see you posting again, been awhile...lol Give Psycho a bit, but I know Psycho is a hearty plumie and roots easily so I would not worry too much about her and it may take 2 weeks to see anything go on with her.

It's been in the mid to low 70's in my patch this week so the colors are not what they should be, but Oct sometimes can be the hottest month so keep your fingers crossed. JL Hawaiian Sunset is actually very pretty when there is heat with bright colors, huge blooms and veining, but it is leggy.

Well hope your doing well and your plumies? Did you plant your Budha Raksa?

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Great photos, James!

Next year I will be trying the water rooting. If fall hadn't have come so quickly, too quickly, I would already have bought more cuttings. It's still hard to resist! LOL

Love J105. Why don't I already have that one? Hmmm....

I can't wait to see my Hawaiian Sunset bloom. What a beauty! *crossing my fingers and toes for next year*

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

James - good to hear Psycho is hardy. I hope I can root her! Yes I potted up Budharaksa, Sanmarie and Nebel's Gold on Sept 24th. So 12 days ago. Nothing is happening there either... LOL. But this time I managed to not move/touch them at all. So PLEASE root plumies!!

And yes your JL Hawaiian Sunset is gorgeous! For that I will tolerate her leggy habit. I need tall ones in the back don't I? LOL

Mona - Here is a pic of my J105... still blooming.

It's really one of the prettiest flowers I have ever seen. Flowers are HUGE, petals are so thick and the foliage so green. Overall a gorgeous plant... a definite must have to go w/ Rhonda. ;)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi James!!!

Sorry i am late to comment on your post...

Been working really hard the past few weeks and im taking a needed break!!

Kids are here too.. so i get to see my new Grandson again!! : ) He is so cute!!!

Love your pics.. Firestorm is looking great!! Congratulations on that huge cutting..

JL Hawaiian Sunset is a beauty. I agree with everyone, what a gorgeous veining bloom. I think of the Butterfly Gold that Joan posted when i see veining like that. LOVE IT!!!

The Hong Kong is simply beautiful..
The little one that you sent me is doing great, I came home to see blooms on it for the first time, so i wanted to show you how well it has done. Remember the size when you sent it? In a "red solo cup..." : )

Look at her now...

You are right about the fragrance.... I smell a sweet floral fragrance. What do you smell?

Hope all is well with you..

We are having cooler temps and i have been busy with trimming trees. Half are done and the other half will be finished next week. Our lows will be in the 50's this week, so i have some time. People in northern Virginia are feeling the cooler temps too. Brrrr...

Hi to everyone as well.. Lynn, where have you been? Missed you...

Cheers to YOU James!!!

Thanks again for everything!!


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey Laura,
You should have posted pics of the grand babies, especially the newest addition... I am sure he is simply adorable!!! :)
Is your mom there also?? I bet she loves the great grand kids.

As for the work, think of it this way your putting a lot of effort and time in now but once its done you have all winter to relax and devote to your new grandson.
As for Hong Kong remember its like Dwarf Singapore Pink you can bring it in by a window in the house and it will continue to grow and bloom all winter. Hong Kong smells exactly like Singapore White, if your have cooler temps the scent may not be intense. If you bring her in during winter and she blooms it will be like a natural air deodorizer in your house...lol In So cal I will still have growth and flowers through November and some maybe early Dec if I am lucky.
I need to upload some pics and post later tonight. Thanks for the pics!!!

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

So went back to my patch today and took a few pics of stuff

JL Golden Pagoda recovering after surgery had a severe root pruning and was re potted..had couple of sorry looking inflos in July after she had her root pruning and is not sending up a bunch of late season inflos. Because of the cooler night temps the shape and color are weeek:

JJ's Jackie growing in shade and missing heat, never really gets too much color in Coastal So Cal but it is Jackie as I bought her with inflo in 2007 and she looked like the pics when I got her poor thing:

Emmersons Pink Nova...Luv the center eye prolific grower and bloomer, compact growth

Wildfire keeps on pumping out new inflos newest one:

Hawaiian Flag still blooming:

JJ's Sangria....Not sure if this ones a keeper

JJ's Gina: Love her she looks good no matter if shes solid red when its hot or rainbow when cooler:

Still have a ton of new inflos that have buds yet to open, some like Golden Ray are turning black and dropping.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi James,

I will post a few pics of the new Grandson.. he is soooo cute!! My mom was over last night for dinner and has been soaking in this little bundle of love.. Thanks for asking!! SHe is so proud of him... to be a great grandma is a special feeling for her.

I plan on leaving Hong Kong and about thirty others growing all winter under my T-5 lights.. I love the fragrance..

Your Golden Pagoda is just stunning!! Even with the light colors, i still love it. I can only imagine what it looks like when it has a deeper color.. I know this one is a special one to you!!

Wildfire is gorgeous!!

All of them look beautiful...

Take care,



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Wow, even in cool weather Jackie and Pagoda are lovely. And Jackie's inflo is impressive! Isn't that the one with super thick branches?

Wildfire is just incredible. Can't wait for mine to bloom! Gina's been on my list for some time, too. Thanks for the pick-me-up, James. We woke to 50 degrees yesterday and today. Brrr.


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey Jen,
Thanks!! Just to show you here is Gina with the heat vs the pics I posted at the start of the thread..what a difference heat and sun makes:


And this is JJs pic of what Jackie should look like with heat and YES the branches are very thick

Without the heat Gina is a pretty rainbow and Jackie is a solid yellow

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James the pictures are awesome. I have to admit that I prefer how your Golden Pagoda looks now than when the petals curl. I had a question about Hong Kong. How does it compare to Singapore White. I want to put a evergreen in the ground but I remember reading about Singapore white having a problem with black tip.


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Hey John,

Hong Kong is AMAZING!!! Unlike Singapore White it is compact not leggy, no black tip, flowers profusely and is everygreen with dark, dark green SHINY thick leaves like Singapore white and it blooms more profusely then Singapore but has a super strong Singapore scent. If your in coastal So Cal it will grow like a weed. Just like any of the everygreens it is sensitive to cold. Even a small HK plant will get huge in 3 to 5 yrs if you put in the ground. When I bought my HK it was literally the dimension of a wooden pencil, though it was a new seedling as the branches are thinner. It was about 7" fro the soil line and thin and single tip in a 2" pot. By the end of the season it was in a 1 gal pot and I personally have mine in a 40 gal pot and its a bushy tree with literally hundreds of tips now. I had to trim it this past season to increase circulation.

A pic of my HK from after I had it for about 10 weeks and re potted it into a 1 gal, it was about 3ft tall single tip in this pic:

Hope that answered any of your questions.

Even after the So Cal Big Freeze of 2007 here is a pic of HK 3 weeks after the cold in February in a 20gal pot, no damage and leaves still in tact. Again this was 5 yrs ago.

Pic from JLs farm in Hawaii of the the Hong Kong grove

Hope this has been informative about HK

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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

Oh Laura,
This ones for you my Famous Solor cups...lol Great for starting cuttings in especially after water rooting as it dries out quickly so you can water them often. This was a group of Thai cuttings I imported from Thailand in 2007. As of 2012 only one has bloomed, the rest have not.

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Thanks for all the info James. The pic of JL's patch almost looks like oleander cause the leaves are skinny. You sold me on Hong Kong, you mentioned that you trimmed yours this year, you wouldn't happen to have one to sell or trade for would you?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

LOL James!!!

LOVE them!!!

Those HK at JL Farms do look like Oleander.. so beautiful!!!

Can't beat those.. "RED SOLO CUPS.." Works everytime!!!

Cheers to you James!!


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freak4plumeria(So CA zone 10)

In a way HK has similar shaped leaves, though HK can get wider. Oleander has a matte leathery finish and Hong Kong is High Gloss like if you had sprayed it with a leaf shine product.

When ever I have cuttings or rooted cuttings I give rid of them right away, for freshness and to keep space available. If I kept all my rooted cuttings long term I would have many many more plants in my patch, so no I gave them all out. This was only the 2nd time I've ever trimmed HK. Someone on Ebay was selling a rooted HK, you may want to check there. Oh and Sonia has HK and might sell a cutting, or perhaps she has a rooted cutting....

LOL....your too funny. And yes solo cups are great as it is easy to cut drainage holes in them and if needed you can change them out regularly... and the solor cups I used are specifically purchased for cuttings to root in, they are not used..lol


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