Help! 2 Rooted cuttings are shriverling :(-pics

chuy415October 1, 2011

Hello everyone... I have 2 rooted cuttings, i'm not an expert by any means on caring for Plumerias but have been so addicted to reading in this forum and i now have several (about 5), they are in full sun about 4-5 hours a day and are in cactus mix w/ perlite... any help and opinions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much


Here is a link that might be useful: shriveled plumerias

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


My first guess would be it needs water, it is limp at all? I had a large cutting this year that I was rooting. I wasn't watering it, since it hadn't rooted yet. It shriveled up, I cut off a branch to see if it was rotted, it oozed out latex, so I watered it very thoroughly. The shriveled appearance went away. It needed water!!

P.s. Your link does not go to plumerias, so I am basing this on what you wrote. Jennifer

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Chuy,

I went to the site that u have Plumeria!!!

They are rooted cuttings? or are you trying to root now?

If you have rootrd cuttings are they in a fast draining mix? Do they need water? If you are rooting, then you can mist the cuttings...

Give us some more info and lets see what we are trying to help!!!

Thanks for any more info..

: )

Laura In VB HI Jen!!! : )

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Here are the pictures I found:

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Thank you cauyem for finding the pics.... I dont know what I did wrong, but i'm not great with posting pictures...

Laura and Jen: They are rooted and i have misted them, the one that has the 2 stems (without blue tape) has been looking this way for several months now, i've watered it i'd say weekly, maybe its the terra cotta pot?? i'm fairly new to plumies.. the other one with the blue tape i got on ebay and i noticed the stem shriveling about a month ago or so... they are both in cactus mix and perlite, i just watered today so i will hope it goes away once they take the gulp of water :0)

thanks- Chuy

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Sometimes the potting medium gets so dry it's difficult for the plant to take up water. I occasionally immerse the pot for a period of time (20 mins). Your plants appear to be severely shriveled. You might try the immersion several times over a period of a few weeks to rehydrate.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Hi Chuy,

Ii think all of the above posters have it right...they need more water. You are in OC and i would guess that your temps are still warm during the day, so i would be watering more than once a week.

I still water myy trees here in VB at least twice a week.

That is probably the reason. Especially now that we know that they are rooted trees.

Monet is correct, i would give them more water, then go and give a little more 15 minutes later. Let them soak up the water and give a good flush. Then let them relax for a few days. Once they seem to need more water, give it to them. Sometimes my Different trees require more water than others. My Divine loves water and wants it constantly!!!

I do wait and let then dry out before i water again, but it is usually only days during the growing season. You can either check with a cheap water meter that u can pick up at the local box store, or use a wooden Skewer and check for moisture.

You really are not going to hurt the trees with to muchh water during the growing season unless they sit in water...they dont like wet feet!!!

The only time i worry is during the dormant season. I dont want any root rot!

So relax and give them some water and see how they respond!! Im sure they will be fine!!!

Hope this helps...

Laura in VB

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Monet & Laura,

Thank you both for your input, advice and experience... I will definitely check the potting medium, the second picture is my second one i bought thru ebay, i'm a newbie, but it was doing ok until just recently.. Its raining now, as we speak, LAURA, I met Bill on Sunday... :) very nice person and generous too :)

I've always been afraid to overwater, but will wait and see how it does the next several days, it should be a very nice weeekend
question: am I able to repot them now??

thanks again


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