Kimi Moragne Bloom and a few seedpods...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaOctober 3, 2012

Hello Everyone,

With trying to get outside to gather all of the tree and section then all off into groupa.. those who will go dormant and the ones that get to asty active.. I have started the process a few days ago and some of the leaves are gone half way down. I wanted to show you all my beautiful KIMI Moragne...she is a real stunning lady...

Noid White still going strong...nice frafrance too!

Leopard Lilly (Scilla) doing great and giving me a treat with a flower stalk just to say hi!!!

HOpefull vv seadpod....

Leela Seedpod

something extra... another foum was showing their little containers.. so i encluded one of mine... seeds fell from the mother plant to my Plumies and thry were placed into these little pots...sooo cute!!!!

Pic before the cut....

ILl be back with pics of the after.. ARgggg! so sad..

Hope you like them..


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Andrew Scott

Hi Laura,
Well after a long sleepless night, I have to say "THANK YOU LAURA!" for posting these pics. It gave me a much needed boost to my spirit today!!

Sadly I lost the Kimi that you gave me a few years ago but I have a nice new grafted Kimi from F/C that I am hoping will grade me with an inflo over the winter.

I too have removed most of the leaves off of my trees. This weekend I will finnish with this depressing task, and get all my trees sprayed so they can come in as soon as the pots dry out. My neighbor told me he wouldn't mind if I moved them onto the porch so they can dry out. I was very pleased to hear this as we just seem to be getting dumoed on lately.

So I broke my word AGAIN Laura, man I am hopeless! I bought 2 more from Sonia, both JJ noids, which you KNOW I cannot resist!

Take care, and thanks again for the pictures!


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Kimi sure is a beauty! Wish I could sniff her. Laugh.
Thanks for posting pics.
I guess I should start cutting off the lower leaves on some of mine and quit being in denial.
We've got a cold weekend coming up. :(


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


Kimi's a beauty and looks to be blooming very well for you!

Hmm...Not sure I want to see the follow-up photos. I have to do more leaf cutting myself. And pulling up plants from the ground. And the spraying....

But first I have to make room in my garage for the plants. My house-painting project materials completely took over my large garage plant table this summer!

Sad to see the season coming to an end already. Still have some inflos starting up, which I will likely never see bloom, but you never know. They may hold on over winter.

cheers! ~dave

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Kimi is a stunner, Laura! And Savannah looks like she's just posing for you now, lol.

Very cool tiny succulent, too. I love the tiny pots but everything I grow overtakes them too quickly. Hm, maybe miniature plumeria seedlings might work.

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You're Kimi is beautiful, Laura!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Love that Kimi and the scent is wonderful. Thankfully, California is far from shutting down. I only have a few plants giving out yellow leaves now and most are still blooming reasonably well. Psycho is going psycho as usual. Say hi to your DH and thanks for the e-mail. Bill

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Great pics. Does your Kimi get a grainy look with heat during the summer months?

Andrew, where has Sonia been? I haven't seen her post on the MPG forum this year. Is she Sonia C now on FB?

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Andrew Scott

Hi Lonnie,
I don't really follow MPG, but yes she is Sonia C. on F.B. She's pretty active on F.B. Plumeria Addicts, and Plumeria Sales.

Both are great groups. I have learned tons on the addicts page, and I have really found some excellent deals on plumeria on the Sales page.


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Yes, the FB Plumeria Addicts page is very busy and has a lot of good info. Several experienced growers are on there.

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I should add, there are tons of pictures from people around the world also.

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I think that tiny little pot is actually a thimble. Fantastic Kimi pictures. It always make me cringe to see the posts about cutting leaves and getting ready for winter. I guess the end result is the same if you cut them off versus letting them fall.

That is Savannah's "poke your head out the car window" face.

One more thing...I'm not addicted so don't look for me on that facebook page.

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I found this long term forecast to be interesting especially for our east coast friends. Although I prefer my skiing to be on water; Colorado and Utah are looking good for winter fun and the following springtime in the high country will be lush and beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Accuweather Long Term Winter Forecast

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say hello...i've been working alot!!

I'll be back to say hi to each later...

Thanks for the nice comments!!

: )


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello EVeryone!!

Well the house is quiet aagain.. Kids are gone along with the new Grandson and the other dogs...

It was like having a shelter with lots of kids with all different kinds of dogs..

But, you all know i loved every moment!! : )

I wanted to reply to you all and show you some pics of what is happening in VB right now..

Hi andrew...

It is always a pleasure to make your day with a pic or two!!! Thank you for the very kind words.. You know i am in the saame boat as you with getting the trees ready to take inside. You have cooler temps tho in Erie and we are having only one cool night, so i will trim the rest of my trees in a few days. I did get the bottom half done as well as some on the side of the greenhouse. So i will post pics for you to see.

Take good care of your back please?

Robert..i am in denial too! so, don't feel bad!! I wish you could smell Kimi. She is the strongest inflo i have blooming right now. Miami Rose is still going strong and Psycho is as well. My Noid White is too! Hope you are doing ok in OK!!! : )

Hi Dave.. Let the cutting begin!! YIKES!! I am with you... i need to go and buy some plastic at Lowes and get the areas ready to bring them all in. I think i have two more weeks left. I will probably be doing the midnight or 2 am shuffle at that time.. Give the neighbors something to think about!! LMAO!!

Ill be getting that out tomorrow... : )

Hi Jen.. Savannah is loving all of the yard time. SHe is a helper and i love having her for a companion inside and outside. What a great dog she is.. That little succulent is doing great and i have other seeds if you want some? Let me know. I just sowed some Thai DR seeds a few weeks ago and they all germinated except for one. I was amazed..

check out Savannah watching over the little one.. Plumeria protector and littlee one too! : )

Loved the pic of your little one in his costume!! How cute is that? Loved it!! : )

Hi SImi... Thank you!! Love all of your pics too! You are just lucky to live in CA!!! i wish....

Hi Bill.. I also love Kimi, but she still takes second to Lani!! : ) Love that Lani!!!

You are more than welcome for the email.. i can't wait to get the kids ready again for the year!! They are such wonderful appreciative, kind hearted souls. Its good to give...and i receive lots in my heart from them..

Temps here are in the mid 60's and sometimes higher than that. Lows are in the mid 50's with the exception of tomorrow night in the mid 40's to 50. im not worried.. but i am getting my act together though.

Pyscho is going Psycho with seeds pods for me!! LOL. I thought they were done blooming and that is why i always leave the inflo on the tree. When i came home from a 4 day trip..i was amazed to see two inflos with two double pods on them. I was stoked!!! ;-)
Tell S hello for me and that i willl be sending soon in the next week. Make sure she has help this time bringing them to the school!!! They weigh just as much as her!!!

Hi Lonnie.. funny you should say that. I took a few pics today and it was grainy looking. i have them on my i need to see how to post or i will just go out a do it the old way and upload with my camera to photobucket. LOL.. Im getting it, but slowly!! darn iphones.. lol

DelWH... HI!! Savannah is a fishing, hunting,open window, loving dog. She is happy with anything you do with her. Just sitting outside makes her happy. I will say that she has grown to love the pond and the pool. When she gets hot, she just runs into the pond which isnt that clean.. then when we aren't looking...she just jumps into the deep end of the pool and thinks she is a person doing laps.. I can t help but think its cute, but DH doesn't like the pond to the pool.. she just strolls around like she owns the place. It is quite cute!!

Thanks again for the gift. i really appreciate that alot. You are to kind!!! Mahalo. What are the girls doing for Halloween? any ideas? oh.. i went into the Coach store today.. smiled at the thought that you have to "buy" one for the meeting. I think that is a great trade off!! BIG SMILE HERE!! LOL...

Here are some pics for you all...



i haven't started up on the top deck yet. ARggg!

This is hard to do. I do have a few.. (25 or so) that i left the leaves on and will put under T-5 lights..

I also want to show a pic of the new Grandson.. YOU know i had to slip this one in right? : )

I asked Craftymama if she would make me a blanket. SHe is very good at making little blankets and large ones for our beds. I wanted one for his crib and this is what she made for me. I love it!! She does great work. Lots of prints of Plumeria to choose from too! Thanks Rene!!

Now.. I want to express a huge THANK YOU to Cessna...

I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife along with their son while they were visiting here in VA. What a great couple.. and so nice to see and visit with them.

Well... His wife made this gorgeous blanket for my grandson and i just received it this week. I can't believe that they would do this and i am truly touched by their generosity.. handmade just for my little one.

I say that plant people are the most caring,giving people around. again..truly touched..

Thank you so much B and J you all are the best!!

He is actually smiling at me in the pic. he is only four weeks old... sigh

Take care,


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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

What a little cutie! I think he loves his grandma and his blanket. ;)

The pics made me sad but I know the season is coming to an end. I see that you left the leaves on Kimi at least! :)


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I gave 2 of mine a "hair cut" the other day and they are sitting in the utility room. I had a small-medium sized bud on my Plastic Pink an it would never open outside due to cooler temps but the day I placed it in the utility room, it opened. I think they look weird after you cut their leaves off. My big mystery looked like it was crying sap when I did it LOL.

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So glad you followed up that terribly sad montage of leafless plumie's with your adorable grandson- I was getting sad, lol. What a labor of love, I imagine the first few cuts are not easy!!!!

Enjoy those that are still 'whole' in your GH. :o)


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Laura, we had morning lows of 50 over the weekend, but we got to 90 with humidity at my house yesterday. Up into the high 80's for the rest of the week! I'm not ready to think about bringing them in, but you're wise to get started now--it looks like you have about triple the number I do, lol! Without their leaves you can see how the ones on the bottom deck are growing toward the sun. Is that small bloomer Kimi? Is it grafted?

Love the pics of your grandson! How has it already been four weeks?! He already looks like a happy child. And his blanket is beautiful. What a lovely gift.

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


Love the picture of Kimi! My Kimi that I bought last year at the garden show was still blooming on Christmas Day last year, but no blooms this year though. One of my favorites!

Beautiful grandson! You are so lucky and you know why :-). At least I have my brother and sister in laws grandkids to visit. It guess technically I am a great aunt? I had one as a kid and never understood (I remember her being very old) now I know.

Thank you for the wonderful note today. Losing a loved dog is just so so hard. He died on 9-11 another reason to never forget the date, though luckily not as tragic a reason. Trooper was an awesome dog and loved by many. A month later I am still getting condolence cards. Can't wait until I can not cry about it!

Take care and wonderful blooms and grandson! I need to post some pix too.


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Thanks for updated photos of plumerias. You have a lot of work yet to do! The biggest ones yet to go!

And thanks for updates on the little guy. He looks very alert and interested. You must be so proud!

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Awwww.. he's beautiful! I can't believe he is only 4 weeks old! Is it just me or do they birth them so fascinating and alert these days? LOL

What a lucky little boy to have a g'ma with so many wonderful friends! The blankets are beautiful. Love the print of the tropical one and the knitted/crocheted one is perfect!

Your trees..... I'm just thinking about next spring! :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

Awwww Robert.. thank you!! I hope he loves his Grandma!!

: ) it is such a wonderful feeling.. sigh!

Hi Kim.. I just finished cutting all of the ones on my top deck.. Im going to post a new thread.. "sad in VA" LOL. What a lot of work.. wait until you see the leaf pile.. Yikes!! I sent your pkg yesterday.. : )

Hi Jen.. you are right.. some have really started leaning.. next year after i prune, ill turn them and tie them to the railing again. Kimi is not grafted, but it does look like it is in one of the pics.. it was a cutting that i brought back from CA.

Thank for the sweet compliment on the little one!! I love thoose blankets too. So soft and so special... I just love them!!! Savannag looks like she is watching every move i make with the little one. If i didnt know her.. i would wonder at the way she was looking in that pic.. She is a sweetie, but i don't ever trust any dog close to the baby.. Not one!! Please post some pics.. alwyas love to see yours!!

Have fun on Sunday!! : )

Hi Dave.. do you have ESP? I was working on them today.. wait until you see these naked trees..

SOoooooooooo sad!!

I am very proud.. YEP!! Sure am.. (HUGE SMILE) : )

He is very alert for his age andd he has large feet and hands.. I guess he will be ready for the draft soon!! LOL.. (football) GO Hokies!!

Hi Mona!! Thank you so much!!! I am on cloud nine with this little guy!! I love him so much...he is very alert!!

Those blankets are beautiful.. Rene makkes them and makes them for regular size beds if you are interested.. let me know. The blue crocheted one is reallly special.. i already told my daughter that it will stay at grandma's house so i can take good care of it and keep it nice so he will have it when he gets older. I love havinng those special things kept for them later in life...

My trees... I need a glass of wine.. LOL Wait and see.


Im going to post a new thread..

I was speechless when i finally finished. sad actually.

Take care,


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Got the seeds today Laura. Boy was it a fuzzy / furry little things -- they fly like stray cotton from a tree in the summer time LOL. I counted a total of 54 I think. I will keep 10 for myself and give the rest to my sister so she can have a greater chance of growing a desert rose.

Again thanks for your great kindness in sharing! :)

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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

Laura, you're new grandbaby is adorable!!! He looks really good with the new blanket! I'm glad you chose the blue with plumies over the black one with plumies and bird of paradise on it. The baby looks great with the blue...of course! ;o) Thanks for sharing pictures of the baby and the blankets!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

Wendy... Sweet Wendy!! I forgot to mention you on my last post.. So sorry!!

Thank you!! It was hard to start cutting, but i was on a roll and didn't stop until i was finished. Blisters and all. LOL...

Hope you are well. Thanks again!!

Hi Kim!! Glad you received those seeds. They are so fragile and fuzzy!! That is why i tied them together when i was afraid of them opening while i was gone. It happened last year and they opened one morning and by the afternoon, they were all gone. Probably in my neighbors pool..LOL!! Enjoy!!!

Let us know how you and you sister do with them!! They are super fresh!! " )

Hi Rene!!

SO nice to see you here!! Thank you for the great blanket that you made for me. I really love it and im glad that i picked this pattern too! You have so mmany different colors to choose from, it was hard to decide. Thanks again for a beautiful blanket!!

I love it!!

Take care,


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craftymama132001(Ohio (5))

You are quite welcome, Laura! I'm so glad you're happy with your blanket!

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Hi Laura, Just trying to catch up on all the threads on here as I haven't been reading for a while. Love the new pics of "L". He sure is growing fast and soooooooooooo cute. You will be able to keep him nice and warm this winter in his new blankets.

I followed your lead and gave mine a hair cut this year. Needed to save on space since there are so many more this year. It is hard to make those first cuts and it's like they are crying white tears. So sad indeed.

Hope the kids can bring the little guy by often as he'll be running around and swimming in the pool before you know it. Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Thanks Rene!! I do love it!! : )

Hi Peg.. LOL... i am catching up as well.. seems like these threads are growing and it is so nice to see everyone here!!

Looking forward to lunch!! :-)

Jen... I was out of town when i asnwered your question about Kimi being grafted.. She is!! I was thinking of Katie..

As always.. you have a great eye and i had to correct myself when i got home last night. Kimi was from FC and they did a great job. You can see she is still blooming and looking so strong.. Sorry for saying otherwise.. Oops!! Ill blame it on the "granny" state of mind!! LOL..

Take care,


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Good to know my eyes are still working, Laura.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Jen..

Had to laugh at your email!!

My senior moments" are getting more and more lately!!

LMAO!! Can i blame it on the little one?

Now... where are those glasses? ;-)

Have a great day Jen!!


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Wow, your plumeria collection is even more incredible this year! It's sad to see them stripped of all their leaves, but it looks like it was another great season for you! I still havent stripped my plumerias yet, it's never easy for me to do! One of my Noids loses it's leaves very early so I probably wont have to stip that one, but my huge Noid will have to be stipped of it's leaves this weekend and definitely pruned back soon so it's going to be sad.
I'm not sure if my big plumeria will even fit in the door to get inside, so I think I may have to make cuttings from some of the branches now (which I know is very risky for this time of the year) and see what happens.
Congratulations on your new grandson and thanks for sharing pics of him with us!

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Just reporting in Laura to say I have a little desert rose sprout. I planted four and so far one has popped up. It's about almost 1/2 an inch tall. :)

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