looking out the window, I see....

david52 Zone 6February 10, 2008

20" of snow, thats been there since pre-Christmas, a frozen driveway with 5 inches of ice, 30 odd rose bushes completely stripped of foliage by the deer, three eunoymous completely stripped by the deer, and an occasional starling and flicker.

Aside from that, I see the La Platas to the East, which look really good in evening Alpenglo, Sleeping Ute to the west, buried in snow, and then some more snow here and there.

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aliceg8(CO 5)

Wow David... sorry about all that snow and ice. We're almost all the way melted here thanks to some Chinooks over the last couple of days! Now that gardens are unburied, I'm enjoying wandering around again and seeing what's going on. It's amazing how many things still have life to them even in the middle of winter.

My office is in the basement, which fortunately is only half below ground, so the bottom of my windows are at ground level. Out my south window I see juniper bushes and can look up into a large honey locust tree. Nice in summer, pretty boring in winter. Out my west window is a little garden next to the driveway so again, pretty dull in winter. Next year some of Karen's daylilies will be filling the window view!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Out my window, from my little crow's nest as Skybird calls it, I see the snow covered mountains that are in the picture posted on the "Snow, Snow, and more Snow" thread. Usually I keep the blinds closed though, since the glare makes it hard to see the computer screen : (

We have a chance of snow showers each day this week, but highs are to be above freezing most days, and no accumulations are predicted. I think we're rounding the corner on this winter weather.


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My view out the window from Dad's dining room yesterday wasn't very bright. The sun didn't put in an appearance once, David. However, the juncos, chickadees, and finches were having a happy time at his feeder in the apple tree.

I let the time get a little away from me so didn't head for home until nearly dark. I wanted to see the large vegetable garden so took that route. It isn't out of the way but on a less traveled road. All the snow dissuaded me from getting out and walking anywhere near the garden.

I didn't turn into the diveway but there was a spot where the utility trucks pull over and park right beside the road so I thought I'd pull off there. I could feel the pickup sort of "squat down" in the snow once I left the pavement.

The garden was only seen from the window of the pickup which stayed there just about an hour while I attempted to get it out of the snow and back on the pavement.

It's difficult to know how much snow we have since there's been quite a bit of melting. Along the sidewalk in my front yard, it is piled on both sides as high as my 3 foot picket fence. I wasn't home tho' but rather 20 miles away on a country road.

Well, I wasn't rendered completely helpless and with the handles of a pair of pliers, I dug the snow out away from the back tires. It's a 2 wheel drive truck. The snow was like crushed ice and the trench I dug promptly filled with water and partially melted snow. Nothing was at hand other than more snow and ice so I pulled the floor mats out of the pickup and put them under the tires. The tread grabbed the mats and pulled them under the tires which continued to spin. The pickup didn't move an inch.

The garden neighbors were away from home and the next nearest house was nearly one-half mile away. Whatever daylight remained drained from the sky. After a dark and gloomy day, the stars and a crescent moon came out. Because I don't go out without a cellphone, I called DW. She called a friend who lives about 2 miles away. He was able to pull the pickup back on the road with his van.

I can't remember the last time I was stuck in the snow. When I was in my 20's and lived out in the sticks, it happened fairly often. While I sat there beside the road, DW called Dad who will celebrate his 90th birthday this week. He called to learn how I was doing and claimed he'd never helped me out of the snow before. I was glad we could make other arrangements so that the old fellow didn't feel he needed to start doing that sort of thing yesterday.

The pickup was fine going on home until I got within 100 yards of the house. I was nearly stuck again in an intersection but managed to continue creeping forward with wheels spinning in the slush.

The junior high students gathered at that corner this morning to catch their bus and the little kids trooped by to the elementary school a few more yards distant. None of them were walking in the middle of the road this morning. I felt good about having kept the sidewalk clear so they had some concrete to walk on at least in front of my house. The school bus and the cars of moms and dads bounded by in the deep ruts which have rendered the roadway nearly impassable.

A song sparrow sat on a fence post in my front yard and seemed content enuf to rest there for a few minutes. Weak sunlight shone briefly but has disappeared again in a gray flannel sky.


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david52 Zone 6

Plier handles, huh.

I've been carrying around a long-handled irrigation shovel in the ski rack. Small strong blade, light weight, long handle.

Today we're getting some melting. But boy, do we have a ways to go. They're letting water out of Navajo Reservoir on the San Juan, and water out of McPhee on the Dolores, because if we get a sudden warm up, things are gonna flood.

Michelle, how close are you guys to the La Plata? Was it two years ago that flooded? I remember that outfit just across the state line that had spent so much effort doing their stream bank lining with the big stones and all that, just getting started on some wonderful landscaping, and whoosh.

But with all the trees that blew down, I'd think there'll be some flooding this year for sure.

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david52 Zone 6

Why, another winter storm warning, and a blinding snow storm!! What could possibly more fun than this?

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irisgirl(Z5 - CO)

I saw this morning a small flock of robins having breakfast on the dried plums that have overwintered on the plum tree in the front yard. House Sparrows and Rosy Finches have pigged up all the seed scattered after the wind finally let up. No chickadees, no peregrines, no squirrels, and sadly, no river near by. Now can we please have some WARM?!?!?

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I have looked suspiciously at the squirrels invading my yard over the last couple of years and wondered what problems I could expect from them. There are 2 large walnut trees about 60 yards away and the nuts have been growing a nice crop of these eastern gray squirrels common in most areas.

My gardens are at considerable distance from home and this is just a small lot, rather cluttered by buildings. However, there are a couple of trees and a squirrel nest showed up in one last year. I've noticed that there are NO nests in the walnut trees. Apparently, the critters don't consider them appropriate for that use. The heavy squirrel traffic probably interferes with sleep.

Every warm spell brings out the neighborhood squirrels. Two squirrels were regularly in my tree last year but I haven't seen the half-grown youngster since Autumn. I'm afraid the cats have killed it.

The adult was out on my deck, recently. There's a vinyl table cloth there covering a propane cooker. It has that cotton backing and Momma squirrel has decided the table cloth will make nice bedding for her nest. I can't bring myself to interfere with her while she's shredding it, stuffing way more than you'd think possible in her mouth, and bounding away to the tree.

There's fresh snow this morning and without sunshine, the squirrels weren't out yesterday. I don't suppose I'll see them today, either. Must be a terribly long Winter, if you're a squirrel.


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aliceg8(CO 5)

We have a couple of squirrels that call our yard home. They nest and warm themselves in the cottonwood tree in the back yard. It's quite easy to see them from the living room window, as we live in a split level and the living room is in the upper story.

They move around the yard via the roof (which they can jump to from the cottonwood). Then they go either to the Scotch pine next to our deck (with occasional forays onto the deck railing), or over the roof to the front yard where they can jump to one of the crabapple trees.

Chance, our mixed breed border collie, here's every pitter patter (or sometimes "thunk") of the squirrel's feet on the the roof and it always sets him into full alarm bark. SEEING the squirrels in the trees or, heaven forbid, on the deck turns up the vocalizations into something that just makes us laugh. It's kind of a whine, that moves up and down the scale through various modes of crying, groaning, growling...

Even though it gets on your nerves sometimes, I still like having them around. It's great fun in the winter to sit in the living room and watch them chase around the cottonwood. And I reckon this "job" of Chance's helps to keep him young. He's 10 now, and at his last vet visit he was told he had the heart rate of a top notch (dog) athlete.

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