Two headed Pods Pepper

tivo532(9B)August 17, 2011

I saw these two peppers on the same stem. Is this common?


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Hmmm, dont think so. What variety of pepper is that? Probably about the same deal as a two headed cow.

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Somebody called this Vietnamese Black Dragon. This is the one that comes out green, turns black then red. But for some reason it skipped the green phase this season!

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They come out black when getting lots of sun.
Early spring pods seem to be green first,then black.Summer ones get black really fast.
Lack of sun makes them come out a metalic purple.

These were in the store room,in a closed box at the 99cent store.As soon as they got some sun they turned black.

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This happens a lot with tomatoes, actually. You'll get a mutant flower that ends up making two fruit frankensteined together. It happens, go ahead and eat them, just don't save seeds from them (the seeds will make new plants more likely to repeat this kind of thing).

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