Moving Plumeria

maja127(33914)October 26, 2006

I was given a plumeria by a neighbor when we bought our home. We sort of stuck it in the ground without thinking about it's future. It stands alone, and is doing well. It is about 4ft high.

I'd like to know if I can move it, and how to move it.

We have a triple Christmas palm, also by itself. Rather than having these plants scattered throughout the lawn, I'd like to create 1 bed, containing the palms, plumeria, and a few other plants.

Can the plumeria be moved next to the Christmas palms? If so, is it safe to do this in November, when we return to the house for a visit? Will the plumeria receive enough sun if placed near the palms?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

I always move plants at the end of dormancy (about March). Dig your shovel one shovel blade length straight down about 2 feet from the stem. Go completely around the plant. Now back up and dig at a 45 degree angle from about a foot farther away so you intersect the bottom of your shovel cut. Remove these triangles of dirt as you work around the plant. Now continue at an angle cutting under the plant and working around the plant until your cuts meet directly under the stem of the plant. I put on heavy plastic and drag the plant to the new hole cut to fit. Plant and saturate with B-1 and/or Superthrive and water to reduce transplant shock and encourage new root growth. Give one more B-1 treatment in a week and then go to your regular routine. I would keep my palm north of the plumeria so the sun is not blocked for your plumie. Hope this helps. Bill

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