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chsanc2October 9, 2008

I purchased a rooted dwarf singapore white, which arrived in beautiful condition (surprisingly....I haven't had much luck lately!). It appears it had recently bloomed prior to me purchasing it because the inflo is still on it (without flowers) Should I trim off the inflo? Are there any benefits/negatives to leaving/trimming it? Thanks in advance!


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Hi Chuck,
If the inflo has bloomed out, it should drop off by itself
soon. If there are any buds still forming I would just leave it be. Since its a rooted plant, the inflo will not affect anything.
Remember that when a plant goes dormant so does the inflo. I've overwintered plants with inflos and as soon as the plant started "waking-up" in the spring so did the inflo.
Hope this helps!
Randy in Savannah

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Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I'm confused though, I was under the impression that singapore is an evergreen and they don't go dormant? I've read of them blooming in winter. Is this true?

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Hi Chuck.
No do not remove the singapore's inflo. This one with white, pink and regular singapore does not go totally dormant.. Goes dormant to growing but doesn't lose its leaves.

The singapores cannot handle cold temps.. so this one is an inside plant for you until in the 50's..Is a cutie, put on a table in a warm window..water little bit maybe ocassionally if shows stress every couple months, quarter cup of water. . I have two singapores..One pink dwarf..doing great, so will come inside, do not want to lose this one.. It badly gets purple black spot.. but does not harm it. It is catching to other plants, so this one has to be seperated from other plants to enjoy..I do not know if white sigapore is the same as pink.. Hope someone can come in and add to this.. I have never seen white dwarf singapore bloom..but a great little plant
Karen B..

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Hey Chuck where did you buy your dwarf white singapore? im trying to look for one to buy but havent had any luck. Thanks.


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


Where do you live? I just briefly checked and most plumeria places probably carry them. I checked Plumeria Paradise, they are listed on their website. Others in this forum may have suggestions on where to buy from. I haven't ordered online myself (I am afraid I won't be able to control myself!). I was checking Jungle Jaxk's,but their site was was slow. Check online, you would be suprised. Also, there is a non miniature varieties in white and red as well.

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