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wrcaz(9 - Chandler AZ)October 2, 2012

Just returned from a couple years overseas and one of my goals is to get back into gardening and redo my backyard here in Chandler AZ (Phoenix suburb. Have always wanted plumeria and reading here and other areas of the web it looks like it is possible in our climate. So....

1. Ordered some cuttings, once they arrive if they look like they already have callus can I go ahead and start the rooting attempt?

2. Also have some seeds so will be starting those soon. Any tips?

3. At home depot yesterday saw they had cutting sized potted plumeria. Picked 1 up that had 2 tips, one of the tips has 2 large leaves. They had them indoors and in very small 3-4" pots. Should I repot to larger with the perlite mix? Their mix looks like more soil then perlite.

4. Once cuttings are established and growing nicely, how are the branches formed?

Thanks for any suggestions. Hopefully in a few years I can be the one helping the newbies!

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Hello and welcome! In Phoenix you can certainly grow plumeria. You're actually starting at the "end" of plumeria season, typically plumeria go dormant over the winter and you'll probably need to bring plants indoors when your temps dip below about 50 degrees. However, overwintering is a different subject! LOL!

If you have cuttings on the way I've been told that you are better off to try and root them than to keep them until spring, but maybe someone else has different advice. I would think you'd probably need a grow light / heat mat to root a cutting over the winter. They typically like to be around 85 degrees to root (they like bottom heat a lot), so you can see the cooler night temps are not enough. Plenty of people root over the winter, so although challenging, certainly not impossible! The same will go for your seeds.

I would definitely re-pot your HD purchase, the soil in those is usually WAY too peaty and moisture retentive.

Once cuttings are established, for the most part they branch after they bloom. After your plant pushes out the "inflo" typically you'll see the branch tip begin to divide. The number of tips will vary from plant to plant.

I hope this answers some of your questions, you're certainly in the right place for plumie advice, everyone here is great!

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