Ok..It's done.:-(. Plumeria leaves cut off. pic

meyermike_1micha(5)October 11, 2009

Ok. I finally gave in!!

I cut off all my beautiful looking plumeria leaves so they wouldn't have to put up with this unusally early winter..

No more having to put them out and in , out and in day after day for the past month.

Lost alot of weight in the process though!

Now they look like a bunch of bald sticks, let alone they bled so much in the process that I felt like I was the "grim reaper".

Back to the dungeon they go, and may they rest in peace till next spring...:-(

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Oooh, that does look brutal. Is this what you do every year and still they revive every spring with new leaves and blooms? What happens to the root system while they're dormant? I wish them a bon voyage...

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Nice job mike. Make sure to pop off the stems in about a week when they go yellow. any little pieces left will rot and can infect the plant. Most will fall off on their own but I pop them off to be sure. Spring is just around the corner. Bill

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Ohhhh I feel your pain...I did that 2 weeks ago to 50 plants. In the process I did find an inflo I didn't know I had...which was nice. Let's just hope it will bloom idoors!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Mike,
I feel your pain my friend!!! My winter ritual started today...I felt like I was trimming them up (like a haircut...but lost all control...) LOL !!! What a sick feeling I had...but I know it is the best thing to do for them!!!

Take care everyone!!!

Laura in VB

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I still havent cut any of mine pluemrias yet. I might cut my divine because its not blooming, but my other 2 have buds/or blooms so I will probably keep them growing all winter long. I did have the will to cut my banana leaves off though. It looks like a comepletely different plant now. I took in alot of plants today but I still have an entire section that hasnt been touched yet.

Good luck.

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Ouch! I thought the leaves would fall off on their own and the plants could be left outside until the temp goes below 50 consistently. No? Also..will they be okay in a garage that doesn't have any light except when the doors are opened?

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The temps are so ERRATICAL here lately, I couldn't take any chances..It almost got down to freezing at times, and now we have had 2 killing frosts way to early..
They couldn't wait..:-(
The frost would of killed them before the leaves dropped..

They will be fine with little light. They will start to rest and drop leaves though. But be careful it doesn't get to cold while your soil is still wet. Root rot is in the future.

Also, as Dave said before, if you plan on storing them at such cold temps, watch out for black tip..

Right now, I would be more concerned with the cool and wet combo..:-)

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