Roses "P"

TNY78(7a-East TN)January 28, 2013

Hopefully after a couple of hard letters, we'll all have quite a few "P"s :)


Pink Flamingo

Pinata (a poor bodybag rose that only made it one season)

Pink Grootendorst

Phyllis Bide

quicky little Permenant Wave

Pat Austin-my favorite Austin!

Pumpkin Patch-was slow to take off, but now I love it!

Pope John Paul II

Pompon Veranda

Purple Tiger (don't let the pic fool you, it struggles)

Pied Piper

My FAVORITE hybrid tea, Paw Maw

Paul Neyron (does very well here)

Paul Ecke Jr (and Rostock sneaking in the pic)

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So pretty, Tammy! Love your Pumpkin Patch, I've been wanting that one! I have PJPII on order for the spring and can't wait to get it.

Here are most of my P roses...


Pink Don Juan


Perfume Delight

Purple Tiger

Pink Freedom

a few of Paradise

and lastly Pink Promise, which was quite a bit lighter than I expected...

These are all from last summer, it was my first year rose gardening and so much fun and addictive! Thanks for letting me share!


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Sorry about the mix-up folks--I didnt' mean to duplicate Tammy's thread. I'm moved my "P" roses from that thread over to this thread. So here we go again.

Pretty Jessica (Austin)--how's that for one big fat bud!

Pretty Jessica--and a big fat bloom too!

Peter Mayle (ht)-- I guess this is my big fat bloom day, but we have to add HOT here also, right?

Peter Mayle--I keep having to tell posters Peter Mayle is tall and vertical--see what I mean? (That's Elina behind him--please ignore my neighbor's ugly garage. Now that Peter and Elina have grown bigger and fuller, they cover up a lot of that ugliness, thankfully.)

Pink Prosperity (hybrid musk)-- in memory of another victim of RRD, unfortunately.

That's it. Looking forward to yours.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Ah,yes, we're doing much better on the 'p' roses, aren't we!

Tammy--you are really into bright orange roses--too bad you lost Pinata--quite stunning! But you still have Pat Austin and Pumpkin Patch--both marvelous oranges!

And good--Paul Neyron--love him!

nummy--so glad you posted Peace--the most beautiful rose in the world, in my opinion. Too bad it blackspots so badly in my garden--or I might plant a whole bed just of Peace roses.

Love your pics of Paradise too. Excellent job for your first year of roses, nummy. : )


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Lovely "P" roses ladies!! I'm not a huge fan of reds, but that PIED PIPER is interesting. And Andrea, your PINK DON JUAN sure is prettier than mine. I have two going up opposite sides of my front arbor, and they always seem to bloom out an ugly reddish-pink and never have form like that! I wonder if mine were mismarked...

Here's my Ps:
















and here's my ugly...


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Oh, beth--I'm in love with your Poetry in Motion! I want one. How is it on disease-resistance?

Another nice Paradise, I see.


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Beautiful "P" roses posted so far, you guys!
Here are mine:

Paloma Blanca

Pearlie Mae

Pipe Dreams

Prairie Princess

Prairie Star

Prairie Valor (laying in the mulch!)

I love these buds of Paul Neyron - fattest buds I'd ever seen!

And to cheat just a little...I'm sneaking in American Pillar, since I missed joining in on the A's. I'm just so darned pleased to have it bloom every spring up here in zone 4 - even if it is a runt compared to its Mama down in Tennessee! ;-)

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Wow, ladies, what a bounty of beauties! So many to love!
Tammy, your Pink Flamingo, Pied Pipers, Paul Ecke and Pat Austin are gorgeous!

Nummy, love your Peace and Paradise.

Kate, love, love, love your Pink Prosperity and Pretty Jessica!

Beth, Paul Ecke, Paradise and Picnic stole my heart!

Here are some of my P's:

Papi Delbard


Party Dress


Pat Austin

Peach Blossom

Peggy M


Clematis Peppermint

Perennial Blue

Perennial White

Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Gagnaire

Pink Skyliner

Pink Surprise


Pompon Flower Circus


Port Sunlight


Potter & Moore

Prairie Star

Pretty in Pink

Princess Alexandra of Kent

Princess Anne

Pricess Sibilla de Luxembourg (aka Stormy Weather)

Proud Bride (sport of Charles Austin)


Purple Skyliner

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Hope my post isn't too long, but there a lot of impressive and very unique P rose photos to comment on.
Tammy, I love the bright orange Pumpkin Patch, and my favorite, the subtly tinted Pompon Veranda. Purple Tiger is intriguing. Sorry it struggles. I've never seen a photo of Paw Maw before. It's pretty cute. I love the eye popping Paul Ecke, Jr, too.
Peace has been a favorite of mine, nummy, since my Dad began growing it 1955 when I was a third grader (gee, I must be old). Your Peace is quite luscious. That's a gorgeous Purple Tiger, too.
Oh, Kate, what a voluptuous Pretty Jessica--love those fat blooms. Peter Mayle's blooms and color are pretty impressive, too.
Beth, you always have the most amazing and unusual roses. Sometimes I think you have rose "scouts" all over the country tipping you off about where to acquire them. Painted Moon is new to me, and the photo is outstanding. I love the curvy petals of Paul Ecke, and the frilly ones of Picnic. Pillow Talk is another subtly colored one in a perfect photo.
annececilia, That Paloma Blanca photo is a work of art. Such pretty pinks in frilly Pipe Dreams and Prairie Princess. Congratulations on your bloom of American Pillar. I was amazed you grow all these beauties in zone 4.
Well, I'm exhausted from all the gorgeousness. Well done all of you master rosarians. Diane

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Holy cow! You don't check a post for a few hours and there's a rose explosion! :)

Don't worry about the double post, Kate...I know they get all of out of order on the forum and are easily missed. I love your Peter Mayle...I need more roses that grow more upright (take up less space!!!)

Andrea--love Peace and Paradise! I wish I could grow them no spray, but here they would be plagued by BS :(

Beth--love your paradise as well! Also Picnic is really cute!

AnnaCecilia--I really like Pipe Dreams! I saw that Roses Unlimited here in the US carried it...hmm

Marina--what a collection! Do you spray?? Everything looks so healthy! My favorites are Papi Delbard, Proud Bride (an Austin I haven't heard of), Peach Bliss (great stamens), Princess Anne, and of course the Peppermint Clematis!! I Pistacio Clematis, but it hasn't bloomed yet, I'm hoping it will have that green undertone when it does. Also, I have Purple Skyliner coming this Spring....and I can't wait now!


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Oh, dark lady--you have so many beautful roses. How large is your property/garden? I can't even imagine it.

Love your purples and your princesses and thanks for posting Pompanella--reminded me I'll have it next season to post on here. I'm excited about it.

But at the moment I'm particularly enamored of Potter and Moore (what an unpoetic name for a rose), and Peggy M, and Pastella and Party Dress (and...and...and... etc.!)

Pipe Dreams and Paloma Blanca are so lovely, anne.

I guess we did hit the jackpot with the "p" roses, didn't we!


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

I'm back with my lone P photo. Much of my small rose garden isn't photographed yet, so we'll do more next year. My photo is of Party Dress, kind of an oddball Kordes rose, which I think was a florist rose at some time in the past. Palatine only sold it for a short time, and I don't think it was super successful. The bloom shown was deer candy the day after the photo was taken. I remember this because it was the only bloom on the darn bush, and thus endeth Party Dress's unsuccessful bloom season. Diane

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the_dark_lady(z7 Amelia VA)

Thank you very much, Tammy and Kate!

Tammy, no I don't spray my roses. No fungicides, no insecticides. Last time I sprayed was about seven years ago. I don't think I am going to change my 'no-spray policy' :) Some roses do have some Black Spot, buy I accept it and nothing looks too bad to spoil the beauty of my roses.

Kate, we have 7 acres of cleared land, but I think I grow roses in about 2 acre area max.


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AnneCecilia z5 MI

It's not just the beauty of the roses you grow and share with us here, Marina - (and thank you so much!) - it's the sheer number of *unusual* roses that you grow. I greatly admire your very special collection.

BTW, that Pompanella and Purple Skyliner just blew me away! Marvelous!


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Marina, I'm glad to hear that you don't spray and your roses always look that wonderful! I don't spray either...just the sheer number of roses I grow prevents me from spraying (it would be a full time job on its own!!) But I have to say, yours look much better than mine! I am green with envy :)


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OMG Marina, that clematis is "to-die-for!" Gorgeous!! And I love PIERRE BONNARD!

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seil zone 6b MI

Wow, take a day off and...ZAP...tons of new gorgeous photos!

Tammy, love Pink Grootendorst and Permanent Wave and Pompon Veranda and...I think I like them all!

Oh shoot, you make me miss my Pristine, Andrea!

Kate, Pretty Jessica is indeed deserving of her name!

OOO, love the odd ball colors of Pillow Talk, Beth!

Pearlie Mae is yummy, Anne!

OMG, Marina, you have so many beauties I could never choose but I drool every time you post photos of Pomponella!

Oh, Diane, I'm so sorry the deer got you lovely bloom!

I have quite a few "P"s.





Pope John Paul II


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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Seil....your Peace looks like it almpst has stripes! I've never seen that before :) Also like Powerhouse! I bought it as a bodybag last year and it never broke dormency...I may try it again sometime.


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

A short break means a lot of catching up on the alphabet. I think we have the makings of a coffee table book here.
Marina, I can only hope my poor Party Dress rose will someday produce the gorgeous blooms of your plant. I'll have to give mine a reprieve of another year. I was happy to see the beauteous Pastella, another Tantau rose I covet. And that amazing Peppermint clematis is just delectable. Lovely Pirouette is so fresh and and healthy looking. All your roses are gorgeous and such superb specimens.
Seil, more photo perfection from you, I see--you really know how to use a camera. Paradise, Pinocchio, and Peace are all beautiful roses in photos of such detail and artistry.
Thanks to you all for posting these photos that continue to inspire me as the days gradually (slowly, slowly) warm around here. Diane

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Beautiful shots Seil! I love that one of PEACE. Just that subtle hint of pink on a few petals. Very cool!

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seil zone 6b MI

Thank you all for the compliments. I'm very proud of the fact that I do these all with a camera that isn't a DSLR and was under $100!

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'Perfume Delight' - May 2012

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Rosa, 'Portmeirion'
Apr., 2012

-grown from a cutting

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Rosa, 'Chicago Peace'

- hope posting this here in "P" is okay. It's a Peace

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Another image of Rosa, 'Portmeirion'.

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Portmeirion rose...times two!

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Pink North Carolina Cherokee Rose

This one was brought to Oklahoma from tribal land in N. Carolina. It now grows "wild" on the Prairie that was once part of my father's family's land.

The white traditional Cherokee Rose represents the Teas that were shed along the Trail of Tears when the tribes were evicted from their native lands and forced to march in the dead of winter to Oklahoma territory. The legend goes that for every tear that was shed, a white rose sprung up along the trail. The five petals represent the five branches of the original Cherokee tribe.
(Incidentally, it is the same rose as the Yorkshire Rose. It was brought to the American Colonies by the English and adopted as by the Cherokee.)

The not-so-well-known legend among my people is that for every baby and child who died on the journey, a pink rose sprang up and grew from their grave. Hence, the Pink N. Carolina Cherokee Rose.


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Where can I get 'Purple Skyliner'???
Gotta have!

The Amethyst is my birth stone, so I just gotta have an Ameythist rose!

Just to get my list going for "P" roses....
* 'Paradise'
* ''Pop Warner' - (he makes me feel all warm and in love...)
* "Peter Mayle' - (Oh, Peter! I'm fainting...having vapors....)
* 'Portlandia'
* 'Pink Prosperity' (drool, drool)
* 'Pink Flamingo' (for my little grndau. who loves Flamingos)
I bought two 'Pristine' bareroot roses today

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Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing, seeing so many wonderful blooms makes me want to buy more roses!

Pink Promise

Perfume Delight

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seil zone 6b MI

Love you Perfume Delight, krista. I bought it once but it was a miss label...disappointing.

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Annie----Love your roses and thank you for letting everyone know about the "trail of tears". I'm 1/4 N. GA. Cherokee. My dad's mom was a pure Cherokee princess. Her tribe hid in the N.GA. mountains when the roundup started. They weren't trouble makers, they were farmers and people of peace. The more I think about the whole situation-----I think I need to end this. Not roses. Sorry.

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