My plumeria cutting is soft.

Scotty0613October 3, 2013

I had to replant a plumeria cutting that has leaves looks healthy and living but its soft.

Can it be saved and if so what can I do to save it?

Thanks a million.

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so it is rooted right? have you watered it?


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Yes, to both questions. ItâÂÂs about 3 ft tall. Most of the stem is like a wrinkled prune texture.

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I had the same exact issue where it became soft and wrinkled. This happened after I replanted it. Its been about 2 months and I noticed it is no longer wrinkled or soft. All I did was maintain a regular watering schedule and let the plant grow. Now its strong and healthy.

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@DuoDynamico - Thanks.
ThatâÂÂs exactly what I did. I transferred my plumeria plant from a pot to the ground.


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