Hurricane Sandy Check in

mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)October 30, 2012

If you were/are in the path and can get online please let us know you are ok and if you have had contact with others that may not be able to post right now.

Laura, Dave, andrew, the others im forgetting I hope and pray that you are OK.

Maybe you have posted in other threads and I hope so but I havent had time to check around.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mike!!

All is well here at my house.

We did have really strong wind... huge gusting winds from Sandy, rain ( 10 inches). Power is on and off for us.

Some large Pines came down around our area, but no real damage. Thank God!!

The water did rise over the top of our bulkhead to a height that we have never seen before. That was at high tide combined with a full moon. It all worked together to add to the surge of tidal flooding to reach max heights.

I was stuck in Charlotte with all fights cancelled into Norfolk and surrounding areas and the crew and i rented a car and drove 7 hrs to get home yesterday. We left Charlotte and headed home. During the trip, we saw lots of trees down and once we started getting close to the Coast, the rain and wind started..

flooding is our biggest problem right now..

Thank you for checking on us.. so nice of you!!

Im concerned for all of the people up in NY, NJ. They really have it bad. We are a little more prepared for these hurricanes, they were just slammed hard and have some unbelievable damage. Tunnels flooded. Breezy Point had 50 homes burn last night. It looks like a bomb went off there.

Please keep all of them in your prayers..

H.. Thanks for sending me an email.. Glad you are alright in New York!! ;-)

Thanks again Mike. You are a sweetie!!

I did talk with Dave yesterday in DC (Big wave Dave) at that time he and his family were doing fine.

I will let Peg jump in. We have been keeping tabs.. She was wonderful keeping me up to date on all of the latest reports form Virginia Beach. Thanks Peg!!

Take care everyone.


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Thanks Laura and Mike. I had it a little easier that Laura but she is closer to the ocean front than I am. It's surprising how a few miles can make a difference. She got more rain and stronger winds. It all depends how the bands come through. I'm not close to any tidal water and sit high so don't have a flooding problem. Brought in some pots so they wouldn't become missiles. You can't get around though because there are flooded streets everywhere.

I feel sorry for all those north of here as it came in. They are not as prepared as we are here and the aftermath can be worse than the storm. It can take weeks or months to deal with the results after it passes.

I'm so glad all the plumerias were in so didn't have to rush. Let us know how you north of here made out. Peg

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Glad to hear ya'll are safe. We still haven't heard from my sister or bil family. She is in Delaware but his family in mostly on Long Island and his mom lives really close to the water, in an area known to be flooded. Hopefully they are just stuck with no power or phones, it took forever to get our phone service back after Ike, not only were towers down but substations, routing centers.... all the equipment and facilities were flooded.

Stay safe everyone!
Tally HO!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

glad to hear you all have made it ok. Sounds like it was a heck of thing to go through.

Im still waiting to hear from meyermike. Hope he is ok.


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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Hi everyone, just checking in here.

We had a noisy night with winds howling, but NO power loss! Thank goodness. Lights did flicker and I had generator ready to go. I'm rather surprised. No major tree damage in our community. I think we were far enough to the south of the storm center. It was worse further north and east.

No water in basement, no loss of power and daughter slept thru the night! We were truly blessed!

We totaled about 6.5 inches of rain.

I did have to upright my 500-lb sago (in a pot). And I had a big yucca break apart, but that's all!

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

So glad to be reading that everyone seems ok. I read the updates all yesterday and all last night and this morning on and watched news 24 all yesterday which was just cover of sandy all day. An update from in the last couple of hours stated that...

*38 reported dead in the United States, one in Canada
*200, including 20 babies, evacuated from NYU-Tish Hospital after flooding and power failure
*over 8 million people are without power, from South Carolina to Maine
*18,000 flights have been cancelled, and growing
*6100 in New York emergency shelters
*4.7 million children staying home from school
*7 subway tunnels flooded
*killed 69 people in the Caribbean.

the radio just said a couple moments ago that the 38 dead has gone up to 41. The whole things just so scary. Reminds me of Yasi last year except worse of course. Anyway keep the updates coming and even though its alittle bit off topic...try and have a good halloween anyway :)


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Glad to see you all posting here! Now if we can get our friends like Alex to check in from NY and NJ...

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Jen!!

I just checked the Palm forum where Alex hangs out and all is well. Had lots of power outages and damage, but is doing ok. I mentioned that we were worried here on this forum... so im sure ALex will check in when it is possible. I think the power and cell service is a problem as well. .

Just wanted to let you know!!


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My family in Fairfax, VA said it was 60mph wind gusts and 10 inches of rain. Some broken branches but no big trees. They only lost power twice for about 15-30 minutes each. All in all where they are they said it actually less destructive than that freak severe storm system in the summer but more temporary street flooding.

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vajeff(7b VA)

Everything seems to be alright here. We managed to keep power this time, which is amazing. The wind did reach gusts of 50-60mph, and the rain was constant for three days. Fortunately, and I'm not sure how this happened, nothing flooded around the yard! I guess the steady rain was less stress on the drains than those freak torrential storms we had earlier in the year... at least until the creek flooded the street and the back yard drains had nowhere to drain to! A few more inches and the creek would have ended up in the garage again. The only downed limbs seemed to be dead wood, and of course Sandy only knocked down the ones I wasn't worried about falling on my head later.

I agree. That freakishly strong summer storm was definitely worse in regards to wind damage.

I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing relatively fine.

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Glad everyone is doing OK. Hopefully we're not missing anyone from NY/NJ who is unable to check in. Nice to see the concern and good thoughts from as far away as Australia :)

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We haven't heard from Andrew in NY but I think he had to have his back operated on again and would be in rehab after that. Hope he made it through the storm and recovered from his hospital stay soon. Peg

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Andrew Scott

Sorry I am so late to reply. We did have 50 to 60 mile an hour winds. What blows my mind is the 20ft waves that were reported off of Lake Erie! That's CRAZY! Never heard of that before. We have non stop rain Sunday and Monday. Schools were closed Monday and Tuesday. Power went out Monday night 3x's but never stayed out for more than a few minutes. All is well and thanks for the concern!


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Andrew Scott

Hi Peg. I just wanted to let you know I have not had surgery yet. I received a letter a while ago that was from my attorney to the comp court judge. MY attorney is asking that the judge approve surgery since they insurance company hasn't approved/denied the surgeon's request. Thanks for thinking of me though.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

I am worried about Alex.. The area is really damaged. I know there was a post at the Palm forum , but i know the area and it was hit hard. I will post if i hear anything more.. At least we know all is well. Im just concerned with the structual loss and the overall well being because of the severe drop in temperatures and they still dont have any power.. I did see a large convoy of trucks with huge generators heading up the eastern shore to NY and NJ from out military bases here. They have suffered so much loss. I flew over NJ shore today and into Newark.. It is realy bad...

I think of just having issues from my car being flooded and thinking that i had it BAD.. All i have to do is think of them up north and see it with my own eyes and i realize i have nothing to worry about.

If you all are reading this.. we are thinking of you and sending you our prayers..

Help is on its way, Staten Island...


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I posted in the palm forum last night after finally getting power back on. Here at the Jersey Shore it is complete devestation. We are normally prepared for nor'easters in the colder months, but when a hurricane of this magnitude merges with one in late Oct. the results are extraordinary. My town's beachfront and boardwalk are gone, as are most of them up and down the coast. The barrier peninsula/islands just south of me are probably forever changed. Youtube has some videos up of my immedaite area, and there are probably loads more. Punch in "hurricane sandy belmar" to see what it did to my town...and in the grand scheme of things around's not all that bad.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


SOOO glad you are alright..
I hope you didnt have to much damage, but i know that your area was hit hard too! Just glad to see you check in.

How are you doing? Damage? Family alright?

Thing of you all and hoping that you all have confort and heat. Then we can all think about cleaning up and getting our lives back to normal.

Take care and im so glad you posted.


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Trish, thank you for letting us know you're okay! Let's hope all the utility crews can get power and services restored soon so everyone can begin rebuilding.


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Hope things are getting back to some kind of normal for every one. It is such a long process to get things going again. And now the double punch with snow. Is there no end.

Andrew - hope you get approval soon and get your surgery over with. Then the long recovery begins. Take care, Peg

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