Pea Gravel

unejamOctober 9, 2010

I've read a lot of posts saying that pea gravel is not necessary if the cutting is stable and can be dangerous as it could burn the cutting. My question is this: will pea gravel still be beneficial for holding and retaining heat if I keep it away from the cutting?

I did not plant my cuttings in black pots and am looking for more ways to retain heat for my guys.


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it is best to plant them in black plastic pots but not necessary. as for the pea gravel it depends on where you are ive never had a single burn on my plants but it doesn't get a 100 or over is if so rarely, the best way to protect them is just make a plastic ring out of a soda bottle or water bottle and place it around the trunk . just so the hot gravel isn't touching the tree . and for more heat set them on pavement or next to a brink or block building

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Thanks for the response. So the gravel will help with heat?

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yea have u ever touched a hot rock after the sun goes down it retains the heat especially if you live in cooler climates

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

you can put white rocks around the stem and then the darker rocks outside of that. Bill

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