hoping it's not too late...

thom_c(6)October 9, 2013

I have been growing a Musk Rainbow for 2 years, and it finally decided - in early October - in New Jersey - to put up 2 inflos! I was really excited to see them, then I realized that there probably isn't enough warm weather left to see them open. The days are in the 70's, evenings in the 50's, and if that weren't enough... we are in for a few days of grey, rainy weather.
I'd sure appreciate any advice on what to do to get to see those flowers. Should I bring it in? We haven't turned on the heat in the house yet, so there shouldn't be a big humidity difference.
Thanks in advance for your help!

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how about a warm sunny window or a grow light? roxanne

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My noid opened it's first bloom on Christmas day last year in the house. I kept a grow light on it about 14 hours a day and it kept most of it's leaves and the inflo. The inflo was still hanging in there when I moved it back out in spring and gave me a few more blooms outside. The few blooms it had in the house looked nothing like the outside blooms but it didn't matter to me. A blooms a bloom! It might abort the inflos when you bring it in but you have nothing to loose by trying. If it were mine I would get it inside before it goes down into the 40's. I have a couple I maybe bring in soon too because they have inflos. Hope you get those blooms.

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Gosh, I would kill to have a musk rainbow with an inflo! I'm with Peg about bringing it in and giving some supplemental lighting.

Peg, I also have some with inflos that I may bring in the house if colder weather threatens. I am going to heat the greenhouse this year but not this early. Have you found any good buys on bulbs this year?

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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

This is in reply to Moonie... I am not sure what you consider a good buy because it really depends on what type of bulbs you use. After much searching, I ordered 200 watt equivalent 6500K (daylight) compact fluorescent screw type bulbs from Home Depot online. They are $7.95 each and they made my plants very happy! They are housed in 10.5 inch reflector housings that I picked up at WalMart for about $10. The nice thing about them is that they can be within a few inches of the leaves with no damage.


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sagolover(10a SoCal)

Wow Jeff, now those were great deals!

So light-wise, those lamps that have red and blue and white colors do not necessarily help? I am so undecided yet!


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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

Ok - am trying to post pics, but can't figure out how to add more than one... I am not a plumeria expert, but I am an electrical engineer and an accountant. (I try to make things work cheaply! :) ) I did a lot of research and decided to force my plumeria cuttings to grow all winter. Here is the light fixture that I referred to above.

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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

The Compact Fluorescent that I order from Home Depot online for $7.95. This is the type of bulb that promotes GROWTH, not flowering which would be best for new cuttings...

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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

The light in the housing. I like this setup because it is easy to adjust the light in any direction.

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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

One of my plants on 9/13/13...

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JeffreyJoe(5 New Hampshire)

Happy plant... Please note that I have bottom heat as well as the light. I received some free cuttings from a friend that may not make it, but am giving them a shot... Both of the cuttings that I potted up in June have grown an inch since September 13th on each stem and one has even put out a new stem from a leaf scar. They were not doing much at all until I put them under the lights.

If only I could get all my cuttings to root...

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My Mary Helen Eggenberger is pushing a late inflo so right now I have her under a light fixture similar to Jeffreyjoe's with a 5500k bulb. The inflo has proceeded to grow more and my buds are forming pink coloring and 2 are opening.

I leave mine on for at least 6 hours as I don't know if it will raise the light bill or not an I have reynolds wrap formed around my plant and light to keep the light source as close to the plant as possible without it scattering around the room. Since my bulb is a compact florescent, I can place it really close to my plant without any burning or damage.

I am surprised at the results I am getting which makes me very happy. I will post pictures of it once the two are open. ;)

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One sunny window and grow light later...
Thank you all for the advice...

So worth the effort!

Thanks again,

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Gorgeous! Lucky you! Thanks for posting the pic.

I use the same set up, cheap and easy, and it helps out pretty well.

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