Plumeria Bloom ?

mikerizzle9October 6, 2012

First off, I'm new to plumeria and this is my first/only.

I purchased a plumeria from HD in summer 2011, I believe it is the rubra. It's made it through two summers, and is happier than ever. It's about 4' tall with 4 strong canes putting out growth. It's in it's second pot now which is plastic, and it isn't rootbound. It gets plenty of sun now that temperatures have cooled off...

Problem is that it has never bloomed. I know that the potting mix is good, watering is consistent, it has never been in bad shape, and it gets the most sun possible while avoiding leaf scorch. Is there something else I can do to entice it to bloom? I see plants at HD a third of the size with spent blooms. I'm probably going to fertilize soon as I haven't since Spring, what should I use? I'm anxious to see what kind of bloom I'm going to get.

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jperilloux(8b LA)

Sometimes they take 3 or 4 years to bloom. Even 5. Fertilize and water it as necessary and be patient. It'll come around.

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I don't know what is wrong with yours, mine had a bloom and it was a stalk about 6 inches in height!

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Andrew Scott

I would wait on fertilizing now. Even though you live in Phoenix, your plumeria still will probobly want to go dormant and it wont need the fertilizer when it's dormant, but again, I would wait and see what others who are in your area have to say, or people in similiar climates.


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Inflos/flower stalks often form during the previous season. Those plumeria that bloom when they're very small and newly-rooted already had the beginnings of an inflo from when they were growing on the mother tree.

Don't worry, Mike, yours will most likely bloom on at least one tip next summer. They just need some time to mature, just like any other flowering ornamental tree. If you bought it in summer 2011 then it was probably rooted in the spring of 2011, so it's still very young. I have the same problem with, oh, a couple dozen young plumies! The waiting is tough and you always feel like you're missing something when you see new cuttings bloom.

Austin, did your tiny one bloom again the next season?

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