feedback needed on indoor grow light set up

RonalvioOctober 24, 2013

Hi everyone

Im going to try something new this year. I have purchased a 400w growlight and stand, and some reflective material to place my little plumerias on. I have a few cuttings about 15-18 inches, and some other smaller rooted plants. I am going to purchase a heat mat about 48x20 inches to place them on as well as a little fan to keep the air from stagnating. They will be in my garage. I plan on giving them about 10 hrs light and then let them sleep at night.( probably will invest in a timer in case I forget to turn off the lamp in the evening)

Do I need anything else? I am using an HPS bulb not MH. I heard with HPS, you can promote growth and blooms, whereas MH is only for growth not not really for blooms.

Do I need any CO2 in addition to my basic set up? Any other ideas? I live in Palo Alto, and its not too cold yet, and our winters are generally mild with some really cold days here and there.

My larger plums I will let sleep during the winter... I do not want to lose my little ones, especailly my cuttings that have yet to root. I also have a few seeds that I would like to try and germinate.

Any feeback would be great! thanks Arvind

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I think you will be fine with that set up (including the timer). The key components are the light, heat mat, and the fan to keep circulation. I do not know if a CO2 emitter will add any value.

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thanks! I have set it all up and am using my new heat mat today. I get the feeling it will not hit 70 degrees as my garage is large and its near the garage door which is not fully airtight, so some outside air comes in from underneath and the grill on the garage door itself. I hope overall i am about 70 with the mat and heat lamp. I know this is about 10 degrees cooler than optimal and I am hesistant to get a grow house or tent and put in the garage. Besides my wife will kill me as she feels my plumeria addiction has gone overboard

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My apartment has been 60-64 degrees. My seedlings are on a heat mat (set to 80). According to the thermostat, I've never seen it get lower than 72. However, my seedlings are also inside a plastic bin with cover, which probably keeps them warm too. I take the cover off daily for an hour for air flow. They seem to be doing well. Maybe slow, but still growing.

If they can't keep the heat, maybe you can put the seedlings in a plastic bin? I have one of those large ones from Costco, that's clear (lid and bottom). I attached a photo below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have a question,

How high should my little clip on fan be? I am using it to circulate air but should it be at dirt level or above plant level? Does it really matter? I want to make sure I have this right though in case it does matter! thanks everyone!
Please let me know...

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Andrew Scott

Hello Ronalvio,
Sounds like you have a nice set up going for your plumeria. I myself have a 650 watt HPS light. Now I have been told to keep my light on for more like 16-18 hours a day. If your just trying to keep your trees leafed out, then 10 hours may be fine, but if your goal is to have trees that produce inflos and flower buds, your going to need to keep it on longer.

I had many trees that had inflos and at first I was keeping my light on for 10 hours and I had bud drop. Now for your fan, all that really matters is that your fan is blowing air on the leaves and branches. That way your keeping any bugs off of your trees.

Good luck with your set up and keep us posted, and if you have more questions feel free to ask away!


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Here are 2 pics of my set up. You can see the fan and some of the plants in the middle area are on a heat mat... these are the cuttings and 2 small pots with seeds I just planted. Those have a clear plastic cover on them. My other rooted plants are off to the side of the heat mat. The mat is 48x20.. the largest I found at the store.

The heat mat is showing about 71-76 during the day for about 12 hours.

These are sitting on a few milk crates, topped with 2 large cardboard boxes and covered with Panda film, black side up. The heat mat sits on top of the film.

Any feedback? I lowered my fan to hit the leaves to keep bugs off and cool leaves

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Here is another picture of my set up. Im using a 400w sun system 2. HPS

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Im in zone 9b in Palo Alto, CA. Bay Area

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Another pic... sorry they are sideways

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