Ok, Les.... Now for the oranges!!

bethnorcal9January 20, 2009

This is a tricky color class. There's so many types of "orange." There's red-orange, coral-orange, yellow-orange, apricot-orange, orange blends....



CHRIS EVERT - (that's not RMV on the leaves... it's pine pollen!)


DOROTHY WILSON - (a little bug eaten!)












TATTON - (more pine pollen!)





Ok, now let's see what everybody else has!

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Thank you very much for your beautiful photos and I really like Tatton, Tea Time, Vera Johns and New Year.
I want to get rid of many of my potted duplicates and then I will order more roses.

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What a Great Collection of Orange roses you have there!

You know, I'm starting to like the colour ORANGE!!!! It's so Vibrant, and cheery.

I only have one orange rose, and that is "Summer Song" (David Austin).

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Thank you, this is my favorite rose color. You surprised me with a few new ones I hadn't seen before. This 'New Year' rose has an interesting form and I love the frilly Tea Time, but all the photos are lovely.

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Beautiful as always! Orange has kinda grown on me this last year.Only have a few but there's always room for more! Thanks for the breath of summer on a cold cold January morning.

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Breathtaking as usual. Normally I'm not super into oranges but I can see how a person might be converted after that:) I just loved Gingersnap.

Thanks Beth.


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Beautiful roses. I am definitely going to look into a few of these. I was "smitten" with Living Easy and would love to add some more orange. Judy

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Gorgeous roses and wonderful shades of orange! I really liked the last one, Wildfire and thought the double New Year very sweet, it kind of appealed to me with the simplicity of the petals.

BTW I got High Sheriff as a gift for a memorial for a friend coming in Feb. I'm going to pot it up and give it to a friend's widow. Couldn't find a rose that wasn't pink under his name. There isn't a law enforcement rose for a sheriff other than that one. I'm hoping that rose likes this area.

JumboJimmy that's a beautiful rose and the foliage on that looks wonderful to see. Especially now when this part of the season has mine looking so bad. You've got orangish pink roses in the back ground, what are those?

Mine are mostly Hybrid Bracteatas, what I call English Rose but HMF says Floribunda and minis:
First is a russet only have the one so I'm putting it here.

These next two have promise, they were planted last spring and it was so hot they didn't have a chance to bloom well. They're taking off now and I should have much better pics in another couple of months.

Amber Gem:

Ring Of Fire:

I hope you enjoyed mine.

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the_bustopher z6 MO

Here are some of mine. Some of them are oddballs in a sort of oddball, but very desirable, color group. First is President Plumcoq, an old hybrid tea in an early apricot.

Next is a pretty apricot climber, Constellation:

Next is a spray on Kordes' Brilliant:

Next is an example of Sunsation/Veldfire:

Next is an oddball, the floribunda Guinevere which is usually a creamy white color. However, in fall it takes on an apricot coloring and looks like this:

Next is the always pretty Seashell:

Next is one Austin that rarely is seen on this forum, Peach Blossom:

Next, yet another apricot climber, Polka:

And this one, caught in the act of blooming, Sweet Juliet:

One that gets occasional mention, Caribbean:

And lastly for this round, the frosty orange of Oceana:

I hope you like these and find them interesting.

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All pictures are marvelous. The colors of the roses are extraordinary beautiful and all the nuances of orange are very beautiful. All the roses have a different nuance or blend of colors.

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

What a treat, I know there are many more oranges, so many new blooms. I'm enjoying them all.

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Simply beautiful!


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How bright and beautiful they are, rose lovers!

Here's a few of mine.

This is the perfect red-orange floribunda KANAGEM.

Here's the floribunda VAVOOM- orange juice on a rose!

Another beautiful red-orange floribunda PETE MUSSER:

Here's the first bloom on my band from Heirloom of HOME OF TIME (which they have re-named SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS).

This is the fabulous floribunda DR. JO:

And, my very favorite orange HT - HALLOWEEN!

Here's a pair of them so you can see the color variations.

And, finally, here's the HT HIGH SHERIFF:

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Woooo weeeee!! You all really need to stop. Theres so many on here I would luuuuuv to have. My sweet husband, who loves his grass, might have to hire a grass guard so I won't be digging it all up to plant some of these beauties. Now i'm off to look them up on HMF. Judy

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I gave up Judy, I'm taking out more grass:)

These are all really wonderful, beautiful, great shades of orange roses, I know there are more out there, please post.

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My Peach/Orange Roses

Nancy Reagan - Love this rose!

Lady Hillingdon - Sacramento Cemetary - On my list for s
Nancy Reagan again..

Strike It Rich - Weeks, Tom Carruth rose

Apricot Silk - HT - Vintage Gardens


Perfect Moment

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

All these beautiful pictures!!
Here is my contribution to the orange colored roses.

LIGHT MY FIRE (as a baby)

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Oh you guys! These are all gorgeous!! I love that SUMMER SONG jumbojimmy!!! I just it from Pickering... or was it Hortico? Anyway, I can't wait to see it!

Les, leave it to you to bring out the beautiful orange minis!!! Oooweee!! Gotta get that AMBER GEM..

Bustopher.... those are some beauties! POLKA looks delish!

Snowheather... those are all gorgeous. I love your HALLOWEEN and HIGH SHERIFF. Neither of mine have bloomed yet. Can't wait! And I'm so glad I didn't order that "SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS" cuz I already got HOME OF TIME last yr. I hate when Heirloom changes the names of the roses from overseas. I couldn't figure out what that rose really was, so I'm glad you brought it to our attention. I think it's gonna be a wonderful rose, whatever you wanna call it!

Daun, I love my NANCY REAGAN. She does get some lovely blooms on her!!

So, guys... what color should we do next?

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suzyr(Zn. 9 Central,Cal.)

Oh! These are all so Beautiful! Thanks for starting this Beth! its like a breath of fresh air! my dads just got released from the hospital after 27 days, I am taking care of him.

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I tried posting the other day and my computer went down. Great oranges! I only have one new one coming, maybe I need more.

Daun I like Apricot Silk:) You have great sky pics with your roses.

Ok Kate, I can see why you have some of those roses on order now, wow.

Beth how about purples or yellows??

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Les, I was thinking yellows actually myself. It's not one of my most fave classes, but I seem to have so many, and keep adding more. What's up with that, I wonder? Well.... I'm off to go sort thru the best of my yellow pics....

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Beth, your images are gone and I am dying to see them..any chance?

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Hey Zyperiris! Sorry, I deleted those photos because they were from last yr and I had to make room for the new season's photos. I'm sure there will be new ones to show of all those in the coming weeks.

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