I picked them

colokid(5)March 20, 2009

This morning I picked the three ripe tomatoes from my under lights container. Haven't eaten them yet. Will just enjoy looking at them for a few days. My very first effort into inside growing. Understand that now that I have grown three tomatoes, that I am now an expert on such things.


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Yes you are, Kenny! Congratulations!

Not everyone who can even keep plants alive under lights. Have you told us the variety?

And, are you saving the seed, replanting and transplanting these into the outdoor garden?

digitS' :o)

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You ARE an expert! I haven't even started anything edible yet!! I hope they are yummy :)


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Its a matina. About 2 inch fruit. Seems to like container. I just planted what I had for seed. The other in the same container is a rutgers and it is growing like crazy with green fruit. I don't recomend it cause its way too big. Am watching a Bloody butcher in a second, later container that is just starting to set fruit. BB didn't grow as fast or big, but that might be because of other conditions.

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